DISCHARGE “Noise not music” BOXSET (3 x LPs, 1 x 7″ + BOOK) PREORDERS START NOW!!

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It’s been 2 months since the last FOAD release, quite unusual considering that in the last 4-5 years we have kept on putting out at least 2 records monthly without never stopping. No we’re not sleeping neither we decided to slow down… it’s just that we were preparing a monstrous nuclear stockpile to end the year in the greatest way!!

Brief introduction: in 1980 four teenagers from Stoke exploded onto the worldwide punk scene with all the subtlety of a ten megaton nuclear warhead; so powerful and devastating was their initial impact that the entire world sat up, took notice, and thousands of bands across the globe were prompted to harden their style and speed up in a vain attempt to match the singularly most ferocious band on planet earth. That band ladies and gentlemen, was DISCHARGE! Over the next three years their uncompromising musical onslaught grew tighter, lyrically bleaker and even more unrelenting as they unleashed release after release highlighting the monstrous nuclear threat the world faced along with the true realities of war and insidious state control! Unstoppable in the race towards musical Armageddon, the bands enduring legacy has never accurately been captured until now; FOAD Records has spent a long time in creating the ultimate DISCHARGE release: the gigantic “NOISE NOT MUSIC” boxset consisting of a massive hard-cover book, a triple LP set housed in a trifold sleeve, a 8-track 7″ and a poster! With a visual presentation that follows the true aesthetic of the early singles by using only original logos, fonts, colours and the graphic style of the band’s first 3 EP’s and packaging that finally does them justice rather than another cheap bootleg or cash in by a label looking to make money.

PREORDERS START NOW, as usual we recommend you to act fast if you want to grab the limited colored vinyl versions, they’ll be gone in few days. **IMPORTANT** : The release date for this boxset is set for DECEMBER 27, 2018 Please be aware that the postal service through the Xmas/New Year rush can be very slow and disorganized, so don’t be surprised if delivery times will be a bit longer or if we’ll eventually decide to ship your order after the Xmas/New Year chaos (after January 6th). Just be patient and we’ll give you full assistance as always.

Now more in detail about the contents of this titan:

Over 1 year in the making, this release combines the most exhaustive BOOK ever made about DISCHARGE with a triple LP + 7″ capturing the band’s incredible live intensity and aggression through some of their best, rawest sets recorded from 1980 to 1983. Housed in a heavyweight silver hot foil stamped slipcase, the DISCHARGE : “NOISE NOT MUSIC” Boxset contains the following..:


Tri-fold 350 gsm heavyweight sleeve with all the correct lyrics for the first three EP’s printed together for the first time ANYWHERE outside the original band made lyric sheets (not some garbled nonsense copied from the internet) the recordings have their audio remastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studios and featuring full raging sets from the following gigs:

– LP 1 : Live at the Music Machine, London 1980 (First London gig)
– LP 2 : Live at the City Club, Detroit 1982 (First USA Tour)
– LP 3 : Live at the 100 Club 1983 ( Plus bonus track of Canadian TV interview 1983 with Cal and Garry)


With 2 tracks each live from the following gigs:
Preston Warehouse 1980 (Featuring the unreleased track “Where’s Our Freedom?”)
London Lyceum 1981 (Apocalypse Now Tour)
Manchester Polytechnic 1981 (Apocalypse Now Tour)
Helsinki Lepakko 1983 (First Scandinavian Tour)


Over 100 band photos with many unseen and printed in high quality for the first time (Northwood Parish Hall 1980, Tunstall Town Hall 1980, Stevenage Bowes Lyon House 1981, Rome 1981, Yugoslavia 1981, Zig Zag Club 1982 etc). Plus rare gig flyers, music weekly interviews, features and press clippings of release adverts and reviews, all accompanied by a 30,000 word historically accurate band history researched and written by notorious DISCHARGE collectors Rich Walker and Leigh Rocker, documenting the years 1977 to 1983 featuring new interview material and contributions from Rainy, Tezz, Bones, Garry, Bambi, Pooch and band manager Tanya. 

