NASTY SAVAGE “Wage of mayhem + rarities ’83-85” gatefold LP and HIRAX “Born in the streets 1983-84” LP (2nd pressing): preorders start NOW!!

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After 4 months drilling your ears with hyper-speed extremities of all sorts, we’re back to focus on a different beast that is equally dear to all of us here at F.O.A.D.: old school Metal! And we’re doing it with two classic bands that according to our taste delivered some of the greatest demotapes in the history of American Metal: NASTY SAVAGE and HIRAX! Ok, nothing particularly new with HIRAX / L.A. KAOS, this is the 2nd pressing of “Born in the streets 1983-1984” LP (originally released on FOAD in 2018) with different colors on the front/back and on the ltd splatter vinyl version, we’re doing this at popular demand because the first run was sold out in few weeks, so many didn’t get the chance to catch it in time. However, to match the greatness of Katon’s pioneering works, we picked another US legend that deserves the same amount of worship and quality-treatment.. the mighty NASTY SAVAGE from Florida! We’re honored to announce a deluxe reissue of their cult demotape “Wage of mayhem” enriched by a selected choice of rare and unreleased tracks from their early times. So NASTY SAVAGEWage of mayhem + rarities ’83-85” gatefold LP and HIRAXBorn in the streets 1983-84” LP (2nd pressing) are up for preorders! Needless to say that there are limited splatter vinyl versions that won’t last for long, so you better move fast! The official release date for both is set for October 21st 2019.

More in detail about each release:

NASTY SAVAGE “Wage of mayhem + rarities 83-85” LP + 2 booklets (F.O.A.D. 175)

NASTY SAVAGE‘s classic Demotape “Wage of mayhem” (1984) for the first time on vinyl spiced up with a lethal selection of rare and unreleased bonus tracks from the early days… NASTY SAVAGE were the undisputed pioneers of Florida’s Metal scene, arguments can be made that the early 90’s Tampa area Death Metal explosion was a direct result of Nasty Savage, who mixed a more nihilistic view, lyrically and through onstage horror imagery, than the Bay Area. Their debut demotape and the additional early tracks collected here show the band on a more Power Metal oriented approach (at times even leaning to NWOBHM areas) than the incendiary Thrash artillery of some subsequent works, but the amount of memorable riffs, a dark evil mood with a few psychedelic elements and the charismatic vocals of their distinctive frontman Ronnie Savage, clearly show the fact that even at their inception they were surprisingly mature and way ahead for their times.

The insane, impressive riffing and Ronnie’s high-pitched vocals coin a totally unique sound. Unique, but you can tell some of the influences: Mercyful Fate, Slayer, the heavier NWOBHM bands generally. “Wage of Mayhem” is without the slightest doubt one of the greatest and most influential Metal demo tapes of the 80’s. Remastered from pristine sources taken from the band’s personal archives.

Gatefold sleeve + 24 page booklet full of rare photos, flyers, zine interviews and memorabilia. SPECIAL BONUS: a replica of the original “WAGE OF MAYHEM vol. 1” fanzine!!! DIVE IN A BLOODY PIT OF UNCHAINED METAL SAVAGERY!!  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard splatter vinyl (green mixed with blue + extra purple splattering) ltd to 150 copies

Black vinyl limited to 350 copies


HIRAX “Born in the streets 1983-84” LP – 2nd pressing (F.O.A.D. 143)

2nd pressing with different color settings on the front/back cover!

The roots of LA Metal! This is the ultimate collection of early HIRAX recordings on LP including their cult Demo 1984 in the best quality ever, unreleased tracks from the same era and the rare LA KAOS Demo 1983 for the first time on vinyl! Instead of the savage thrashin’ assault met on albums such as “Raging violence“, these early HIRAX recordings are a pure incarnation of denim smelling and fast Heavy Metal, at times showing a NWOBHM influence. Every song is a riff-fest from beginning to end topped with fierce guitar solos and the absolutely amazing vocals of Katon. The 4 track Demo 1984 has been ripped and remastered from the best source around, then you’ll find 3 unreleased songs 1983-84 (“To be free“, “The saviour“, “War hero“) and the very hard to find LA KAOS (pre-Hirax) demotape ripped straight from Katon’s personal copy!

