The GEROGERIGEGEGE “Piss shower girlfriend” picture LP, SAW THROAT “Indestroy (extended)” 2xLP, SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA “Our conscience will not acclimatise” LP+CD preorders start NOW!!!

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As many of you have noticed over time, here at F.O.A.D. Records we like to alternate various underground genres, making monthly thematic release lines… there have been months entirely dedicated to Italian Hardcore, others to Japanese, others dedicated to Death/Thrash to the most classic Metal, Punk and so on. An inevitable constant that is part of our most radical and extremist component is our love for Noisecore, and already more than once we have focused entire series of releases on this, as one of our favorite niches.  So for this March 2020 we return to what is well tested ground for us, and each of the bands we are going to talk about already has a story of friendship and continuity with F.O.A.D. specifically, Japan’s noise king Juntaro is a friend who in addition to having already had records out on F.O.A.D. in the past,  has always helped us in putting together projects with other Japanese bands, same goes for Rich Walker, we are at the 4th Sore Throat release and thanks to his help we have been able to bring to light the fantastic boxset/book “Noise not music” by Discharge and then Matthias Weigand (7MON, TNT & Rec, Ecocentric Records) with whom there is a story of collaboration and friendship that has lasted for almost 30 years…

In short, this month’s release schedule it is a bit like working in the family for us, and we are happy to announce the following: The GEROGERIGEGEGEPiss shower girlfriend” picture LP (a totally unreleased album with lost & found recordings from 3 decades ago!), SAW THROATIndestroy” 2xLP gatefold (extended version with 1 extra LP filled with an unreleased rough tape version of this milestone of doomy UK apocalypticore) and SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEAOur conscience will not acclimatise” LP+CD (2nd chapter in our series dedicated to early 7MON, this time based on “Your father was a poser…” and the split with AxCx plus plenty of bonus material from the same era). They’re all up for preorders and we’ll never stop in recommending you to act fast if you want to catch the ltd. diehard versions, as always they are expected to finish very quickly.

More in detail:

The GEROGERIGEGEGE  “Piss shower girlfriend” picture LP  (F.O.A.D. 193)

A totally unreleased album with lost & found recordings by the undisputed Japanese ultra-noise master!! Quoting Juntaro himself to let you understand how this whole project started: “And, I’d just found excellent unreleased tape of Gero at home. I can’t remember this recording and date. Date, maybe, the end of ’80 or early ’90. I think you and Gero’ fans really like this recording. Side A for 15min. Side B for 15min. I named this record is… PISS SHOWER GIRLFRIEND!” In front of a message like this we at F.O.A.D. Records certainly could not back down, so here it is.. “Piss Shower Girlfriend” – the first picture disc ever released in Gero’s boundless discography.  Japan’s sickest senzuri noise perversion.

It’s all here, brief song introductions, his typical “1,2,3,4” and then an avalanche of ear-pinching horrorific noise ferocity of the most sheer and annihiliating type topped by lacerating screams…  you are warned! 13 songs in total. Picture disc in strong PVC bag, limited to 400 copies, 200 with fluorescent pink & blue sticker and 200 with fluorescent violet & green sticker. Watch the trailer HERE

Fluorescent pink & blue sticker ltd. to 200

Fluorescent blue & green sticker ltd. to 200


SAW THROAT “Indestroy (extended)” 2xLP gatefold + 24 page color book (F.O.A.D. 180)

The ultimate edition of this masterpiece of apocalyptic heaviness! Originally released in 1989 as the band’s third album (considering the fact that Saw Throat is nothing else but a further stage in the legendary Sore Throat saga), and with a marked musical shift towards the more sinister sound of bands like The Swans, Saint Vitus, Amebix and Gore, “Indestroy” was envisaged as a one song concept LP with a lyrical emphasis placed on enviromental issues (3 decades BEFORE the current publicity seeking populism of mainstream popstars and media celebrities pretending to give a fuck about the planet). Improvised and recorded over a period of three weeks, the resulting album become not only the crown jewel in the band’s history, but the final nail in the coffin of them being an ongoing concern as the three core members concentrated on their own bands and all moved on.