* A2 Promotional Poster 

DISCHARGE was more than just a noise, the band was a musical reaction to the brutal times and circumstances faced by people in the U.K. under the Thatcher regime, they were also a voice for the “X” generation without a future; but most importantly, they were FAST, RAW, LOUD, HARDCORE PUNK!  CRACK YOUR BRAIN UP!

Available in 3 different versions:

Die-hard splatter vinyl (black on electric blue) limited to 200

Die-hard striped vinyl (black vs light blue) limited to 200

Black vinyl limited to 600

SODOM “St. Requiem” gatefold LP + 7″, VULGARITY KIDS “No one / Bloody splatter” LP and EIEFITS “Mezame” LP are up for preorders!!

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You know what? A triple Japanese Hardcore / Punk attack on FOAD Records is ready to destroy! Many of you already knew that this month we would have announced these 3 death threats since we let leaked some images and trailers on our FB and Instagram profiles… and one in particular has been often discussed through the years, a lot of maniacs were demanding a proper vinyl reissue, somebody was aware that we were searching for photos and rare material… then even a bootleg was done. But now it’s time to officially announce it, SODOM ソドムSt. Requiem” gatefold LP + 7″ is ready to be released on FOAD Records and preorders are up now! As ultra enthusiasts and collectors of Japanese HC and Metal, we can honestly say that this record is in the top 10 of our favourite recordings of the whole ’80s Japanese HC panorama, so it’s hard to describe how much we are honored to bring to light such a fantastic masterpiece making it finally available at reasonable prices (the OG tape is ranging from 300 to 500 $ on auctions and discogs).

In conjunction with this we are also glad to introduce a new VULGARITY KIDS LP including some brand new studio tracks and the infamous “ghost session” called “Bloody splatter” (1989) that we previously thought was completely lost. And we were totally floored when we first played it, it consists of 7 tracks in less than 8 minutes of rabid fast Hardcore insanity that will make your day if you like classic Japanese thrashers like Systematic Death, Raise Cain, Outo and similar!

And there’s more… the 3rd release of this endless blocade of rising sun’s Hardcore bombardment is the new album of the Tokyo-based all star band EIEFITS, released in collaboration with Mangrove Records that just put out the CD version. EIEFITSMezame” is an adrenalinic explosion of powerful female fronted Punk/HC, showcasing a relatively new band delivering great music with the same power and energy of countless Japanese legends that have amazed us through the past 3 decades!

So, to cut it short:  SODOM ソドムSt. Requiem” gatefold LP + 7″, VULGARITY KIDSNo one / Bloody splatter” LP and EIEFITSMezame” LP are up for preorders, needless to say that the diehard splatter/colored editions will be sold out in few days, so don’t sleep on them!

More in detail about each release:

SODOM ソドム “St. Requiem” gatefold LP + 7″ (F.O.A.D. 150)

A treasure of Japanese Hardcore/Punk finally seeing the light on vinyl in a deluxe version authorized by the band and all mastered and assembled in a process of years under supervision of the singer Zazie. This collection includes the cult “St. Requiem” tape-album (1984) + a bonus 7″EP with the “ADK Omnibus” tracks (1983) cut at 45rpm for the best sounding sonic impact. 25 songs in total.  “St. Requiem” stands with no doubt as one of the best Japanese Hardcore tapes released in the ’80s, it combines rapid fast Hardcore bursts with some dark, claustrophobic atmospheres that were characterizing the sound of several bands released by the legendary ADK Records label. And talking of the pioneering status of this great band (that moved to a different musical direction in the years to follow), the singer Zazie was part of a very early stage of GAUZE‘s line-up in the passage from Typhus to Gauze in fall 1981.  Housed in a silver laminated gatefold sleeve with a fanzine styled booklet full of rare flyers, photos and original artworks. Click HERE for the trailer!