And to complete the F.O.A.D. quality treatment, you’ll also find a booklet including liner notes, lyrics, rare photos, ‘zine excerpts and flyers! Katon W. De Pena about this release: “You hold in your hand something very special.  This record / album is HIRAX’s first time in the recording studio. This release also includes music from a pre-HIRAX era. We hope to give the listeners high quality with never before seen photos, lyrics, flyers, reviews, memorabilia, etc. We have to go back in time, the year was 1983..  getting ready to turn over to 1984.. (I was 20 years old) …” (continued on the LP booklet!) . Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard edition on splatter vinyl (yellow on beer clear wax) limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl limited to 300 copies

SOUND POLLUTION “Against music imperialism 1988-89” LP + booklet and INDUSTRIAL RESISTANCE “Light from deep darkness” LP are up for preorders!

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We’re just back from a memorable tour in Japan with Raw Power & Cripple Bastards and it’s finally time to announce the next round of ear-punishing sonic desecrations. After bringing back to light absolute Noisecore milestones such as Sore Throat, Fear Of God, 7 Minutes Of Nausea, V.N.A., Crawl Noise, Tumor, The Gerogerigegege etc… FOAD‘s path of exhuming the most deafening and extreme Noise/Grind cult of the late ’80s moves to Greece for two incredible releases that will make all you maniacs of the most obscure pioneering anti-musical terrorism jump of joy! Get ready because SOUND POLLUTIONAgainst music imperialism 1988-89” LP + booklet and INDUSTRIAL RESISTANCELight from deep darkness” LP are coming up next and they’re available on preorder! We’ll start to ship them from September 23. As usual we recommend you to act fast for the ltd. colored vinyl versions because they’re expected to go very quickly.

More in detail:

SOUND POLLUTION “Against music imperialism 1988-89” LP + booklet (F.O.A.D. 168)

Do you remember the days when TNT&Records and Psychomania were delivering on monthly bases some of the most disturbing, nihilistic Noisecore putridity the planet had ever faced? We’re talking of 7MON, AxC, STENCH OF CORPSE, BUKA, MEAT SHITS, EXTREME SMOKE, early CRIPPLE BASTARDS and tons more.. Well, SOUND POLLUTION from Greece belong to that cult-infused era and their split 7″ with ROTTING CHRIST (when they were still a total Grind band) has a special place in the heart of all the sickos worshipping that underground niche crossing all the barriers set by Hardcore, Thrash and Grind until then. This shortly lived hellenic horde was feared for some of the nastiest, annihilating Noise/Grind terror that recalled influences from early Napalm Death, Sore Throat, 7MON (with whom they also shared a split demo).  Here you get their complete discography consisting of: “Practic holocaust” Demo (1988), Split tape with 7 Minutes Of Nausea (1989) and “The other side of life” split 7″ with ROTTING CHRIST (1989).

52 tracks of pristine sonic aberration, retransferred from the original reels/tapes provided by the band and mastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studio.  Comes with an insert and booklet including liner notes, photos, flyers and original demos / 7″ art!  Watch the trailer HERE

DIE-HARD DARK PURPLE vinyl limited to 100 copies

REGULAR BLACK vinyl limited to 200 copies

INDUSTRIAL RESISTANCE “Light from deep darkness” (F.O.A.D. 169)

120 SONGS of abominable Noisecore ferocity! 1989… members of SOUND POLLUTION, ROTTING CHRIST and Scut from 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA team of for a bloody nightmare of merciless aural butchery. This recording has remained a complete obscurity for 3 decades and only circulated among a small circle of band members’ friends and diehard tape collectors. If you dig the late 80’s short song Noisecore formula adopted by bands like Sore Throat, 7MON, Tumor to surpass all the limits of extremism conceived until then, this is exactly that kind of thing.

Lightning fast blast beats, horrific distortion and rotting sick vocals is what you’ll get in 20 minutes of cacophonous tortures. One sided LP with silk screened art on B-side. Including liner notes written by Spryos (Sound Pollution) Watch the trailer HERE

DIE-HARD WHITE vinyl limited to 100 copies

REGULAR BLACK vinyl limited to 200 copies

INSECT WARFARE “Entomological siege 2004/2009” BOXSET (3xLP+DVD and 2xCD+DVD) and SIEGE “Drop dead” 2xLP gatefold are up for preorders!!