However, the reception and cult status has grown over the years. And so, after digging through many old cassettes, the original rough mix instrumental version of the album was located featuring a different running order, and a heavier/more guitar orientated and less polished sound. As a historical artifact, this was the version vocalist Rich listened to while writing all the lyrics the night before he was due to record them. There are also some sound effects and small parts that never made it to the final version. Either way, as one of the last truely great recordings of the 80’s, this as now unheard version of the “Indestroy” album is for the first time made available to the public domain housed in a thick reverse board gatefold jacket with fully restored original artwork, extensive liner notes and a stunning 24 page full colored lyric and artwork booklet. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in 2 different versions:

Black vinyl limited to 350

Radioactive sign red/black vinyl limited to 150


SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA “Our conscience will not acclimatise” LP+CD  (F.O.A.D. 182)

Second chapter in F.O.A.D.‘s annihilating mission to re-issue all the early 7MON material enriched by an incredible amount of rare and unreleased recordings. This LP includes two classic Ep’s from the legendary years when TNT&Records from Germany was putting out on 7″ some of the most classic Noisecore ever landed on this planet… “Your father was a poser… and what’s about you??” (1990) and the split with AxCx (1989) called “We’ll just have to acclimatize ourselves to the post nuclear area“: complete rough tape sessions with a lot of never heard before outtakes added, freshly ripped from Mick’s masters. Straight from the LP liner-notes: “The story behind this LP begun when Matthias Weigand delivered us a huge box of 7MON reels to transfer in the studio, to check exactly what was included in each one of them. We found out that most of them were the masters of the early Eps released by TNT &Records and then Ecocentric Records. When we started to discuss about a possible series of 7MON releases on LP to re-build the band’s discography from the early times, Mick came out with the fact that he had recently unearthed the complete sessions of each EP, that were much longer than how they were originally released on 7″.. (continues)“.

To give you an idea of how longer these sessions are, the split 7″ with AxCx was 6′:35″ on the original TNT&Rec EP, this extended version clocks at 17′:18″ with more than ten minutes of extra noise! The bonus CD includes both the original EP versions transferred straight from the reels with a somehow sharper sound and the extended rough tape edits from Mick’s archives. The total of tracks included on this collection is countless, just think about the fact that the TNT editions had respectively 552 (“Your father was a poser..“) and 241 songs (Split with AxCx), nobody dared to count the complete sessions included here but we’re probably exceeding 2000!! These two legendary sessions shaped a whole genre and countless bands spawned from the “musical” extremism concepted by two Australian guys in the 80’s. If there’s a heaven of Noise, Seven Minutes Of Nausea is surely deserving a place at the top of it. LP with a special PVC sticker on the front cover, bonus CD, square A2 poster with the stunning “Your father was a poser…” art in its original colors and 20 page lyrics booklet!! Watch the trailer HERE

Available in 2 different versions:

Black vinyl limited to 300

Color in color (black into seablue vinyl) limited to 100

GESS “Suffer damage + Live” LP+CD, HEDO “1985: Memory of bloody hands” LP, RATOS DE PORAO “Carniceria tropical” LP, WARDOGS “It’s time to fight!” LP… preorders start NOW!!

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We made it again, 4 releases in 1 month… level of insanity: pandemic! What we’re serving you on the plate with this “4 of the apocalypse” is a recipe all based on well tested atrocities if you’re familiar to the F.O.A.D.‘s line of sonic extremities: 2 noisy as fuck Japanese Hardcore slashers of the ’80s, an upgraded reissue of a RATOS DE PORAO classic (keeping the F.O.A.D.-RxDxPx legacy alive and strong) and a blood-thirsty Italian Hardcore gem from 1983 for a band that with no fear deserves the tag of of “CCM’s little brothers“, but way faster and rougher.