Available in 3 different versions:

Diehard half-half colored vinyl (half silver and half clear) ltd to 150 copies

Diehard splatter vinyl (silver strypes on crystal clear) ltd to 150 copies

Black vinyl ltd to 200 copies


VULGARITY KIDS “No one / Bloody splatter” LP (F.O.A.D. 152)

Furious Japanese Hardcore founded in Utsunomiya City in 1985! Brand new LP including their “No one” studio session 2017 and the lost&found “Bloody splatter” demo 1989!! As mentioned on the previous VULGARITY KIDS LP also released by F.O.A.D. Records, it was believed that the “Bloody Splatter” demo was completely lost and there were no chances to find it, not even through the circles of the most diehard Japanese tape collectors. After their 30th year reunion gig at Bar El Puente in Yokohama, a friend of the band got in touch and told us that she had found a copy of it. So what you have here is an incredible rarity, a lost and found recording of raging fast Japanese Hardcore/Thrash recorded 3 decades ago + brand new songs that will equally rip your brains off. 12 songs. Lyrics sheet included. Click HERE for the trailer!

Available versions:

Diehard coke bottle green vinyl with bloody red splattering ltd to 100 copies

Black vinyl ltd to 200 copies


EIEFITS “Mezame” LP (F.O.A.D. 155)

Energetic and loud female fronted Punk from Tokyo at times speeding up to Hardcore territories that recall classic 80’s bands like The COMES and GAS. As a matter of fact this band includes a spectacular parade of ex members from cult acts such as THE HECK, COLORED RICEMEN, FORWARD, KGS, LIP CREAM, THE COMES, EXTINCT GOVERNMENT, plus the current drummer of THE SLOWMOTIONS. Prepare for a sharp Punk attack of piercing female vocals over sturdy riff laden momentum built by pounding drums, thunderous bass and tough guitar riffs.  Their third full length album including 15 songs that simply rip!! Lyrics sheet included. Click HERE for the trailer!

Available versions:

Diehard opaque baby blue ltd to 100 copies

Black vinyl ltd to 200 copies

FANTOM “Lucifer jeleni meg! + Rehearsals 1987” LP and DEVASTATION “The possibility of life’s destruction” LP+CD: preorders start NOW!!!

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It’s one of the hottest summers on record here in Italy and the temperature in our warehouses is nothing short of hallucinatory! But this is no reason for us to stop and chill out on the seaside, our suicidal mission of unearthing rare and obscure treasures from the underground meanders never ends!  And for this month we decided to redirect our viewfinder towards the Metal side of F.O.A.D., picking two great East European bands that deserved the proper vinyl treatment to enhance their classic recordings. Hailing from Hungary and Croatia, it’s time to introduce you to FANTOM with their legendary “Lucifer jelenj meg!” demo for the first time on LP with some extra rare rehearsals 1987 and DEVASTATION with their thrashing bomb “The possibility of life’s destruction” LP also including a bonus CD. Both releases are limited to 300 copies, first 100 on diehard colored vinyl, so we strongly recommend you to act fast, they won’t last for long…

So to summarize things…: FANTOMLucifer jeleni meg! + Rehearsals 1987” LP and DEVASTATION “The possibility of life’s destruction” LP+CD are available on preorder!!

More in detail about each release:

FANTOM “Lucifer jeleni meg! + Rehearsals 1987” LP (F.O.A.D. 151)

Although Tormentor is said to be the classic Hungarian black metal band, there was an even more evil entity lurking in the darkness of the Magyar infernal circles: FANTOM. This shortly lived horde was probably one of the best East European’s answers to Bathory and represented the ancient feeling of Black Metal in music just as in lyrics: only gruesome melodies and Satanic invocations can be found here. 31 years later, their ominous “Lucifer Jelenj Meg” demotape 1987 comes back to light for the first time on vinyl enriched by rare rehearsals from the same era, remastered from the best sounding sources provided by Metal Or Die Records, a Hungarian label that over time has been strongly committed to keeping the kvlt of this underground Metal icon alive.

FANTOM‘s influences ranged from bands such as Bathory, Possessed, Hellhammer, Venom and Slayer, their song-writing was simple and direct but extremely distinctive, oozing of a unique atmosphere of malevolence and obscurity.  Highly recommended to the true maniacs of old school Black/Death Metal delivered with passion and sincerity.  Comes with 2 inserts including lyrics, rare photos and original artworks.

