BULLDOZER “The day of wrath” and “The final separation” gatefold LPs… preorders are open NOW!

What’s brewing in FOAD‘s unstoppable cauldron of death for this month? Once again two ageless classics of the rawest and most uncompromised Italian Metal ever conceived… They have been in the pipeline for years and now they are finally ready to be unleashed: we are talking about the ultimate vinyl reissues of the first two BULLDOZER albums, “The day of wrath” (1985) and “The final separation” (1986)!! PRE-ORDERS FOR BOTH START NOW, the official release date is scheduled for June 27th 2016 even if we’ll already have a first ltd batch of copies at this week’s Hellfest Open Air in Clisson, France (that we’ll be attending as usual with our massive record stand in the Extreme Market area). We are glad to keep our legacy with our friends Bulldozer stronger than ever, and after releasing several CDs and LPs by them (“The exorcism“, “IX“, “Neurodeliri“) and managing the online sales of their official merch via it’s time for us to complete their 80s vinyl discography on FOAD adding these two supreme masterpieces of infernal morbidity! And as we also did with “IX” and “Neurodeliri” we prepared some limited highly collectable Japanese editions to celebrate the solid fan-base that the Bulls always had in the land of the rising sun. They will be soon available at the main underground record stores in Tokyo like our friends Record Boy and Record Shop Base and in very limited quantity also through our mailorder, but they are expected to sell out at the speed of light so as someone would suggest: RIDE HARD… ORDER FAST!!

Ok, more in detail about each LP:

BULLDOZER “The day of wrath” gatefold LP (F.O.A.D. 105)

The ground-breaking debut full length of Italy’s most respected Metal band of all times finally back to light on LP after more than 3 decades. Originally released in 1985 and never repressed on vinyl since then, here it comes in a new edition, specially remastered from 1st generation sources provided by the band and re-packaged in a thick gatefold sleeve with unseen photos and lyrics (in English + the original early drafts typed in Italian).

BULLDOZER‘s first album is a total classic of blackened evil Metal taking the rawest school of VENOM and MOTÖRHEAD to an unbelievably powerful and wicked sonic impact, bearing the malevolent flame of “Black Metal” and “Welcome to Hell” and injecting it with a renewed intensity. For anyone into old school Black Metal to not own this is a crime! This is for anyone that worships the early releases from Venom, Bathory and Sodom.. WELCOME DEATH!

Available in 3 different versions:

Die-hard Japanese edition on splatter clear/white/purple striped vinyl + OBI strip in Japanese, limited to 100 copies only

Limited oxblood red vinyl (150 copies)

Regular black vinyl


BULLDOZER “The final separation” gatefold LP (F.O.A.D. 106)

The 2nd full length of Italy’s Metal masters BULLDOZER!  Originally released in 1986 and never repressed on LP for 30 years, here it finally comes in a new edition specially remastered for vinyl directly from the studio reels provided by the band and re-packaged in a gatefold sleeve with unreleased photos and lyrics (scans of the original typed drafts). “The final separation” is a devastating follow-up to their cult debut “The day of wrath” that adds a strong Speed/Thrash Metal vibe to their well-tested Black Metal meets dirty R’n’R tinged aggression!

All in all, this is another good confirm of the goodness of the Bulldozer’s sound back in the 80s and it’s good to recommend it to the old school fans of this lethal black/speed combination. For all its length, the nastiness of the speed metal and the brutal influences of bands like VENOM and MOTÖRHEAD collide to create another high impact effort, in pure 80s style!! RIDE HARD… DIE FAST!!

Available in 3 different versions: 

Die-hard Japanese edition on splatter orange/red striped vinyl + OBI strip in Japanese, limited to 100 copies only

Limited dark magenta vinyl (150 copies)

Regular black vinyl

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