What are we talking about? GESSSuffer damage + live” LP+CD: a milestone of Kyushu Noise/Punk ugliness, HEDO1985: Memory of bloody hands” LP: Japan’s earliest blastbeat driven Hardcore/Thrash introducing the furious drumming tornado that is IronFist TatsushimaRATOS DE PORAOCarniceria tropical” LP: one of the most brutal releases from Brazil’s stainless Thrashcore forefathers spiced up with a bonus track and restyled packaging and WARDOGSIt’s time to fight!” LP, an underestimated short-fast-violent assault of pure early ’80s Italian Hardcore in the most savage and rabid form. As we said: 4 of the apocalypse! They’re all up for preorders, official release date… February 18th. As we always recommend: don’t sleep on the ltd. colored vinyl versions, they’ll go at the speed of light!

More in detail:

GESS “Suffer damage + Live” LP+CD (F.O.A.D. 190)

Back to the ’80s… Kyūshū fuzz-core terror!! Originally formed in 1983 in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, these Noise/Punk maniacs quickly moved to Hakata to join the ultra violent scene of pioneering legends like GAI, CONFUSE, NO-CUT, SIEG HEIL and many more, performing at the cult “Control gigs” hosted by the Violent Party Crew.

Brutal chaotic distortion on a wall of lo-fi filth Punk! The classic “Suffer damage” Demo 1984 for the first time on vinyl mastered from an original tape and sounding better than ever, side B “Live at Matchbox, Hakata 1984 ” from the same noisy era. Extra CD with 2 x complete “Violent Party” live sets recorded in Nishijin Jaja in 1985 showing their progression from total Noisecore to that ’77 style Punk that later drove them to form LYDIA CATS!!

Includes A3 sized insert with liner notes and rare photos/flyers. A total must have if you like the earsplitting approach of bands like CONFUSE, GAI, SIEG HEIL, The SWANKYS in their earlier stage, NO-CUT, CURSE and the countless imitators of that sound that came with the following generations. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions:

Die-hard edition on translucent glass-effect vinyl ltd. to 100 copies

Die-hard edition on smokey clear vinyl ltd. to 100 copies

Regular black vinyl ltd. to 300 copies


HEDO “1985: Memory of bloody hands” LP  (F.O.A.D. 189)

1985: ultrafast noisy Hardcore unearthing the blasting roots of the speed legend IRONFIST TATSUSHIMA later in CROW, DIE YOU BASTARD!, SCAMP, FIGHTBACK and many other bands that made history in Japanese HC and extreme underground… Their complete session from the super-rare split tape with The Spots, 23 songs of nonstop fast, catastrophic Ultracore-Thrash… the very first Japanese blast-beats ever recorded in Japan!

Mastered from the original tape, comes with an insert providing a detailed biographic note in Japanese and English written by Ironfist himself… Here’s a short excerpt to give you an idea: “..our aim was to do some noisy and fast Hardcore, and what we mostly had in mind back then was CONFUSE, because they were seen as the fastest band in Japan. But every time we practiced the level of speed of the songs was getting faster and faster, quickly surpassing CONFUSE“. Get ready to be blasted! Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Die-hard edition on swirl transparent red vinyl ltd. to 100 copies

Regular black vinyl ltd. to 200 copies


RATOS DE PORAO “Carniceria tropical” LP (F.O.A.D. 195)

One of the greatest albums by these iconic Brazilian Thrash/Punk champions back on vinyl after more than 20 years from its original pressing… Brutal, aggressive Hardcore/Crossover from South America’s finest, kicking asses since 1981! Produced by Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Sleep, Brutal Truth, Melvins, Fantomas etc) in 1997 now specially remastered for vinyl to ensure the best dynamic impact and enriched with 1 exclusive bonus track that was previously appearing only on the CD version.