Click HERE for the teaser.

Available in two different versions:

Die-hard edition on smoky yellowish vinyl strictly limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl version, limited to 200 copies


DEVASTATION “The possibility of life’s destruction” LP + CD (F.O.A.D. 153)

Emerging from the ever influential and colorful Yugo 80’s underground, DEVASTATION were one of the first Thrash Metal bands from Yugoslavia (among Evil Blood, Witchcraft, Heller, Bloodbath, Bombarder and few more). Their style was a scorching Speed/Thrash aggression, think of early Voivod and Onslaught with HC/Punk influences (as a matter of fact they covered bands like Discharge and S.O.D.). The band recorded two demo tapes before the end of the eighties and appeared on some Balkanian and European fanzines getting an excellent feedback. Later on they changed their name to Devastator, and finally in the nineties into Hatröss. With this new name they recorded some studio works that were released as a cassette in 1993. This release highlights their best demo, “The possibility of life’s destruction” (1989) here appearing for the first time on vinyl, remastered from the original reels for the best possible sonic impact… and to make it more complete and interesting we also added a CD including Devastation’s 1st demo “The upcoming mayhem” (1987) and the two Hatröss demos.

With this new release done in friendly collaboration with ultimate Croatian underground diggers team/label “Guranje S Litice” and original band members, all the studio material by both bands are being combined on one release for the first time. And there’s more… after few years of research we managed to track down the original 80’s  illustrator of several Metal and HC bands from Yugoslavia Amir O. from Croatia who provided a special unreleased artwork made the same year the demo was recorded… 1989! Most grindcore and underground freaks will remember his epic artworks for the early vinyl releases by Buka and Patareni, from the same era. Finally unleashed this killing Thrash Metal gem is a must for all past and future headbanging collectors! Includes a 12 page booklet with extensive liner notes, photos, zine excerpts and a lot more!!

Click HERE for the teaser.

Available in two different versions:

Die-hard edition on smoky transparent green vinyl strictly limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl version, limited to 200 copies

MULE SKINNER “Airstrike” LP/CD, MULE SKINNER “Beyond the abuse 1991-1993” LP and SELF DECONSTRUCTION “Wounds” LP are up for preorders!

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As usual, July at F.O.A.D. Records is all dedicated on preparing special releases for the best worldwide Festival of all times: the Obscene Extreme Fest!! Every year we’re honored to be there and introduce new records of bands performing at this incredible extreme music hellhole (think of Wehrmacht, Bulldozer, Raw Power, Yacopsae, Systematic Death, Cripple Bastards and tons more) or… if not performing, our July offerings must be anyway totally in the mood of this great event… in one word: GRIND!! So here with are with two bands that fit to what we’re talking about like a fist in the ass… MULE SKINNER and SELF DECONSTRUCTION!! Yes, MULE SKINNER from New Orleans are back with a new face smashing album of pure, relentless Grind… “Airstrike“, available both on ltd vinyl and CD! And to make their return even more outrageous, we have also added another LP collecting their early works… “Beyond the abuse 1991-1993“… a must for all you old school Death/Grind maniacs! And as we promised at least one band performing at OEF, our triple Grind assault also includes the vinyl version of SELF DECONSTRUCTIONWounds“, their furious full length originally released on CD in 2016. Don’t miss their show in Trutnov because on stage their violence is of another planet! So, MULE SKINNERAirstrike” LP/CD + “Beyond the abuse 1991-1993” LP and SELF DECONSTRUCTIONWounds” LP (ltd. white vinyl) are up for preorders, the official release date is the Obscene Extreme Festival in Czech Republic (20th anniversary!) if you’re coming there you can find them at the F.O.A.D. tent in the Grind Market area, otherwise if you’re ordering online, act fast for the die-hard editions because they are expected to disappear quickly! We’ll start to ship all orders placed via from July 25 2018.