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We’re finally approaching July, a crucial month at F.O.A.D. Records as it coincides with the Obscene Extreme Festival… we always have a special string of releases planned to be premiered at what we repute the best extreme festival on Earth. And for this year’s edition we really outdid ourselves preparing two ultra-classic discographies that sum up the real core of what we’re talking about and our conception of extreme, fast, furious and GRIND. After being in the works for years we’re proud to announce the ultimate INSECT WARFARE anthology “Entomological siege 2004/2009“, an avalanche of grinding brutality collecting all their 7″s, splits, compilation tracks, out takes, unreleased stuff and more.

Available in 4 different versions (2 limited box sets, a trifold sleeve 3xLP+DVD set, and a 2xCD+DVD digipack… more details to follow). And the other giant we had in the pipeline is nothing else by SIEGE, hands down one of the most important bands worldwide if you think about who started it all and influenced a universe of psychos thirsty for the fastest and most aggressive Hardcore Thrash violence. They were playing at the speed of light in a time when crossing certain limits was still completely inconceivable. And you know what to expect when a band like SIEGE gets the F.O.A.D. treatment.. the most exhaustive, detailed and made with heart discography ever seen.

So to go straight to the point: INSECT WARFAREEntomological siege 2004-2009” 3xLP+DVD and 2xCD+DVD sets and SIEGEDrop dead – complete discography” double LP are up for preorders. Read carefully all details about the different versions available and blast fast if you want to get the limited versions because they’re expected to be wiped out in the blink of an eye! And if you’re coming to Obscene Extreme, make sure to stop at the F.O.A.D. tent in the Grind Market area, both releases will be premiered there. If you’re preordering via keep in mind that we’ll start to ship on July 22nd 2019.

Now more in detail about each release:

INSECT WARFARE “Entomological siege 2004/2009” (F.O.A.D. 165)

Get ready for a pulverising sonic hecatomb delivered by Texas’ unmatchable Grindcore assassins! After being in the works for years, here it is –  the ultimate INSECT WARFARE collection including all their singles, demos, compilation tracks, out takes and alternate recordings, unreleased tracks and rare live material… 99 songs, nearly 3 hours of merciless brutality. All scrupulously mastered for the best dynamic impact on vinyl! Triple LP set served in a deluxe trifold jacket with exclusive art by Lucas Korte, with a massive booklet filled with original artworks, scans of all the included works, flyers and photos. The CD version comes in a 8 panel L-pack with 24 page booklet. Plus a bonus DVD with their complete gig at Annie’s that simply kills!  If you dreamed of having all the hard to find INSECT WARFARE singles and rarest recordings all gathered in the same place, this is finally the definitive chance! Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions –


3 x LP’s + DVD
ltd to 150 copies on neon orange / green / red splattered vinyl with A1 poster and embroidered die-cut backpatch, housed in a trifold jacket with booklet + extra outer box.


3 x LP’s + DVD
ltd to 150 copies on neon pink / yellow / violet splattered vinyl with A1 poster and two-sided slipmat to grind your turntable, housed in a trifold jacket with booklet + extra outer box.


3 x LP’s + DVD
ltd to 400 copies on black vinyl housed in a trifold jacket with booklet.


2 x CD + DVD housed in a 8 panel deluxe L-pack with 24 page booklet.

**ALL VERSIONS INCLUDE A MASSIVE BOOKLET with original artworks, scans of all the included works, flyers and photos.**

============================== ===========

SIEGE “Drop dead – complete discography” 2xLP gatefold (F.O.A.D. 171)

Not many words needed to introduce SIEGE: they’re the undisputed generators of all hyper-speed Hardcore, Grindcore and blasting fast Thrash and have massively influenced a world of maniacs bringing musical extremities to the most outraegous boundaries, the first most obvious example being Napalm Death that mentioned them as an inspiration since the “Scum” era and covered “Walls” on their legendary Mick-Shane-Bill-Lee times Peel Sessions, or Heresy that covered “Conform” and the list goes on forever! In the early ’80s SIEGE paved their way into the violent Weymouth/Boston Hardcore scene delivering the fastest and most furious Hardcore ever heard. This double LP collection is the first ever official SIEGE release in Europe and their definitive, most complete discography to date, consisting of:

“Drop dead” studio session 1984
“Cleanse the bacteria” tracks 1984
Out takes from the original 1984 studio session
Lost session 1991 with Seth Putnam on vocals
UNRELEASED version of “Grim reaper”

All remastered for vinyl from the best audio sources in existence. Housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with silver hot foil stamp logo on the front and partial UV print, including a booklet with rare and never seen before photos, lyrics, original artworks.
Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions –

DIEHARD aside/bside silver melted with white vinyl with black splattering limited to 150 copies

DIEHARD aside/bside silver melted with black vinyl with white splattering limited to 150 copies

REGULAR BLACK version limited to 400 copies

JANKY “Dead society 1983-1987” LP and CYANAMID “This is hell – A NJ Hardcore anthology” LP+CD… preorders start NOW!!

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After a scorching May release schedule that saw F.O.A.D. diving into the ’80s Italian Hardcore/Punk inferno with the colossal “Dritti contro un muro” book and the unforgettable Death Side + Mustang performances at Venezia Hardcore Fest in conjunction with the launch of Mustang‘s brand new ripper “Mind wandering“, we’re ready to enter the summer with an even more deadly blow.  Once again we cast on a territory that for us is increasingly friendly and habitual: Japan and its boundless Hardcore scene! In the past years we have proved several times our love for this country’s underground made of incredibly intense and aggressive bands… we released Systematic Death, Sodom, Mad Conflux, Battle Attacker, Juntess, Vulgarity Kids, Napalm, Mustang, Toxic Noise and more. A piece that was missing in our excursions through the Kanagawa prefecture was the legendary JANKY, one of the earliest Hardcore units from that area, if you consider that some of their members were also involved in the original line-up of Systematic Death.

So here we are with their complete discography LP including all their existing recordings. The other treat on the plate for this month is something even more radical and annihilating. Another house specialty over the last few years has been to dig up those pioneering bands that have planted the roots of what later evolved into extreme music genres such as Grindcore, Noisecore, PowerViolence, going far beyond the wiki-shit clichés that always highlight the 4-5 usual names that you’ve all heard. Our hunt for those who were blasting at the speed of light in unsuspected times brought to light bands such as The Corporate Whores, S.L.O.D., Decapitation, Rapt, FCDN Tormentor and many more.. But a fundamental name was missing to the list: CYANAMID from New Jersey.

Of all those mentioned, they were probably the faster. So we made it, a super-exhaustive discography including all their studio works + a huge selection of demo and live material. It took months and months of stubborn researches going through the archives of the sickest collectors and tape traders of the past, but this is the best sounding and most complete Cyanamid collection you can dream of! So, JANKYDead society 1983-1987” LP and CYANAMIDThis is hell – A NJ Hardcore anthology” LP+CD are up for preorders…  As usual there are some spectacular diehard editions on splatter vinyl, you know they won’t last for long, so blast fast!

More in detail about each release: 

JANKY “Dead society 1983-1987” LP (F.O.A.D. 163)

With a long tradition of Japanese Hardcore/Punk releases behind, F.O.A.D. Records strikes back once again focusing on the Kanagawa area (Systematic Death, Mad Conflux, Battle Attacker, Toxic Noise etc) delivering another classic band from the early days… JANKY! This LP collects the complete discography (1983-1987) of this raging Yokohama City Hardcore unit that embodied the true spirit of the Japanese Metal/Punk street-warriors of the ’80s.. 16 songs including their “Low life” flexi disc (1984), split flexi with Mad Conflux (1987) and the rare “Dirty party” compilation tape. LP with OBI strip and a stunning fanzine styled booklet with rare photos, original art and gig flyers all provided by the band! JANKY were playing intense, straight-forward Hardcore with touches of ’80s Metal/Punk in a Japanese way, they shared members with the early line-up of SYSTEMATIC DEATH.. so you get the picture!  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Die-hard edition on half white/half red vinyl with black splattering, limited to 150