Restyled sleeve + insert with lyrics and never seen before photos of that time. If you got the previous RxDxPx releases on F.O.A.D. (“Periferia”, “Descanse em paz”, “Feijoada acidente”, “No money no English”) you know you can’t go wrong with this!  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Die-hard edition on tropical splatter fluo orange vs green vinyl ltd. to 150 copies

Regular black vinyl ltd. to 350 copies


WARDOGS “It’s time to fight!” LP + booklet + poster (F.O.A.D. 187)

1983: Granducato Hardcore at the wildest stage!! One of the most extreme units from the area that spawned bands like C.C.M., PUTRID FEVER, AUF’SCHLAG, STATO DI POLIZIA, TRAUMATIC and many more. Complete discography including their only Demotape and Live in Pisa 1983, 13 songs of bloody violent Italian Ultra-core rage!

Fanzine styled booklet (12 pages) with an interview taken from TVOR Chaoszine + never seen before photos, flyers and more…  A2 poster with their sick “impaled cop” artwork. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Die-hard edition on marbled pistachio green vinyl ltd. to 100 copies

Regular black vinyl ltd. to 200 copies

CRIPPLE BASTARDS “Your lies in check” gatefold LP and ARTURO “Giorni lontani 1992-1998” LP+CD: preorders start NOW!!

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Are you ready for a new year completely flooded with F.O.A.D. releases? We have tons of interesting works in the pipeline, and as a start for January 2020 we’ll take you back to the ’90s with two classic Italian bands that have meant a lot for both their local scene and for what they developed (and still represent today) on an international scale. It’s the case of CRIPPLE BASTARDS, of which we’re honored to present a top notch re-issue of their debut full length “Your lies in check“, a true masterpiece of DIY Grindcore/Punk made of short and hateful tracks exploding at the speed of light, and the Torino Hardcore heroes ARTURO, with a total anthology of their early works (1992-1998) with Alfo on vocals, which means an irrepressible waterfall of energetic stop&go HC made of memorable riffs and a ballistic rhythm section.

Two bands that have crossed their paths for some time, in fact from 1996 to early 1997 Arturo’s drummer Paolo played in CB (in their post-“Your lies in check” phase) and even Arturo’s bass player Stefano joined CB for some gigs, the most memorable being those with Doom and Dropdead. So, to get back to the point, CRIPPLE BASTARDSYour lies in check” gatefold LP and ARTUROGiorni lontani 1992-1998” LP+CD are up for preorders. As usual there are some limited colored/splatter vinyl versions and we recommend you to act fast if you want to catch them, they won’t last for long.

The official release date for both is January 21st 2020

More in detail..:

CRIPPLE BASTARDS “Your lies in check” gatefold LP (F.O.A.D. 186)

The debut full length by Italy’s hate-filled Grindcore masters available again in a top quality edition! Originally recorded in 1995 and released in 1996, “Your lies in check” is a 69 song tornado of ultra-violent Grindcore/Punk blasting at the speed of light! Quoting an older review of the album: “With no shadow of doubt a milestone in Italian Grind/Hardcore and an important release also if seen on an international view. Over 7.000 copies sold if you sum the different LP+CD+MC versions around. Sixty-nine songs of pure hate in fourty-nine minutes. Grindcore of vile screams, guttural bellows and a lot of yelling. Music that is short, fast and to the point. Slow parts that are heavy and dirgey, showing no signs of fun. Superfast Hatecore/Grind with a rocking Punk edge unique in its kind. Includes over the top anthems (Italia di merda, Stimmung, Prospettive limitate, 1974, Padroni, Images of war / Images of pain..) covered by plenty of bands worldwide.” Watch the trailer HERE

Audio re-transferred from the original reels and mastered at Toxic Basement Studio

Original 1996 artwork restored and restyled

Gatefold sleeve with lyrics, photos and a repro of the original poster

Available in two different versions:

Die-hard half red/half black vinyl with white splattering all over limited to 150 copies

Solid black vinyl version limited to 350 copies


ARTURO “Giorni lontani 1992-1998” LP+CD  (F.O.A.D. 173)