More in detail about each release:

MULE SKINNER “Airstrike” LP / CD (F.O.A.D. 148)

Formed in 1990, MULE SKINNER stands as one of the first Death/Grind outfits spawned by the infernal circles of New Orleans that also gave birth to bands like Eyehategod, Crowbar, Soilent Green, Exhorder and so on. Since their first demo, they proved to take no prisoners with their tight, neck-breaking Grindcore aggression. “Airstrike” marks their merciless comeback 23 years after their devastating debut album “Abuse“. And it sounds like no time has passed since then, as they are even faster and more crushing. Ballistic blast beats, caustic vocals and highly addictive riffs make the 13 songs on this new full length a complete aural warfare in the race to be one of the best Grind albums of the year, recommended to fans of Assück, Terrorizer, Flesh Parade, early Brutal Truth etc. click HERE for the trailer!

CD (8-page booklet)

Diehard splatter (clear with black speckles, ltd. to 100)

Black vinyl (ltd. to 200)


MULE SKINNER “Beyond the abuse 1991-1993” LP (F.O.A.D. 147)

A descent into the early terrorizing sounds of this legendary New Orleans’ Death / Grindcore unit. This LP includes their “Stripped of flesh” Demo (1991), “Servitude” EP (1993) and a completely unreleased “Abuse” demo (1993) recently found in the band’s archives. As usual meticulously restored and remastered for the most devastating sonic impact on vinyl. Get ready for a fierce bombing of pulverizing, Death-tinged Grindcore delivered with ferocious speed and tightness. LP includes an insert and a poster with liner notes, rare flyers and photos, original artworks and more! click HERE for the trailer!

Diehard splatter (white melted with black, ltd. to 100)

Black vinyl (ltd. to 200)



Hailing from Tokyo, Japan – SELF DECONSTRUCTION describe themselves as “free-style Grindcore / PowerViolence“. Think of a brutally insane tornado of tempo-changes, suicidal blast beats at outrageous speed and schizophrenic riffing, all topped by the vitriolic screams of the female frontman Kubine. In short: sick as fuck! “Wounds” is their 2016’s album that originally came out on CD only in Japan, released by Break The Records. It consists of 23 bursts of sickness rarely lasting over 1 minute, most of them knocking you down in a few seconds!! To support the band’s first European crusade and above all their appearance at the Obscene Extreme Fest 2018, F.O.A.D. Records and Break The Records join forces to make this brain-stabbing piece of violence finally available on vinyl in a deluxe version including a full colored insert with the original art. Japanese customers get the exclusive blood red version ltd to 250 directly from Break The Records, the F.O.A.D. version on sale here and at the Obscene Extreme Festival is all on milky white vinyl, also limited to 250. click HERE for the trailer

Milky white vinyl (ltd. to 250)

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER “Life in grave” gatefold LP + booklet (2nd pressing): preorders are OPEN!

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As summer comes by, we’re proud to announce the second pressing of one of the most iconic releases in F.O.A.D. history. In 2013 the first vinyl treatment for the groundbreaking 1985 demo “Life in Grave” by California speed freaks Cryptic Slaughter was unleashed and quickly became a collectors’ item. Now, five years later, we’re proud to announce the second coming of that incredible full throttle hardcore maelstrom with a brand new colour pattern! Now, let’s get a bit more in detail with the release:

2nd pressing of this thrashing speedcore classic with blue background  on the cover (the previous pressing was red)! California’s pioneers CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER team up with FOAD Records for an incredible vinyl treasure finally giving the right treatment to their legendary “Life in grave” Demotape 1985 and to an accurate selection of ultra-rare/unreleased recordings ranging from their 3 piece line-up era (1985) to the “Convicted”/”Money talks” days. This release has been in the works for months until we found the top sounding masters in existence and restored them for the best possible audiophile result when pressed on vinyl. Side A includes the band’s Demotape “Life in grave” adding 2 rehearsal tracks from the same period, one is a speeded up HELLHAMMER cover and one is a super-raw version of VENOM‘s “Welcome to hell“. Side B is all focused on the “Convicted”/”Money talks” 4 piece line-up and includes various live recordings and a good sounding rehearsal 1986. All songs here are performed even faster than how they were played on their classic albums.