Black vinyl limited to 250 copies


CYANAMID “This is hell – A NJ Hardcore anthology” LP+CD  (F.O.A.D. 170)

1984.. the band that played faster than anyone else in the world, with proto-grindcore blast beats running way faster than SIEGE, REPULSION or early D.R.I...  They only left a devastating 7″ called “Stop the world” and few tracks on the “NJ got it?” Compilation LP and were mentioned among the early Agathocles influences or by few maniacs in the tape-trading circles searching for the craziest and most radical sonic atrocities. We’re talking of the legendary C Y A N A M I D !!! Quoting Erich Keller (Fear Of God / Off The Disk):  “CYANAMID were probably one of the most influential bands of the 80s – but nobody knows it. When I still was heavily into that “can’t get enuff of noise” mood, CYANAMID blew me away and definitely wanted me to start my own thing. The kids sometimes forget that there were basically two paths leading to that “Grindcore” thing – one from the metal side and this was the other one. Everything about their “Stop the world” 7″ is the way it should be – the sound smokes, the songs are either outbursts of chaos and energy or then they come crawlin’ in a FLIPPERish way. ”  This review nails it perfectly, because alternated to the short, manic fast tracks you get some downtuned, slower (yes.. Flipper-ish!) and completely unpredictable tunes increasing the sense of violence and insanity that this amazing band was able to create.

Many PowerViolence acts of the early ’90s did this not ever knowing that one decade earlier there was someone adopting the same formula in such a brutal way. This F.O.A.D. anthology finally makes justice to these pioneering heroes, it collects their complete discography 1983-2014 mastered from reels and the best sounding sources in existence.. 51 songs! It has it all:  “Stop the world” 7″, “New Jersey’s got it?” comp. trax, extra Transaudio studios out takes 1984, “I love NJ” tape and bonus live CD 1983-2014!! Full colored booklet with rare photos, flyers, original artworks, zine excerpts, liner notes and mysteries solved about their “I love NJ” demotape.  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Die-hard edition on electric blue vinyl with blood red splattering, limited to 100

Black vinyl limited to 300 copies

DRITTI CONTRO UN MURO book and MUSTANG “Mind wandering” LP: preorders start NOW!!

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I preordini F.O.A.D. di questo mese sono interamente dedicati a due uscite che verranno presentate in anteprima al Venezia Hardcore Festival nei giorni 10 e 11 Maggio. La prima delle due va completamente fuori dal nostro standard di etichetta discografica, si tratta infatti di un libro e nello specifico di un progetto di cui si parla da anni, rimasto in cantiere per moltissimo tempo e finalmente giunto ad un punto di svolta grazie alla collaborazione tra F.O.A.D. Records e Giorgio Senesi / MeleMarce. Nella sconfinata discografia F.O.A.D. un punto saldo che si ripropone periodicamente è l’Hardcore/Punk Italiano degli anni Ottanta, al quale abbiamo sempre dato largo spazio con ristampe di band del calibro di Raw Power, Nerorgasmo, Blue Vomit, Upset Noise, Peggio Punx, Crash Box, Eu’s Arse, Atrox, Underage e altri ancora… senza dimenticare il documentario/DVD “Italian Punk/Hardcore” anche in questo caso realizzato in collaborazione con il team LoveHate80 (di cui faceva parte Giorgio Senesi).

Alla proposta di poter pubblicare un libro tutto incentrato sui protagonisti della prima ondata Hardcore Italiana abbiamo pensato che anche se non si tratta di un supporto discografico come nostra consuetudine, è comunque di un’uscita totalmente in linea col nostro stile e con quello in cui abbiamo investito passione ed energia per tanti anni. Eccoci quindi ad annunciare “DRITTI CONTRO UN MURO” a cura di Giorgio Senesi, il libro definitivo sulla scena Punk/Hardcore Italiana degli anni ’80. I preordini sono disponibili a partire da ora ai link sottostanti, la data ufficiale di uscita è il 20 Maggio 2019, occhio alla limitatissima edizione in copertina rigida con poster, numerata a mano.. non durerà a lungo! L’altra uscita che abbiamo preparato in tempo per il VEHC è il nuovo album di un gruppo che suonerà al festival e per la primissima volta in Italia, ovvero i MUSTANG da Hakodate City nel Nord del Giappone, con il loro Hardcore adrenalinico e da “spiriti incandescenti” che combina rabbia, potenza a un fantastico lavoro di chitarra a cura del mitico Benkei, da sempre mente dei CRUDE e ora secondo chitarrista degli iconici DEATH SIDE.