Torino, Northern Italy, is with no trace of doubt one of the areas that gave birth to some of the most important Italian Hardcore bands of all eras… NEGAZIONE, DECLINO, CONTR-AZIONE, 5# BRACCIO, ROUGH just to mention a few. And the great thing about this city is that all this did not only last in the ’80s but had a solid continuation in the decades to follow.  Bands like ARTURO, CRUNCH, FRAMMENTI, BELLI-COSI, C.O.V. took the legacy of the giants that came before and ruled the ’90s reinventing Hardcore with creativity, passion and a flash of genius in song-writing. ARTURO were certainly the fastest and those that have been more pristine in sticking to the total Hardcore formula, especially in their early years with Alfo on vocals. So this anthology is all focused on that time, the early years of one of the most furious Italian Hardcore bands of the Nineties… fast, top adrenalinic Hardcore that gives no time to breathe from start to finish!

It includes their debut CD “Ar-cor” (1995), the two Ep’s “Isterico” (1997) and “Topo volante” (1998) plus a bonus CD with the impossible to find first demo and an unreleased soundboard live at El Paso (Torino), 1996 opening for CRIPPLE BASTARDS (actually at that time ARTURO shared their drummer and bass-player with CB!).  63 songs of manic fast TORINO HC!!! Double insert with lyrics, original artworks and photos. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Die-hard swirl transparent blue vinyl limited to 100 copies

Solid black vinyl version limited to 300 copies

BAYONET “Taste of piss 1982-83” LP+CD, SODOM “St. Requiem” 2nd press LP+7″, ASOCIAL “Föralltid Underground” LP and YACOPSAE “Timeo ergo sum” CD…preorders start NOW!!

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There’s way too much stuff to introduce in this post… one band from Finland, one from Japan, one from Sweden and one from Germany, so we’ll keep it short and to the point. We’re at the year-end batch of F.O.A.D. releases and just like we did in November, we have doubled our production line going from 2 to 4 records, drilling your nerves with a massive dose of fast and violent Hardcore/Thrash artillery. So this is what we have prepared for this month: BAYONETTaste of piss 1982-83” LP+CD, SODOMSt. Requiem” (2nd press ) gatefold LP+7″, ASOCIALFöralltid Underground” gatefold LP and YACOPSAETimeo ergo sum” CD. A lost&found gem of raw and noisy Finnish Hardcore from the early ’80s (BAYONET), the 2nd pressing of a Japanese Hardcore/Punk milestone (SODOM ソドム), the new albums by Sweden’s crude HC mangel masters ASOCIAL and by Germany’s fastest Turbo Speed Violence maniacs YACOPSAE. They’re all up for preorders and one thing is certain…the ltd. colored vinyl versions will be wiped away very quickly, therefore as we always suggest: act fast!

More in detail about each release:

BAYONET “Taste of piss 1982-83” LP+CD (F.O.A.D. 179)

Just when you thought that there were no diamonds left to be unearthed from the worshipped vaults of the early ’80s Finnish Hardcore scene, F.O.A.D. Records is ready to shock you with a lost&found classic that nobody was aware of, not even the psychos from the most diehard tape-trading circles. BAYONET have remained an obscurity also among Punks in their native land. Perhaps it has faded into somewhat a mystery as they had virtually no contributions to the thriving scene of Finland in 1982 and 1983 – the very little while they existed…  A shit-quality bootleg 7″ came to light few years ago, but it really didn’t make justice to the fact that these guys had two incredible studio recordings that they didn’t send anywhere at that time, and that were unearthed just recently thanks to the help of a friend that contacted a band member and triggered the gear that made us get here.