This is how introduced “Life in grave”: “1985 was a good year for music – bands like SLAUGHTER, NYC MAYHEM, VOOR, WEHRMACHT, HIRAX, DEATH, REPULSION and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER amazed me and they still blow me away today! Especially this one here with its youthful urgency, its unpolished power and enthusiasm. And stilistically, this was very refreshing. Could you say whether this is more metal or more HC? Does it matter to you?” Being this one of the most important FOAD releases to date, we also dedicated the right passion to the packaging: a stunning gatefold sleeve and most of all a 36 PAGE zine/booklet stuffed with rare photos, interviews, zine excerpts and gig flyers. If you’re into any kind of fast music be it Thrash, Hardcore, Grind or Power Violence, you are MAD if you miss this!!!!

Available in two different versions:



RAW POWER “Wop hour – extended” LP + booklet and BROKEN BONES “Demo 1988” LP: pre-orders start NOW!!

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Wondering what’s next on FOAD Records? Two shredding Hardcore classics from Italy and Britain is our lethal ambush for this month. Our commitment to re-issue the 80s back-catalog of RAW POWER in the best possible quality with plenty of bonus rarities comes to a new chapter with a stunning extended version of their highly acclaimed “Wop hour” EP (1985).  And to be on a par with such a devastating band, we chose one of our favorite UK Hardcore units – for the 2nd time joining forces with FOAD Records: BROKEN BONES with their hard to find demo 1988, for the first time on LP!!  So to make it short: RAW POWERWop hour – Extended” LP + booklet and BROKEN BONESDemo 1988” LP are up for preorders!  The release date for both titles has been set for May 22nd 2018 but we’re hoping to premiere them at the Venezia Hardcore Festival 2018 on May 2018 where you’ll find our record stand in full force armed to the teeth with thousands of records! It’s still a mystery if we’ll have both records in time for it – depends on the pressing plant, so we’re leaving it as a surprise.  If you’re pre-ordering it through our webstore, as usual act fast to catch the diehard versions as they are expected to sell out fast!

Ok now more in detail about each release:

RAW POWER “Wop hour – Extended version” LP + booklet (F.O.A.D. 145)

Italy’s undisputed godfathers of furious Hardcore since 1981 team up again with F.O.A.D. Records to unearth another classic from their 80s discography enriched with a hailstorm of bonus gems! This LP includes their insane “Wop Hour” EP (1985) an adrenalinic assault of rapid thrashing HC delivered with ballistic tightness… plus an incredible selection of bonus tracks, part of which were never heard before.

You’ll find all the bonus songs that were already included in the extended CD version and two unreleased soundboard live rippers: Fiorenzuola 1984 and Amsterdam 1986. The first – still with Giuseppe on vocals – sees these maniacs smashing the stage with a devastating set including a totally unreleased song (“Police Harassment“), some rare ones from their first demo ’83 and covers of BLACK FLAG and DISCHARGE (!!), the second – taking the whole B-side of the LP – is just RAW POWER at the top of their game, “Screams from the gutter” setlist and that invincible line-up with Helder on drums with all the hits that you want to hear with a powerful and aggressive sound. 26 SONGS IN TOTAL. Comes with a 8 page booklet with rare photos, flyers and zine excerpts from the mid 80s. Get ready to blast this at top volume and scream “Fuck authority”!!

Available in two different versions:




BROKEN BONES “Demo 1988” LP + insert (F.O.A.D. 144)

The rare B.B. demo 1988 until now available only as digital files, for the very first time on vinyl! LINE-UP: Bones – guitar, Tezz – vocals, Bazz – drums, Darren – bass. 6 songs, total Hardcore attack with a metallic touch. BROKEN BONES were one of the first bands to start crossing over the worlds of metal, hardcore, and punk, as their extremely aggressive sound required something that wasn’t done being a lot at the time. This recording has it all, thrashing guitar aggression and a speeded up d-beat drumming topped by absolutely caustic vocals!  Specially mastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement studio.  Includes an insert with unreleased photos!

Available in two different versions: