POISON “Höelle und Vernichtung – Complete discography 1984/1987” Boxset: pre-orders start now!!

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HÖELLE UND VERNICHTUNG” is exactly the sentence that can best describe the monsterwork that we are about to introduce. It means “hell and annihilation” in German and it’s also… the ultimate, total POISON discography boxset on F.O.A.D. Records!! Pre-orders for this gargantuan (hell)hammer-in-the-face (weighing 2 and half Kgs!) are up now, there is a die-hard edition on splatter vinyl including an extra back patch and poster that is expected to sell out very quickly, so be fast!

All the existing POISON recordings from 1984 to 1987 + an extensive choice of unreleased material, over 5 hours of pure infernal armageddon from one of the most ancient pioneering Black/Death Metal hellhounds of the mittel-European scene of the 80s. To make things fair for those who had already got our previous POISON vinyl releases, this boxset is somehow completing the series because “Sons of evil“, “Bestial Death” and “Awakening of the dead” on it are featured on CD only, while all the rest (that has mostly never been released before) is included on LP. Quoting the band’s master-mind of evil Uli “Angel Of Death” Hildenbrand: “When F.O.A.D. contacted me the first time to discuss the possibility of a complete re-release of all those ancient tapes, I basically thought they were nuts – and told them so – however; through sheer tenacity they managed to convince me that it was about time for a really professional overworking of the material – hence the re-release of the first 3 demos and now THIS: basically everything you always wanted to know about POISON but were afraid to ask for! Seriously; this box has it all – the best sounding-material available, all lovingly remastered and re-designed (with a little help from yours truly); all of it taken from the original masters, some of it never released before! Even I myself was amazed by the results – which is something that happens very rarely – so, if you are a fan and you want to experience the story of the band from beginning to end, here is your perfect time machine! So if you’re ready for some 5-6 hours of poisonous pleasures – IMMERSE YOURSELF!

This monster comes in an embossed deluxe box and includes 5 x LPs, 2 x digipack CDs and a 60 page hard cover book collecting all their existing photos, flyers, artworks, ‘zine excerpts and more! Every recording has been ripped from the master-tapes provided by the band and maniacally restored and remastered. More in detail about the contents:

LP1 : “Into the abyss” (remastered by Uli Hildenbrand)

LP 2+3 (gatefold) : Full 1986 Live set in rehearsal (previously unreleased)

LP 4 : The First Gig 1985: “Live Terror” (extended version featuring the complete show, as the ’80s cassette edition wasn’t complete)

LP 5 : Final Gig 1987 and earliest rehearsals 1984 (previously unreleased, including songs that were completely unknown to date)

CD 1 : “Sons Of Evil” Demo 1984 + 5 unreleased tracks from rehearsals 1984 (also including a Venom cover)

CD 2 : “Bestial Death” Demo 1985 + “Awakening Of The Dead” Demo 1986

Available in two different versions :

Diehard edition on grey/black color-in-color vinyl with extra backpatch and A1 poster strictly limited to 150 copies

Black vinyl limited to 350 copies

MÖRBIT (Morbid) “METALION: 50 years of fucking off life” LP and UNKNOWN DEATH “Demo 1987” LP preorders start NOW!!

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After the deafening Grind assault delivered few weeks ago with Looking For An Answer’s new album “Dios Carne” it’s time to return to darkness and evil with two vinyl offerings that lean more towards the death-tinged Metal side of F.O.A.D. Records

The first of them is not just another F.O.A.D. release, it’s the celebration of the 50th birthday of a friend, a great source of inspiration for thousands of maniacs and a diehard underground pioneer of the Scandinavian Metal scene: no one else by Jon “Metalion” of the legendary SLAYER mag! To make this anniversary special, we decided to release on LP the ultra rare rehearsal of MÖRBIT – the real MORBID tribute, a special band featuring members of WATAIN, NIFELHEIM, DISMEMBER, MERCILESS and ENTOMBED playing MORBID classics in a totally cursed and ominous mood, with a touch that only such titans of the Swedish Black/Death Metal scene can deliver. Scroll down for a detailed description and tracklist of this unmissable necrodead-ly madness. Three different versions available: a “Metalion bday” ultra-limited version on clear red vinyl with extra poster strictly limited to 50 copies (the most already reserved by friends and band members, only a handful on sale via and a few in Japan exclusively available at Record Boy Store!!), a splatter vinyl version limited to 100 and a regular black one limited to 320.