Mind wandering” LP è composto da 6 pezzi rapidi e altamente originali sia come impatto che come malgama di influenze nella loro struttura. Realizzato in coproduzione con Break The Records di Tokyo, limitato a 300 copie. La tiratura F.O.A.D. di 150 copie è interamente in vinile azzurro marmorizzato, disponibile in preordine a partire da ora.

Più nel dettaglio su ogni uscita:

DRITTI CONTRO UN MURO – Libro (512 pagine)

Il libro definitivo sulla scena Hardcore/Punk Italiana degli anni ’80 a cura di Giorgio Senesi. L’origine. Le città e i centri nevralgici. Le band. La politica, l’autogestione, i posti occupati. L’autoproduzione e le etichette indipendenti. Le fanzine. I raduni, le contestazioni, i concerti. Le forze dell’ordine e i tamarri. La violenza, le droghe, gli eccessi nichilisti. Il rapporto conflittuale tra punk e stampa. L’apice: dall’Europa all’America. Il declino: la fine delle grandi band italiane. 140 protagonisti della prima ondata hardcore punk italiana si raccontano. 500 pagine dirette, velocissime, distorte, sudate. Oltre 100 band. Tantissime immagini inedite, fotografie, manifesti, volantini, copertine e articoli di giornali dell’epoca. Otto anni di interviste per tutta Italia, migliaia di chilometri percorsi e sedici anni per finire DRITTI CONTRO UN MURO. Tra i tantissimi nomi eccovi qualche anticipazione: NEGAZIONE, PEGGIO PUNX, CCM, EU’S ARSE, IMPACT, INFEZIONE, NABAT, RAW POWER, UNDERAGE, WARDOGS, KINA, DECLINO, ATROX, DISPE-AZIONE, BLUE VOMIT, CHAIN REACTION, INDIGESTI, CANI, FALL OUT e molti altri ancora! CLICCA QUI per il trailer ufficiale!

Disponibile in due versioni:

– Edizione regolare

– Edizione limitata con copertina rigida numerata a mano (solo 50 pz) e poster


MUSTANG “Mind wandering” LP

L’Hardcore Giapponese in pura tradizione anni ’90 rappresentato nel massimo della sua forma. Componenti di Crude e Etæ uniti nei micidali MUSTANG di Hakodate City, un trio formatosi nella metà degli anni ’90 con in attivo diversi 7″ (uno a metà con i nostrani Eu’s Arse!), CD e anche una tape. Questo è il nuovissimo 12″ composto da 6 pezzi che ancora una volta li riconfermano come veri e propri maestri nel genere. Riff a tratti metallizzati ma con tutta l’intensità dell’Hardcore più intenso e nervoso, una voce abrasiva e lanciata ai massimi livelli di rabbia ed energia.  Coprodotto con la Break The Records di Tokyo (che ha un’edizione esclusiva in vinile arancio), questa versione F.O.A.D. limitata a 150 copie è in vinile azzurro marmorizzato. CLICCA QUI per il trailer ufficiale!



F.O.A.D.‘s preorder schedule for May is entirely based on two releases that will be premiered at Italy’s biggest and most popular DIY Hardcore Festival, we’re talking of Venezia Hardcore Festival of course. The first one that we’re about to introduce is something quite out of our standards of record label mostly focused on vinyl outputs… it’s a BOOK! Yes, a book that has been in the works for approx. 15 years (!) and that is finally seeing the light thanks to the collaboration that recently started between us and the guy who wrote it and put it together. In the endless F.O.A.D. discography a steady point that is periodically re-established is our love for Italian Hardcore/Punk of the 80’s, to which we have always given wide space with reissues of bands of the caliber of Raw Power, Nerorgasmo, Blue Vomit, Upset Noise, Peggio Punx , Crash Box, Eu’s Arse, Atrox, Underage and more … not forgetting the documentary DVD “Italian Punk/Hardcore” released in collaboration with LoveHate80. Click HERE for the trailer!