So if you’re a fan of raw and fast Suomi HC/Punk and turn crazy for bands such as Kaaos, Rattus, Bastards, Terveet Kädet, Varaus, Sorto, Riistetyt, Kansan Uutiset and dozens more, this 49 song discography by BAYONET needs to be an instant add-on to your collection. Needless to say that it’s all mastered from the best sounding sources in existence. These guys claim they were influenced by early ’80s US Hardcore but the style is actually what we all love of Finnish HC, a bloody chaotic inferno of speed and brutal distortion. This collection includes their two studio sessions “Taste of piss” and “Finger in a deep arsehole” plus bonus rehearsals, songs from the rare “Ilkivalta” compilation tape and the recording of the only live they ever made! It comes with an insert including a lengthy interview to Seppo and Nikke run by Otto Itkonen (Selfish, Forca Macabra, Kuolema, Kovaa Rasvaa etc..) plus some photos. To cut it short, this is a total must for every maniac of raw and chaotic early ’80s Hardcore!  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard piss yellow vinyl ltd. to 100 copies

Solid black vinyl ltd. to 200


SODOM ソドム “St.Requiem” Gatefold LP+7″ 2nd pressing (F.O.A.D. 150)

2nd pressing with golden sleeves (the first was all silver). A treasure of Japanese Hardcore/Punk finally seeing the light on vinyl in a deluxe version authorized by the band and all mastered in a process of years under supervision of the singer Zazie. This collection includes the cult “St. Requiem” tape-album (1984) and a bonus EP with the “ADK Omnibus” tracks (1983) cut at 45rpm for the best sounding sonic impact. 25 songs in total.

St. Requiem” stands with no doubt as one of the best Japanese Hardcore tapes released in the ’80s, it combines rapid fast Hardcore bursts with some dark, claustrophobic atmospheres that were characterizing the sound of several bands released by the legendary ADK Records label.

And talking of the pioneering status of this great band (that moved to a different musical direction in the years to follow), the singer Zazie was part of a very early stage of the GAUZE line-up in the passage from Typhus to Gauze in fall 1981. Housed in a gold laminated gatefold sleeve with a fanzine styled booklet full of rare flyers, photos and original artworks.  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Half-half colored vinyl (gold and black) ltd. to 250 copies

Splatter vinyl (gold stripes on crystal clear wax) ltd. to 250 copies


ASOCIAL “Föralltid Underground” gatefold LP  (F.O.A.D. 185)

The masters of complete Hardcore Mangel are back with a vengeance! 12 songs of crushing Swedish Hardcore from these timeless legends mangling ears since the early ’80s!! Two years after “Död åt kapitalismen“, a new menace of uncompromised fury is ready to endanger your cardiac stability… Not only these guys were pioneers of the fastest and rawest ’80s Hardcore ever spawned from the freezing North, but they are among the few that kept the same level of intensity and anger with their recent reunion.

All the greatest features for a brutal Swedish Hardcore record are pushed to the top on this new full length, vitriolic vocals and vicious discharged riffs picturing the most apocalyptic war scenarios, solid scandicore/d-beat drumming and a kick-in-the-face production giving to all their rawness and distortion an even sicker and cruder feeling. Correct us if we fail to say that with this record we are closing the year with the best Swedish Hardcore album of 2019 and who knows for how much time more.. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard splatter vinyl (black stripes on white) ltd. to 150 copies

Solid black vinyl ltd. to 350 copies


YACOPSAE “Timeo ergo sum” CD (F.O.A.D. 183)

The return of Germany’s fastest band ever, 24 songs of neck-breaking Hardcore/PowerViolence at impossible blasting speed!  After almost 30 years since their inception, these maniacs show no sign of sitting down, if you loved their previous effort “Tanz, grozny tanz“, this is the same level of rage and craziness, reaching an even tighter and annihilating dimension. And it’s the last recording featuring Emu on drums, but for no reason this is the end of an era, they’re already back setting stages on fire with a renewed line-up pulverizing asses with the same amount of aggression and ballistic precision. So get ready for a new cyclone of unstoppable Turbo Speed Violence!! SCHNELLER!  Watch the trailer HERE

NASTY SAVAGE “Wage of mayhem + rarities ’83-85” gatefold LP and HIRAX “Born in the streets 1983-84” LP (2nd pressing): preorders start NOW!!