The second sonic crime of the month consolidates the inexhaustible bond between FOAD and the absolute masters of LA based Grindcore, the Terrorizer / Nausea / Majesty family! 2 years ago, during a short stay in LA, we visited our friend Carlos “Cosmo” Reveles, bass player in Majesty, Nausea and Terrorizer LA and found this obscure and virtually non-existent tape of UNKNOWN DEATH, the band that Oscar Garcia and Jesse Pintado had shortly before starting the legend that we all know. We brought the tape to Italy and after restoring and mastering it at Toxic Basement we discussed about a very limited vinyl release… so here it is, a super-rarity that only a handful of lucky tape traders has heard since now finally available on vinyl in the best possible sound quality. UNKNOWN DEATHDemo 1987” LP, 12 tracks of crude raw Death Metal clearly inspired by “Scream bloody gore” era DEATH (they even have a song called “Beyond my infernal grave“.. reminds you of something?). This is limited to 300 copies, 200 on black and 100 on clear beer-yellow vinyl.

More in detail about each release..:

– MÖRBIT (Morbid)  “METALION: 50 years of fucking off life” LP (F.O.A.D. 124)

In 2011 the Swedish Black Metal cult MORBID released the gigantic sampler “YEAR OF THE GOAT“. To celebrate that a very special band was put together in order to perform some MORBID classics live for a selected audience. The band went under the name MÖRBIT and consisted of legendary musicians of the Swedish Extreme Metal scene. Erik of WATAIN on vocals, Tyrant of NIFELHEIM on bass, David of DISMEMBER on guitar, Erik of MERCILESS on guitar and Stjärnvind on drums (ENTOMBED, MERCILESS etc.). The night before the actual concert the band had a final rehearsal at the WATAIN’s “wolf lair” which also was the funeral for Metalion’s SLAYER MAGAZINE. Now a few years later METALION turns 50 and in order to celebrate this unholy event it was decided between all members and of course MORBID & METALION to release a really rare recording of the final rehearsal before the gig the day after. With the help of Erik WATAIN and FOAD Records this was made possible! Get ready to freeze to death in the Swedish Black Metal inferno with these raw and morbidly evil classics:

1) My dark subconscious
2) Disgusting Semla
3) Wings of funeral
4) From the dark

Available in 3 different versions:





– UNKNOWN DEATH  “Demo 1987” LP  (F.O.A.D. 122)

UNKNOWN DEATH, one of the first bands previously had by legendary grindcore masters Oscar Garcia and Jesse Pintado, before Peter Sandoval joined forces. Before Pete there was a local drummer, Fish Perez who’d been a friend in the L.A. scene for several years. With heavy influences in the likes of Death, Bathory, Venom, early Napalm Death, etc., Unknown Death began making noise in the mid 80’s in any downtown warehouse that would house them. During this period they recorded their debut 12 song demo tape, self-titled UNKNOWN DEATH which was well received locally. Unknown Death seldom played at this point, rehearsals began to dwindle, and members became laxed. A short time later during a missed rehearsal by Fish, Pete was brought to Unknown Death’s rehearsal by a mutual friend and was asked to jump in on drums. Immediately after, Oscar & Jesse knew they had found a drummer to equal their raw talent and energy. Shortly thereafter, Unknown Death would split due to differences and TERRORIZER would be born to become one of the most influential bands in grindcore history ….  Before TERRORIZER, before NAUSEA, before MAJESTY, experience the ultra raw Death Metal aggression of LA’s UNKNOWN DEATH!! Freshly ripped from the best sounding tape provided by band members, restored and mastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studio.

Available in 2 different versions:



LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER “Dios Carne” gatefold LP and digipack CD… preorders start NOW!!

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FOAD‘s war-machine never stops! Just 3 days since our last announcement and here we are again, this time with a pulverizing Grindcore threat… If you thought that our label is all focused on the past never keeping an eye open towards current bands you’re wrong because what we’re introducing now is the brand new full length album by one of the most promising units of today’s Grind scene… our friends LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER!

After their devastating “Eterno treblinka” on Relapse Records and some line-up changes they’re back to obliterate your auditory system with a bludgeoning assault of merciless brutality. “Dios carne” takes the sickest elements of Grindcore milestones such as Repulsion, Unseen Terror, early Napalm Death and blends them with a granitic old school Death Metal imprint… think of Autopsy, Massacre, Bolt Thrower. Add a powerful, analog-feel production and the caustic vocal delivery of Santi (also growling in Nashgul) and you get a picture of the bloody aftermath that you’ll face! Here’s a preview of what you can expect CLICK HERE

Dios Carne” is available on pre-order in 3 different versions:  die-hard gatefold LP on splatter vinyl limited to 100 copies (act fast!) / regular gatefold LP on black vinyl limited to 400 copies / digipack CD with 8 page booklet. Pre-order your copy now following the links below, we’ll start to ship from April 28th 2017.

More in detail:

Spanish Grindcore veterans LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER return with their first full length in 6 years. “DIOS CARNE” is a visceral sonic descent into the deepest layers of carnism and human depravity. Ethically aware, yet fucking pissed and ready to devour the opposition, LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER have unleashed their most focused collection of anti-harmonic orchestrations to date. Straight to the throat grindcore with a heavy old school death metal influence, that promises to unrelentingly punish the listener. “DIOS CARNE” is not just a concept album, but a musical statement abundant in blast beat precision that will simultaneously satisfy speed freaks and obliterate brain matter.

Die-hard splatter vinyl (white and bluish speckles on black)

Black vinyl

Digipack CD

MAD CONFLUX “Crazy action party” gatefold 2xLP and S.L.O.D. “Satanic Legion Of Death – Demo 1986” LP…pre-orders are open NOW!!!

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Just in time to recover from the avalanche of brain squeezing Thrash that we delivered few weeks ago with Cryptic Slaughter and Attomica, and we’re back again with another onset of speed + sonic violence… And with immense pleasure we’re proud to introduce one more Japanese Hardcore discography (after delivering the likes of NAPALM, The GEROGERIGEGEGE, TOXIC NOISE and Q.O.P.) with the double LP version of MAD CONFLUX‘s “Crazy Action Party“, a 43 song beast of the fastest and most intense Japanese Hardcore for all you maniacs loving bands like Outo, Gauze, Systematic Death, Lipcream, S.O.B. and so on… And to keep things equally noisy and extreme we have decided to match them with an ultra-obscure cult of the pioneering proto-grind era… one of the very first Death Metal (at blasting speeds) atrocities to appear on the Yugoslavian territory back in 1986… SATANIC LEGION OF DEATH!!  So get ready for the massacre: MAD CONFLUXCrazy action party” gatefold 2xLP and S.L.O.D. “Satanic Legion Of Death – Demo 1986” LP are up for preorders!! Both releases will be premiered at FOAD records‘ stand in Utrecht/Holland at the unmissable Mega Record Fair on April 8-9 and we’ll start to ship all orders on April 11th. As usual our advice is to act fast if you want to catch the limited mailorder versions on colored vinyl as they’re expected to sell out quickly!

Now more in detail about each release:

MAD CONFLUX “Crazy action party” 2xLP gatefold + booklet (F.O.A.D. 120)

Another crazy Japanese Hardcore release on FOAD RecordsMAD CONFLUX were one of the greatest thrashing HC units to come out from the Yokosuka/Yokohama area… just like SYSTEMATIC DEATH, RAISE CAIN, TOXIC NOISE, PILE DRIVER, BATTLE ATTACKER and many more. These psychos terrorized the masses from 1985 to 1991 delivering some of the fastest and most addictive HC with that skate-thrash vibe that made the late ’80s/early ’90s Japancore scene so unique and unmatched. Their discography is fragmented on several compilation appearances and the hard to find split flexi 7″ (1987) with JANKY.  They self-released a limited discography CD in 2005 that got instantly sold out. This double LP includes all their existing studio and live recordings (43 songs!) for the first time on vinyl, scrupulously remastered from the best sounding sources to properly incinerate your eardrums. It comes in a highly deluxe packaging with weighty gatefold sleeve and ’80s fanzine styled booklet including photos, gig flyers and biographical notes written by their guitarist Ori, also playing in PILE DRIVER and in the current line-up of the mighty DEATH SIDE!!

Available in 2 versions:

Die-hard edition on dirty white vinyl with red splattering limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl, limited to 300 copies


S.L.O.D. “Satanic Legion Of Death – Demo 1986” LP (F.O.A.D. 123)

Hailing from ex Yugoslavia, SATANIC LEGION OF DEATH stand as one of the most obscure and extreme Death/Thrashcore hordes surfaced in the mid ’80s, worshipped by tape trades of the time as one of the fastest and sickest blasting monstrosities of the pre-grindcore era! They are considered as probably the earliest Death Metal act from Slovenia (and all ex-Yugo) and their first and only demotape was a sort of virtually non-existent cult mentioned on a handful of ‘zines and rarely quoted by the later generation of Noise/Grind pioneers (Jan Agathocles among them) among the oldest incarnations of the blastcore formula. Musically, they remind of South American slaughterers like BLASFEMIA, PARABELLUM, HOLOCAUSTO but way faster and more chaotic, with a sinister feeling of evil and gloom surrounding them.

Quoting Laurent Ramadier (Snakepit Mag / Decibel Of Death): “Man I surely did ate this recording like crazy back in the day…. That noise was so fresh and we had already been used to the likes of ACRID, EVOKED DOOM, early POISON, ARSENIC and the likes so nothing could frighten us at that point haha! I also recall getting this recording in the mail via Shane Embury from his WARHAMMER days… The cool tape trading days. I had no choice than review it in my zine, D.O.D., from that point because it was so magnificently extreme!” Now finally this ultra-obscure gem comes back from the dead getting the proper FOAD treatment, mastered from the best sounding source in existence. One sided LP with a silk screened original art silk screened on the flipside. Incudes an insert with lyrics, drawings and liner notes.

Available in 2 versions:

Die-hard edition on red vinyl limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl, limited to 200 copies

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER “The Lowlife Chronicles 1984-1988” digipack CD/DVD and ATTOMICA “s/t” gatefold LP: preorders start NOW!!

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Spring at FOAD Records kicks in with a lethal overdose of bludgeoning THRASH!! Our legacy and friendship with California’s pioneers of speed obsessed Thrash-core CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER never ends, so here’s the longly awaited official “Lowlife Chronicles” DVD (2 hours history!) enriched with a devastating 31 song CD full of the fastest and sickest Hardcore Thrash from their best years!! And to ensure that you won’t wake up sane after this cyclone we also added to the massacre a Brazilian Thrash classic: ATTOMICA‘s self titled debut LP (1987) for the first time back on vinyl after almost 3 decades, with the proper FOAD/Toxic Basement sound treatment and a solid gatefold sleeve! So fasten your safety belts: CRYPTIC SLAUGHTERThe Lowlife Chronicles 1984-1988” Digipack CD/DVD and ATTOMICAs/t” Gatefold LP are up for preorders!!! The official release date is March 20th and as usual we recommend to act fast with ATTOMICA‘s limited colored vinyl version, as it’s expected to disappear at the speed of light!