So when we’ve been asked if we would have liked the idea of publishing a book all centered on the first wave of Italian Hardcore/Punk (1981-1989) we didn’t think twice and promptly accepted as it totally fits our line of releases and a world on which we have focused a lot through the years. So we’re glad to present “DRITTI CONTRO UN MURO” by Giorgio Senesi, the ultimate book about the Italian Hardcore/Punk scene of the ’80s. We know, it’s all written in Italian, but if you’re like us a diehard maniac of these bands think about the fact that just the endless amount of photos, flyers and memorabilia included makes it worth adding it to your collection! Preorders start now, official release date is May 20th. Note that there is an ultra-limited diehard version with hardbound cover + poster, hand numbered and ltd to 50 (!!).. Act fast if you want to secure it to your shelves! And the second thing that we’re premiering at VEHC is the brand new 12″ by a band that will perform at the festival, hailing from Hakodate City, Japan, nothing else but the mighty MUSTANG!

This power-trio consists of members of CRUDE and ETAE and it’s also worth mentioning that their guitarist Benkei is now playing in Tokyo’s HC legend DEATH SIDE!!  This new effort is called “Mind wandering” and it’s co-released with our friends at Break The Records, only 300 copies pressed (BTR = 150 x orange, FOAD = 150 x swirl light blue).

More in detail about each release:

DRITTI CONTRO UN MURO – Book (512 pages)

Written by Giorgio Senesi. Over 15 years in the making, here’s the most exhaustive and interesting book about the Italian Hardcore/Punk scene of the ’80s ever conceived. 512 pages filled with rare photos, flyers, ‘zine excerpts and a lot more. Exclusive interviews and stories by 140 characters that took part to the legendary “Furious Years“.  More than 100 bands, among which: NEGAZIONE, PEGGIO PUNX, CCM, EU’S ARSE, IMPACT, INFEZIONE, NABAT, RAW POWER, UNDERAGE, WARDOGS, KINA, DECLINO, ATROX, DISPE-AZIONE, BLUE VOMIT, CHAIN REACTION, INDIGESTI, CANI, FALL OUT and many more. Click HERE for the trailer!

Available in 2 versions:

Regular soft cover book

Diehard hard bound book with poster, hand numbered and ltd. to 50!


MUSTANG “Mind wandering” LP

Raging hot Japanese Hardcore in pure ’90s tradition delivered with tightness and uncontrolled fury. Formed in the mid ’90s in Hakodate City, Japan, this power trio consists of members of Crude and Etaæ joining forces in a devastating blaze made of rocking “burning spirits” riffs, angry vitriolic vocals and a solid drumming assault. 6 brand new songs that once again reclaim them as true masters in the genre. A tight guitar work at times leaning towards metallized lines yet with the intensity of the most intense and nervous Hardcore, an abrasive voice flying at the highest peaks of anger and energy. Co-released with Tokyo’s Break The Records (which has an exclusive edition in orange vinyl). Click HERE for the trailer!

– Marbled blue vinyl limited to 150

ATROX “Hardcore against repression 1985-1988” LP + CD and D.P.C.D. “Confidencial + Demo” LP: preorders start NOW!!

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Ready for some new outrages on vinyl on F.O.A.D. Records?  You know that we like to keep a big variety of underground genres in our schedule, so if the last month was an all out assault of Blurr / Noisecore terror (Crawl Noise) and pioneering Black/Death morbidity (Poison), now we’re heading back to total Hardcore / Punk territories. Those who have been following our releases since some years know that F.O.A.D. is highly specialized in bringing back to light the true gems of the first wave of Italian Hardcore, you’ve seen it with Raw Power, Upset Noise, Underage, Crash Box, Declino, Peggio Punx, Nerorgasmo and many more. The band that we’re introducing this time was formed in Milano (the city of Wretched, Kobra and more) in the ’80s and their early recordings were a highly energetic concentrate of speed, rage and catchy riffs. We’re talking of ATROX!  We decided to put together all their 1985-1988 recordings, that since now were only released on tape back in the day, the most being very limited and hard to find. This “Hardcore against repression 1985-1988” LP+CD collection includes them all for a total of 46 songs, the LP compiling the two studio demos and the CD all their live stuff + some unreleased rehearsals. Plus an extensive fanzine styled booklet with all the original artworks, lyrics, photos and more. In few words, the definitive ATROX ’80s anthology collecting all their recordings before their debut LP “Fiori neri“.

The second announcement is something completely different… and somehow a great revelations coming out of our constant work of listening to hundreds of demos from every corner of the globe, hunting obscurities, giving a chance to even the most remote cassette. From the day that we discovered the almighty Chilean label Tobi Records, we became obsessed in collecting their fantastic releases. Out of their roster of a multitude of good bands (that we strongly recommend you to check out and support), one of our favorite finds was hands down D.P.C.D. (Deceso Por Causa Desconocida). Their demo has all the elements that we wish to hear from a good Latino/American Hardcore band: rage, distortion and at the top of it a very sinister Dark Rock mood enriched by an excellent vocal line in Spanish. D.P.C.D. is a great new revelation and deserves to be heard. Follow the advice of a team of maniacs listening piles of demos every day, this one really drove us crazy, it never lets you down from start to finish, it kills!   So… ATROXHardcore against repression 1985-1988” LP+CD and D.P.C.D. “Confidencial + Demo” LP are up for preorders, release date set for April 22nd 2019. Both are limited to 300 with some swirl vinyl diehard editions ltd. to 100 that as with all F.O.A.D. releases won’t last for long.. be fast!

More in detail about each release:

ATROX “Hardcore against repression 1985-1988” LP+CD (F.O.A.D. 154)

ATROX started in Milano, Italy in the early ’80s and were part of the legendary “furious years“, the first wave of bands delivering that fast and raging style that became a distinctive trademark for Italian Hardcore / Punk and that saw bands like Wretched, Indigesti, Peggio Punx, Impact, Negazione, Declino, Raw Power, CCM, Bloody Riot as the main exponents of that era. ATROX were playing a full on speed yet catchy Hardcore… listening to their early sounds you can discern influences from US bands like Dead Kennedys, M.D.C., early D.R.I. however with a very strong Italian Punk imprint, not far from what bands like Crash Box and Peggio Punx were doing at the same time. This collection includes all their existing recordings spanning from 1985 to 1989, prior to their debut full length “Fiori neri“. This means all their hard to find cassettes: “Senza tregua” (1985), “Orme perdute” (1986), “Aldo moro lived HC” (1988), the ultra-rare “Live at Concobeach” tape 1986 ltd. to less than 30 copies (!) and some totally unreleased rehearsals.

46 songs drawing a complete overview of their roots. LP including their two studio demos and bonus CD compiling both live tapes and the unreleased rehearsals. All mastered from 1/4″ reels and 1st generation tapes provided by the band. Comes with a fanzine styled A4 booklet all the original artworks and inserts from the tapes included, photos, lyrics and more. Highly recommended for those into the best days of Italian Hardcore and ’80s HC maniacs in general. Click HERE for a little preview!

Available in 2 different versions:

Swirl pus-yellow vinyl limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl limited to 200 copies


D.P.C.D. “Confidencial + Demo” LP (F.O.A.D. 166)

D.P.C.D. stands for DECESO POR CAUSA DESCONOCIDA. This incredible band hails from Chile, a country whose Hardcore / Punk scene isn’t much under the international spotlights but is currently very active and vital and hides a lot of interesting revelations and DIY labels like Tobi Records releasing gems to be discovered.  D.P.C.D. play a perfect blend of South American Punk / Hardcore and dark-soaked DeathRock.

The energy and distortion of the most genuine 80’s inspired Hardcore channeled through sinister Dark Punk atmospheres, we dare to say  like a Chilean answer to NERORGASMO!  This LP includes a brand new session called “Confidencial” and a remastered version of their amazing Demo 2016 that made the F.O.A.D. Records team fall in love with their sound and offer them this debut on LP. An absolute must if you like LatinoAmerican Punk of all eras played with intensity, sincerity and full-throttle anger! Come with lyrics/photos insert. Click HERE for a little preview!

Available in 2 different versions:

Swirl violet vinyl limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl limited to 200 copies