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After 4 months drilling your ears with hyper-speed extremities of all sorts, we’re back to focus on a different beast that is equally dear to all of us here at F.O.A.D.: old school Metal! And we’re doing it with two classic bands that according to our taste delivered some of the greatest demotapes in the history of American Metal: NASTY SAVAGE and HIRAX! Ok, nothing particularly new with HIRAX / L.A. KAOS, this is the 2nd pressing of “Born in the streets 1983-1984” LP (originally released on FOAD in 2018) with different colors on the front/back and on the ltd splatter vinyl version, we’re doing this at popular demand because the first run was sold out in few weeks, so many didn’t get the chance to catch it in time. However, to match the greatness of Katon’s pioneering works, we picked another US legend that deserves the same amount of worship and quality-treatment.. the mighty NASTY SAVAGE from Florida! We’re honored to announce a deluxe reissue of their cult demotape “Wage of mayhem” enriched by a selected choice of rare and unreleased tracks from their early times. So NASTY SAVAGEWage of mayhem + rarities ’83-85” gatefold LP and HIRAXBorn in the streets 1983-84” LP (2nd pressing) are up for preorders! Needless to say that there are limited splatter vinyl versions that won’t last for long, so you better move fast! The official release date for both is set for October 21st 2019.

More in detail about each release:

NASTY SAVAGE “Wage of mayhem + rarities 83-85” LP + 2 booklets (F.O.A.D. 175)

NASTY SAVAGE‘s classic Demotape “Wage of mayhem” (1984) for the first time on vinyl spiced up with a lethal selection of rare and unreleased bonus tracks from the early days… NASTY SAVAGE were the undisputed pioneers of Florida’s Metal scene, arguments can be made that the early 90’s Tampa area Death Metal explosion was a direct result of Nasty Savage, who mixed a more nihilistic view, lyrically and through onstage horror imagery, than the Bay Area. Their debut demotape and the additional early tracks collected here show the band on a more Power Metal oriented approach (at times even leaning to NWOBHM areas) than the incendiary Thrash artillery of some subsequent works, but the amount of memorable riffs, a dark evil mood with a few psychedelic elements and the charismatic vocals of their distinctive frontman Ronnie Savage, clearly show the fact that even at their inception they were surprisingly mature and way ahead for their times.

The insane, impressive riffing and Ronnie’s high-pitched vocals coin a totally unique sound. Unique, but you can tell some of the influences: Mercyful Fate, Slayer, the heavier NWOBHM bands generally. “Wage of Mayhem” is without the slightest doubt one of the greatest and most influential Metal demo tapes of the 80’s. Remastered from pristine sources taken from the band’s personal archives.

Gatefold sleeve + 24 page booklet full of rare photos, flyers, zine interviews and memorabilia. SPECIAL BONUS: a replica of the original “WAGE OF MAYHEM vol. 1” fanzine!!! DIVE IN A BLOODY PIT OF UNCHAINED METAL SAVAGERY!!  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard splatter vinyl (green mixed with blue + extra purple splattering) ltd to 150 copies

Black vinyl limited to 350 copies


HIRAX “Born in the streets 1983-84” LP – 2nd pressing (F.O.A.D. 143)

2nd pressing with different color settings on the front/back cover!

The roots of LA Metal! This is the ultimate collection of early HIRAX recordings on LP including their cult Demo 1984 in the best quality ever, unreleased tracks from the same era and the rare LA KAOS Demo 1983 for the first time on vinyl! Instead of the savage thrashin’ assault met on albums such as “Raging violence“, these early HIRAX recordings are a pure incarnation of denim smelling and fast Heavy Metal, at times showing a NWOBHM influence. Every song is a riff-fest from beginning to end topped with fierce guitar solos and the absolutely amazing vocals of Katon. The 4 track Demo 1984 has been ripped and remastered from the best source around, then you’ll find 3 unreleased songs 1983-84 (“To be free“, “The saviour“, “War hero“) and the very hard to find LA KAOS (pre-Hirax) demotape ripped straight from Katon’s personal copy!

And to complete the F.O.A.D. quality treatment, you’ll also find a booklet including liner notes, lyrics, rare photos, ‘zine excerpts and flyers! Katon W. De Pena about this release: “You hold in your hand something very special.  This record / album is HIRAX’s first time in the recording studio. This release also includes music from a pre-HIRAX era. We hope to give the listeners high quality with never before seen photos, lyrics, flyers, reviews, memorabilia, etc. We have to go back in time, the year was 1983..  getting ready to turn over to 1984.. (I was 20 years old) …” (continued on the LP booklet!) . Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard edition on splatter vinyl (yellow on beer clear wax) limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl limited to 300 copies

SOUND POLLUTION “Against music imperialism 1988-89” LP + booklet and INDUSTRIAL RESISTANCE “Light from deep darkness” LP are up for preorders!

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We’re just back from a memorable tour in Japan with Raw Power & Cripple Bastards and it’s finally time to announce the next round of ear-punishing sonic desecrations. After bringing back to light absolute Noisecore milestones such as Sore Throat, Fear Of God, 7 Minutes Of Nausea, V.N.A., Crawl Noise, Tumor, The Gerogerigegege etc… FOAD‘s path of exhuming the most deafening and extreme Noise/Grind cult of the late ’80s moves to Greece for two incredible releases that will make all you maniacs of the most obscure pioneering anti-musical terrorism jump of joy! Get ready because SOUND POLLUTIONAgainst music imperialism 1988-89” LP + booklet and INDUSTRIAL RESISTANCELight from deep darkness” LP are coming up next and they’re available on preorder! We’ll start to ship them from September 23. As usual we recommend you to act fast for the ltd. colored vinyl versions because they’re expected to go very quickly.

More in detail:

SOUND POLLUTION “Against music imperialism 1988-89” LP + booklet (F.O.A.D. 168)

Do you remember the days when TNT&Records and Psychomania were delivering on monthly bases some of the most disturbing, nihilistic Noisecore putridity the planet had ever faced? We’re talking of 7MON, AxC, STENCH OF CORPSE, BUKA, MEAT SHITS, EXTREME SMOKE, early CRIPPLE BASTARDS and tons more.. Well, SOUND POLLUTION from Greece belong to that cult-infused era and their split 7″ with ROTTING CHRIST (when they were still a total Grind band) has a special place in the heart of all the sickos worshipping that underground niche crossing all the barriers set by Hardcore, Thrash and Grind until then. This shortly lived hellenic horde was feared for some of the nastiest, annihilating Noise/Grind terror that recalled influences from early Napalm Death, Sore Throat, 7MON (with whom they also shared a split demo).  Here you get their complete discography consisting of: “Practic holocaust” Demo (1988), Split tape with 7 Minutes Of Nausea (1989) and “The other side of life” split 7″ with ROTTING CHRIST (1989).

52 tracks of pristine sonic aberration, retransferred from the original reels/tapes provided by the band and mastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studio.  Comes with an insert and booklet including liner notes, photos, flyers and original demos / 7″ art!  Watch the trailer HERE

DIE-HARD DARK PURPLE vinyl limited to 100 copies

REGULAR BLACK vinyl limited to 200 copies

INDUSTRIAL RESISTANCE “Light from deep darkness” (F.O.A.D. 169)

120 SONGS of abominable Noisecore ferocity! 1989… members of SOUND POLLUTION, ROTTING CHRIST and Scut from 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA team of for a bloody nightmare of merciless aural butchery. This recording has remained a complete obscurity for 3 decades and only circulated among a small circle of band members’ friends and diehard tape collectors. If you dig the late 80’s short song Noisecore formula adopted by bands like Sore Throat, 7MON, Tumor to surpass all the limits of extremism conceived until then, this is exactly that kind of thing.

Lightning fast blast beats, horrific distortion and rotting sick vocals is what you’ll get in 20 minutes of cacophonous tortures. One sided LP with silk screened art on B-side. Including liner notes written by Spryos (Sound Pollution) Watch the trailer HERE

DIE-HARD WHITE vinyl limited to 100 copies

REGULAR BLACK vinyl limited to 200 copies