FANTOM “Lucifer jeleni meg! + Rehearsals 1987” LP and DEVASTATION “The possibility of life’s destruction” LP+CD: preorders start NOW!!!

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It’s one of the hottest summers on record here in Italy and the temperature in our warehouses is nothing short of hallucinatory! But this is no reason for us to stop and chill out on the seaside, our suicidal mission of unearthing rare and obscure treasures from the underground meanders never ends!  And for this month we decided to redirect our viewfinder towards the Metal side of F.O.A.D., picking two great East European bands that deserved the proper vinyl treatment to enhance their classic recordings. Hailing from Hungary and Croatia, it’s time to introduce you to FANTOM with their legendary “Lucifer jelenj meg!” demo for the first time on LP with some extra rare rehearsals 1987 and DEVASTATION with their thrashing bomb “The possibility of life’s destruction” LP also including a bonus CD. Both releases are limited to 300 copies, first 100 on diehard colored vinyl, so we strongly recommend you to act fast, they won’t last for long…

So to summarize things…: FANTOMLucifer jeleni meg! + Rehearsals 1987” LP and DEVASTATION “The possibility of life’s destruction” LP+CD are available on preorder!!

More in detail about each release:

FANTOM “Lucifer jeleni meg! + Rehearsals 1987” LP (F.O.A.D. 151)

Although Tormentor is said to be the classic Hungarian black metal band, there was an even more evil entity lurking in the darkness of the Magyar infernal circles: FANTOM. This shortly lived horde was probably one of the best East European’s answers to Bathory and represented the ancient feeling of Black Metal in music just as in lyrics: only gruesome melodies and Satanic invocations can be found here. 31 years later, their ominous “Lucifer Jelenj Meg” demotape 1987 comes back to light for the first time on vinyl enriched by rare rehearsals from the same era, remastered from the best sounding sources provided by Metal Or Die Records, a Hungarian label that over time has been strongly committed to keeping the kvlt of this underground Metal icon alive.

FANTOM‘s influences ranged from bands such as Bathory, Possessed, Hellhammer, Venom and Slayer, their song-writing was simple and direct but extremely distinctive, oozing of a unique atmosphere of malevolence and obscurity.  Highly recommended to the true maniacs of old school Black/Death Metal delivered with passion and sincerity.  Comes with 2 inserts including lyrics, rare photos and original artworks.

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Available in two different versions:

Die-hard edition on smoky yellowish vinyl strictly limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl version, limited to 200 copies


DEVASTATION “The possibility of life’s destruction” LP + CD (F.O.A.D. 153)

Emerging from the ever influential and colorful Yugo 80’s underground, DEVASTATION were one of the first Thrash Metal bands from Yugoslavia (among Evil Blood, Witchcraft, Heller, Bloodbath, Bombarder and few more). Their style was a scorching Speed/Thrash aggression, think of early Voivod and Onslaught with HC/Punk influences (as a matter of fact they covered bands like Discharge and S.O.D.). The band recorded two demo tapes before the end of the eighties and appeared on some Balkanian and European fanzines getting an excellent feedback. Later on they changed their name to Devastator, and finally in the nineties into Hatröss. With this new name they recorded some studio works that were released as a cassette in 1993. This release highlights their best demo, “The possibility of life’s destruction” (1989) here appearing for the first time on vinyl, remastered from the original reels for the best possible sonic impact… and to make it more complete and interesting we also added a CD including Devastation’s 1st demo “The upcoming mayhem” (1987) and the two Hatröss demos.

With this new release done in friendly collaboration with ultimate Croatian underground diggers team/label “Guranje S Litice” and original band members, all the studio material by both bands are being combined on one release for the first time. And there’s more… after few years of research we managed to track down the original 80’s  illustrator of several Metal and HC bands from Yugoslavia Amir O. from Croatia who provided a special unreleased artwork made the same year the demo was recorded… 1989! Most grindcore and underground freaks will remember his epic artworks for the early vinyl releases by Buka and Patareni, from the same era. Finally unleashed this killing Thrash Metal gem is a must for all past and future headbanging collectors! Includes a 12 page booklet with extensive liner notes, photos, zine excerpts and a lot more!!

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Available in two different versions:

Die-hard edition on smoky transparent green vinyl strictly limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl version, limited to 200 copies

MULE SKINNER “Airstrike” LP/CD, MULE SKINNER “Beyond the abuse 1991-1993” LP and SELF DECONSTRUCTION “Wounds” LP are up for preorders!

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As usual, July at F.O.A.D. Records is all dedicated on preparing special releases for the best worldwide Festival of all times: the Obscene Extreme Fest!! Every year we’re honored to be there and introduce new records of bands performing at this incredible extreme music hellhole (think of Wehrmacht, Bulldozer, Raw Power, Yacopsae, Systematic Death, Cripple Bastards and tons more) or… if not performing, our July offerings must be anyway totally in the mood of this great event… in one word: GRIND!! So here with are with two bands that fit to what we’re talking about like a fist in the ass… MULE SKINNER and SELF DECONSTRUCTION!! Yes, MULE SKINNER from New Orleans are back with a new face smashing album of pure, relentless Grind… “Airstrike“, available both on ltd vinyl and CD! And to make their return even more outrageous, we have also added another LP collecting their early works… “Beyond the abuse 1991-1993“… a must for all you old school Death/Grind maniacs! And as we promised at least one band performing at OEF, our triple Grind assault also includes the vinyl version of SELF DECONSTRUCTIONWounds“, their furious full length originally released on CD in 2016. Don’t miss their show in Trutnov because on stage their violence is of another planet! So, MULE SKINNERAirstrike” LP/CD + “Beyond the abuse 1991-1993” LP and SELF DECONSTRUCTIONWounds” LP (ltd. white vinyl) are up for preorders, the official release date is the Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech Republic (20th anniversary!) if you’re coming there you can find them at the F.O.A.D. tent in the Grind Market area, otherwise if you’re ordering online, act fast for the die-hard editions because they are expected to disappear quickly! We’ll start to ship all orders placed via from July 25 2018.

More in detail about each release:

MULE SKINNER “Airstrike” LP / CD (F.O.A.D. 148)

Formed in 1990, MULE SKINNER stands as one of the first Death/Grind outfits spawned by the infernal circles of New Orleans that also gave birth to bands like Eyehategod, Crowbar, Soilent Green, Exhorder and so on. Since their first demo, they proved to take no prisoners with their tight, neck-breaking Grindcore aggression. “Airstrike” marks their merciless comeback 23 years after their devastating debut album “Abuse“. And it sounds like no time has passed since then, as they are even faster and more crushing. Ballistic blast beats, caustic vocals and highly addictive riffs make the 13 songs on this new full length a complete aural warfare in the race to be one of the best Grind albums of the year, recommended to fans of Assück, Terrorizer, Flesh Parade, early Brutal Truth etc. click HERE for the trailer!

CD (8-page booklet)

Diehard splatter (clear with black speckles, ltd. to 100)

Black vinyl (ltd. to 200)


MULE SKINNER “Beyond the abuse 1991-1993” LP (F.O.A.D. 147)

A descent into the early terrorizing sounds of this legendary New Orleans’ Death / Grindcore unit. This LP includes their “Stripped of flesh” Demo (1991), “Servitude” EP (1993) and a completely unreleased “Abuse” demo (1993) recently found in the band’s archives. As usual meticulously restored and remastered for the most devastating sonic impact on vinyl. Get ready for a fierce bombing of pulverizing, Death-tinged Grindcore delivered with ferocious speed and tightness. LP includes an insert and a poster with liner notes, rare flyers and photos, original artworks and more! click HERE for the trailer!

Diehard splatter (white melted with black, ltd. to 100)

Black vinyl (ltd. to 200)



Hailing from Tokyo, Japan – SELF DECONSTRUCTION describe themselves as “free-style Grindcore / PowerViolence“. Think of a brutally insane tornado of tempo-changes, suicidal blast beats at outrageous speed and schizophrenic riffing, all topped by the vitriolic screams of the female frontman Kubine. In short: sick as fuck! “Wounds” is their 2016’s album that originally came out on CD only in Japan, released by Break The Records. It consists of 23 bursts of sickness rarely lasting over 1 minute, most of them knocking you down in a few seconds!! To support the band’s first European crusade and above all their appearance at the Obscene Extreme Fest 2018, F.O.A.D. Records and Break The Records join forces to make this brain-stabbing piece of violence finally available on vinyl in a deluxe version including a full colored insert with the original art. Japanese customers get the exclusive blood red version ltd to 250 directly from Break The Records, the F.O.A.D. version on sale here and at the Obscene Extreme Festival is all on milky white vinyl, also limited to 250. click HERE for the trailer

Milky white vinyl (ltd. to 250)

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER “Life in grave” gatefold LP + booklet (2nd pressing): preorders are OPEN!

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As summer comes by, we’re proud to announce the second pressing of one of the most iconic releases in F.O.A.D. history. In 2013 the first vinyl treatment for the groundbreaking 1985 demo “Life in Grave” by California speed freaks Cryptic Slaughter was unleashed and quickly became a collectors’ item. Now, five years later, we’re proud to announce the second coming of that incredible full throttle hardcore maelstrom with a brand new colour pattern! Now, let’s get a bit more in detail with the release:

2nd pressing of this thrashing speedcore classic with blue background  on the cover (the previous pressing was red)! California’s pioneers CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER team up with FOAD Records for an incredible vinyl treasure finally giving the right treatment to their legendary “Life in grave” Demotape 1985 and to an accurate selection of ultra-rare/unreleased recordings ranging from their 3 piece line-up era (1985) to the “Convicted”/”Money talks” days. This release has been in the works for months until we found the top sounding masters in existence and restored them for the best possible audiophile result when pressed on vinyl. Side A includes the band’s Demotape “Life in grave” adding 2 rehearsal tracks from the same period, one is a speeded up HELLHAMMER cover and one is a super-raw version of VENOM‘s “Welcome to hell“. Side B is all focused on the “Convicted”/”Money talks” 4 piece line-up and includes various live recordings and a good sounding rehearsal 1986. All songs here are performed even faster than how they were played on their classic albums.

This is how introduced “Life in grave”: “1985 was a good year for music – bands like SLAUGHTER, NYC MAYHEM, VOOR, WEHRMACHT, HIRAX, DEATH, REPULSION and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER amazed me and they still blow me away today! Especially this one here with its youthful urgency, its unpolished power and enthusiasm. And stilistically, this was very refreshing. Could you say whether this is more metal or more HC? Does it matter to you?” Being this one of the most important FOAD releases to date, we also dedicated the right passion to the packaging: a stunning gatefold sleeve and most of all a 36 PAGE zine/booklet stuffed with rare photos, interviews, zine excerpts and gig flyers. If you’re into any kind of fast music be it Thrash, Hardcore, Grind or Power Violence, you are MAD if you miss this!!!!

Available in two different versions:



RAW POWER “Wop hour – extended” LP + booklet and BROKEN BONES “Demo 1988” LP: pre-orders start NOW!!

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Wondering what’s next on FOAD Records? Two shredding Hardcore classics from Italy and Britain is our lethal ambush for this month. Our commitment to re-issue the 80s back-catalog of RAW POWER in the best possible quality with plenty of bonus rarities comes to a new chapter with a stunning extended version of their highly acclaimed “Wop hour” EP (1985).  And to be on a par with such a devastating band, we chose one of our favorite UK Hardcore units – for the 2nd time joining forces with FOAD Records: BROKEN BONES with their hard to find demo 1988, for the first time on LP!!  So to make it short: RAW POWERWop hour – Extended” LP + booklet and BROKEN BONESDemo 1988” LP are up for preorders!  The release date for both titles has been set for May 22nd 2018 but we’re hoping to premiere them at the Venezia Hardcore Festival 2018 on May 2018 where you’ll find our record stand in full force armed to the teeth with thousands of records! It’s still a mystery if we’ll have both records in time for it – depends on the pressing plant, so we’re leaving it as a surprise.  If you’re pre-ordering it through our webstore, as usual act fast to catch the diehard versions as they are expected to sell out fast!

Ok now more in detail about each release:

RAW POWER “Wop hour – Extended version” LP + booklet (F.O.A.D. 145)

Italy’s undisputed godfathers of furious Hardcore since 1981 team up again with F.O.A.D. Records to unearth another classic from their 80s discography enriched with a hailstorm of bonus gems! This LP includes their insane “Wop Hour” EP (1985) an adrenalinic assault of rapid thrashing HC delivered with ballistic tightness… plus an incredible selection of bonus tracks, part of which were never heard before.

You’ll find all the bonus songs that were already included in the extended CD version and two unreleased soundboard live rippers: Fiorenzuola 1984 and Amsterdam 1986. The first – still with Giuseppe on vocals – sees these maniacs smashing the stage with a devastating set including a totally unreleased song (“Police Harassment“), some rare ones from their first demo ’83 and covers of BLACK FLAG and DISCHARGE (!!), the second – taking the whole B-side of the LP – is just RAW POWER at the top of their game, “Screams from the gutter” setlist and that invincible line-up with Helder on drums with all the hits that you want to hear with a powerful and aggressive sound. 26 SONGS IN TOTAL. Comes with a 8 page booklet with rare photos, flyers and zine excerpts from the mid 80s. Get ready to blast this at top volume and scream “Fuck authority”!!

Available in two different versions:




BROKEN BONES “Demo 1988” LP + insert (F.O.A.D. 144)

The rare B.B. demo 1988 until now available only as digital files, for the very first time on vinyl! LINE-UP: Bones – guitar, Tezz – vocals, Bazz – drums, Darren – bass. 6 songs, total Hardcore attack with a metallic touch. BROKEN BONES were one of the first bands to start crossing over the worlds of metal, hardcore, and punk, as their extremely aggressive sound required something that wasn’t done being a lot at the time. This recording has it all, thrashing guitar aggression and a speeded up d-beat drumming topped by absolutely caustic vocals!  Specially mastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement studio.  Includes an insert with unreleased photos!

Available in two different versions:



HIRAX “Born in the streets 1983/1984” LP + booklet and JESTER BEAST “The lost tapes of poetical freakscream” gatefold LP + CD + booklet: PREORDERS START NOW!!

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Let there be THRASH! After 3 months of pounding your eardrums with the most extreme, anti-musical bands on the planet, it’s time for us to return to a territory in which we are equally specialized and that has always been considered one of FOAD‘s trademarks: Old School Thrash Metal! And we’re doing it with two bands that have made history since 1983, the first on a worldwide scale – yes, we’re dealing with the L.A. Metal legend HIRAX and the other more in the Italian underground scene – even if, as we’ll explain later, they would have certainly deserved more: we’re talking of JESTER BEAST!! So our recipe for April consists of HIRAXBorn in the streets 1983/1984” LP (complete collection of their demo, unreleased tracks and pre-Hirax “LA KAOS” Demo ’83) and JESTER BEAST “The lost tapes of poetical freakscream” gatefold LP + CD, an unreleased mix of the band’s devastating full length album with a lot of extra features unearthed from the archives of their legendary 6-string maniac CC Muz! As usual act fast if you want to catch the stunning colored vinyl versions as they are expected to be pulverized in a few days!!

More in detail about each release:

HIRAX “Born in the streets 1983/1984” LP + booklet (F.O.A.D. 143)

The roots of LA Metal! This is the ultimate collection of early HIRAX recordings on LP including their cult Demo 1984 in the best quality ever, unreleased tracks from the same era and the rare LA KAOS Demo 1983 for the first time on vinyl! Instead of the savage thashin’ assault met on albums such as “Raging violence“, these early HIRAX recordings are a pure incarnation of denim smelling and fast Heavy Metal, at times showing a NWOBHM influence. Every song is a riff-fest from beginning to end topped with fierce guitar solos and the absolutely amazing vocals of Katon.  The 4 track Demo 1984 has been ripped and remastered from the best source around, then you’ll find 3 unreleased songs 1983-84 (“To be free”, “The saviour”, “War hero”) and the very hard to find LA KAOS (pre-Hirax) demotape ripped straight from Katon’s personal copy! And to complete the FOAD quality treatment, you’ll also find a booklet including liner notes, lyrics, rare photos, ‘zine excerpts and flyers!

Katon W. De Pena about this release:  “You hold in your hand something very special. This record / album is HIRAX’s first time in the recording studio. This release also includes music from a pre-HIRAX era. We hope to give the listeners high quality with never before seen photos, lyrics, flyers, reviews, memorabilia, etc. We have to go back in time… the year was 1983… getting ready to turn over to 1984… (I was 20 years old) …” (continued on the LP booklet!)

Available in 2 different versions:

Die-hard half-half colored vinyl (black vs mint green) limited to 100 copies

Solid black vinyl limited to 400 copies


JESTER BEAST “The lost tapes of poetical freakscream” gatefold LP + CD + booklet (F.O.A.D. 138)

One of the most overlooked Italian Thrash gems of all times finally coming back to light in a completely refreshed edition, mastered from a recently found tape with an early stage (unreleased) mix powered by an extra guitar track recorded back then by the riff genius known as CC Muz. JESTER BEAST started in Torino, Northern Italy in 1983 as a Power/Speed Metal act and progressively changed paths improving their style into crazily fast Thrashcore combining the lesson of Italy’s furious 80s HC with their Thrash made of speeded Voivod-esque riffs and some Slayer influenced breakneck rhytmic solutions. Their 1988 demotape was so fucking great that captured the attention of Nuclear Blast Records, that included 3 tracks from it on the classic “Pleasures in life” 3xLP compilation.

This ultimate release includes the complete “lost tape” of Poetical Freakscream (that originally came out in 1991 with a much weaker sound) and a bonus CD with the album + their cult demo 1988 (hands down among the top 5 best Italian Thrash Demos ever) + a never-heard-before soundboard live from 1988 including several unreleased songs. As with all FOAD releases, you’ll find a manic care in sound mastering and a wonderful packaging consisting of a gatefold jacket, CD in cardboard sleeve and a 12 page booklet full or rare photos, excerpts from magazines and flyers.

From the LP liner notes: “A different version/mix of Poetical Freakscream was originally released in 1991 by GLC Records. Following the common taste of the time, it was decided to mix the album leaning towards a more “grungy” edge hiding a guitar track and some other relevant features. This left a shadow of unsatisfaction between the band members in the years to follow. Luckily, a pre-mixed version with all the guitar tracks in full evidence survived in the archives of the riff monster CC Muz.” The process of restoring and remastering it was quite complicated because some parts were damaged, suffering of bad storing conditions. What you’re going to listen here is the end result of an accurate work made with dedication and love, approved by the band and finally giving justice to what we repute one of the most under rated Metal records in the Italian underground history. If “Destroy After Use” proudly stands among the top 5 best Thrash Italian Demos ever, now you can finally enjoy “Poetical Freakscream” with that same dose of impact, aggression and riffing perfection!

Available in 2 different versions:

Die-hard edition in swirl green vinyl limited to 100 copies

Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies

SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA “Thrash culture as bora” LP+CD and NOISE / BIXERA Split 7″ OUT NOW!!

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Are you ready to face the catastrophic effects of this month’s nuclear noise detonation prepared for you by FOAD Records? After 31 years since we started the label and 10 years of releasing records, CDs and tapes on constant basis, we can easily admit that today’s announcement is without doubt the most extreme and anti-musical monstrosity that we have ever put out on vinyl… not just Noisecore, but Noisecore of the most extreme type. So you are warned, you need steel armored ear drums to face this sonic extermination! MINUTES OF NAUSEA “Thrash culture as bora” LP+CD and NOISE / BIXERA Split 7″ are both OUT NOW!! All your preorders will be sent this week.

More in detail about each release:

SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA “Thrash culture as bora” LP+CD (F.O.A.D. 141)

First chapter in FOAD‘s annihilating mission to re-issue all the early 7MON material enriched with an incredible amount of rare and unreleased recordings. This LP includes the band’s first 2 EPs “Our culture is boring” and “Thrashbora” – the complete sessions with a lot of never heard before outtakes, freshly ripped from Mick’s master tapes. Straight from the LP liner-notes: “The story behind this LP begun when Matthias Weigand delivered us a huge box of 7MON reels to transfer in the studio, to check exactly what was included in each one of them. We found out that most of them were the masters of the early Eps released by TNT &Records and then Ecocentric Records. When we started to discuss about a possible series of 7MON releases on LP to re-build the band’s discography from the early times, Mick came out with the fact that he had recently unearthed the complete sessions of each EP, that were much longer than how they were originally released on 7″. So we opted to start with a LP including these extended “Our culture is boring” and “Thrashbora” sessions ripped from Mick’s tapes. Anyway, since the sound on the reels from which the Eps were produced is somehow more “in the face” and sharper on the high frequencies we decided to add a bonus CD showing you both versions: the complete (longer) session ripped from Mick’s cassettes and the EP edit transferred from the reels.

Started in 1985 in Australia by Scut and Mick Hollows and mutated through different incarnations revolving around Mick’s figure, 7MON still smashes eardrums nowadays. Their first EP “Our culture is boring” was released in 1988 and immediately tore down all the walls of music conception. 351 songs, melted into a blurr-fest of drums, bass and shouts. An endless stream of blasts, grunts, feedbacks and to the point political lyrics, pushing forward the boundaries of the then newborn loud cousin of Grindcore, Noisecore. In 1989 Mick and Scut delivered their second effort (recorded in fall 1988), this time on flexi disc. “Thrashbora” follows the steps of its predecessor, sounding even noisier and fiercer. These two legendary EP’s shaped a whole genre and countless bands spawned from the “musical” extremism concepted by two Australian guys in the 80’s. If there’s a heaven of Noise, Seven Minutes Of Nausea is surely deserving a place at the top of it. LP with a special PVC sticker on the front cover, bonus CD and 20 page lyrics booklet!

Limited to 300 copies all on color-in-color vinyl (black into coke bottle green)


NOISE / BIXERA Split 7″ (F.O.A.D. 142)

Complete Noise/Grind terrorism from Brazil. Long time aural butchers NOISE deliver 16 ultra brutal stabs in the face, originally written in 1996 and re-recorded in 2015 sounding even sicker and harsher. You perfectly know what to expect from them: an inhuman dose of monster growls, screams, cacophonic distortion and lightning fast drums. Recommended if you like FEAR OF GOD, TUMOR, V.N.A., SORE THROAT and other eardrum molesters of that kind. BIXERA complete the onslaught with a morbid and gory dose of old school Grindcore that will catapult you back to 1988-1991. It reminds of early REGURGITATE, STENCH OF CORPSE, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY, IMPETIGO and other putrid aberrations combining primitive deathly Grindcore with Gore and Splatter imagery and pitchshifted puking vocals.

Available in 2 different versions:

Yellow cover version limited to 200

Light blue cover version limited to 100