More in detail about each release:

– CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER “The Lowlife Chronicles 1984-1988” Digipack CD/DVD (F.O.A.D. 118)

The definitive Cryptic Slaughter release on FOAD Records! This project has been years in the making to reach the best possible result. A nearly 2 hours DVD tracing the band’s history from 1984 till the “Stream Of Consciousness” era in 1988. Includes tons of live footage and exclusive interviews with band members and other musicians (MUNICIPAL WASTE, REPULSION, HATEBREED, FEAR FACTORY, HIRAX etc..etc…). And there’s more… a CD full of rarities (rehearsals, outtakes etc) and soundboard live material selected from 9 different shows 1985-1988, ranging from the early “Life in grave” times to the “Convicted” and “Money Talks” sets.

31 SONGS of the fastest and most influential US Hardcore / Thrash ever conceived! Housed in a 8-panel digipack including 2 booklets packed with rare photos, flyers and original artworks. As we always say: if you’re into any kind of fast music be it Thrash, Hardcore, Grind or Power Violence, you are M.A.D. if you miss any Cryptic Slaughter release!


– ATTOMICA “s/t” Gatefold LP (F.O.A.D. 119)

Another South American Thrash milestone on FOAD Records! 1987… among the hordes of death-thrashing maniacs raising from the blood soaked Brazilian underground, ATTOMICA from the São Paulo area sinks its teeth and claws in first with their “Children’s Assassin” Demo (1986) and then with the ultra-crude self titled debut that still now is considered by many their most classic release. This is some of rawest and most aggressive death tinged Thrash Metal you can think of. A solid collision of caustic neck-breaking riffs, fast ‘n’ tight drumming at occasion speeding up to blast beat levels and some merciless screaming vocals reminescent of early Kreator, giving to the whole thing an utter feeling of cruelty and malignancy.

Despite the many CD reissues, this classic full length hasn’t been reissued on vinyl since the original first press on Equinox (1988), so nearly 30 years! And most important, this new edition on special 160 grams vinyl is with no doubt the best sounding one you can find around, as it has been specially mastered from an uncompressed 1st generation source that unlike the ultra-“squashed” remastered CD versions gives a lot of range and dynamics to the warmness of the original production. Housed in a thick gatefold sleeve enriched with rare and unreleased photos from the band’s early times. If you’re like us an insane fanatic of Brazil’s Death/Thrash golden era (Mutilator, Holocausto, Chakal, Vulcano, Dorsal Atlantica, early Sepultura and tons more) this LP should be a mandatory addition to your collection!

Die-hard orange vinyl limited to 100 copies

Regular black vinyl

POISON “Sons Of Evil” LP (2nd pressing) and DIS-CASSETTES Boxset (Asocial, Svart Parad, Distrust etc) UP FOR PREORDERS!!

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It’s time to announce our monthly aggression!! Due to the many requests we decided to re-release our classic POISONSons Of Evil” LP in a new pressing of 300 copies, 150 on blood red vinyl and 150 on ultra-clear. The packaging is exactly the same as the first press, with the fanzine styled booklet on light blue paper.  Then there is a special surprise that has been in the making for a loooong time: our legacy with Sweden’s Dis-Records keeps strong, after releasing ASOCIAL and DISTRUST on vinyl, here’s a new chapter of pure jawbreaking mangel: we are offering you the complete Dis-Cassettes discography 1983-1985 in an ultra-limited 8 tape boxset!!  Pre-orders start now for both releases, we’ll start to ship them on February 25th 2017!

More in detail about each release:

POISON “Sons Of Evil” LP (F.O.A.D. 082)

2nd pressing on blood red and ultra-clear vinyl!

Pure infernal armageddon, not for the weak!! One of the most deviated, disgusting and anti-musical Death Metal aberrations ever conceived. 2nd pressing on FOAD Records, this LP is made exactly as the cassette version that was circulating in the 80s! Originally released in 1984, “Sons of evil” is the first demo recording from the malevolent and sinister German entity known as POISON. This sounds so raw and extreme that even the band members took their time to decide whether to license a vinyl reissue or not, and the graal got unlocked only when after years of research through the most insane puritan collectors, we tracked a source whose quality was even “better” than the masters owned by the band and got it properly restored and mastered by our wizard H.O.D. at Toxic Basement studio. So one thing is sure: this LP is the matchless, best sounding version of “Sons of evil” you can dream about.  Now quoting what has been already said about this gem: as primitive and barbaric as a Stone Age gang-rape, this tape is possessed by total darkness and evil. Musically, this runs the gamut from morbidly mid-paced to intense and somewhat insane. It bears no real similarities to any of their German counterparts, such as Sodom, Destruction or Kreator. The slower parts sound very reminiscent of Hellhammer. The vocals of Virgin Slaughter are possessed and maniacal, at times, his demonic voice actually accentuates the dark mood of the music, rather than detracting from it. As for the rest of the songwriting, this is like a war on the senses. Primitive and violent in nature, the riffs saw through you while the drums pound your skull into oblivion. It is almost difficult to believe something so bestial and grotesque existed back in 1984. The sound is on the same level as the “Death By Metal” demo, from Mantas, and makes the old Venom and Bathory records seem like they were done in high-dollar facilities. “Sons of Evil” is a monstrous offering from a band that had truly tapped into something dark and aggressive.  Includes a booklet printed on old school fanzine styled light blue paper, with rare photos, flyers and excerpts from zines/mags of that era!


side A:
1) The omen 2) Inferno breaks out 3) Black death 4) Demon 5) Reaper 6) Possessed 7) Angel of Satan / March to hades
side B:
1) Satan’s damnation 2) Legions of hell 3) Leather and metal 4) Hell of the living dead 5) Slaughter 6) Gonna make you die

Blood red vinyl ltd to 150 copies

Ultra-clear vinyl ltd to 150 copies


– V.A. “DIS-CASSETTES” 8x tape Boxset  (FOAD on tape #20)

A dream for every Swedish Hardcore/Punk enthusiast!!  This is a high quality replica of the complete “Dis-cassettes” discography 1983-1985 in a wonderful set of 8 pro-made tapes including all the original covers, booklets + extra liner notes and infos. It comes in a white cardboard boxset with 5 stickers on.”

Dis-cassettes” was the DIY label run by Håkan of Asocial and Distrust. All his releases were impressive for the amount of love and dedication that he put on the quality and style of each issue… being the originals extremely hard to find (some are on Discogs from 300 euro up!) we agreed with him to make them available again in this limited edition boxset for the true maniacs. The sound has been remastered from 1st generation sources and the new tapes have been professionally dubbed under constant tests to make sure to get the best possible audio quality. Bands included are mostly Swedish HC ragers like ASOCIAL, SVART PARAD, DISTRUST etc… but there are some international names as well.

So here’s what you’ll find in the Dis-boxset:

Dis 001 – ”No war no more vol 1” V/A
(Kurt i Kuvös, Asocial, Distrust and B.T.D.)

Dis 002 – Distrust – ”A dream of peace”

Dis 003 – ”No war no more vol 2” V/A
(S.S.G., Booze Boys, Distrust, Kurt i Kuvös and Asocial)

Dis 004 – Naked – ”Land of death”

Dis 005 – Asocial / Distrust – ”Live at International youth centre”

Dis 006 – Svart Parad – ”Myteri”

Dis 007 – ”No more bondage” V/A
(A Touch of Hysteria, Faction, Subhumans, Blood & Roses, Paranoid Visions and Svart Parad)

Dis 008 – Svart Parad – “Multisvält”