MUTILATOR “Evil conspiracy: Demo/Live/Reh 1986” gatefold LP+CD and ATROCITY “Mangled” LP: out now!!

2 new FOAD rippers are out today! As previously announced, this month’s recipe consists of two bloody raw Death/Thrashin’ classics from 1986-1988… Brazil’s MUTILATOR and Torrington, Connecticut’s ATROCITY. Both releases have just been delivered to our headquarters and as expected they look and sound like a kick in the face! A big part of preorders has been shipped already, the rest will be sent in the next few days. There are still a few boxes on ltd. splatter vinyl that we are exclusively selling through our mailorder so don’t miss the chance until they are still available. Ok, so MUTILATOR “Evil conspiracy: Demo/Live/Reh 1986” gatefold LP+CD and ATROCITY “Mangled” LP are both OUT NOW!

More in detail about each release:

MUTILATOR “Evil conspiracy: demos, live and rehearsals 1986” gatefold LP+CD (F.O.A.D. 103)

Straight from the hell of Belo Horizonte/Brazil and the merciless savagery of that city’s early Metal scene, MUTILATOR stands as one of the rawest and most uncompromised offerings of true Brazilian Death-Thrashing brutality.  This record collects all the existing recordings featuring Silvio SDN on vocals (except the “Warfare Noise 1” comp. trax that have been already reissued by other labels): so you get the “Blood Storm / Grave Desecration” demo 1986, an insanely fast and raw rehearsal 1986 that the band had recorded as bonus on the cassette that they exclusively sent to Jon Metalion for being reviewed on Slayer Mag and a bonus CD with 3 different live sets from that period (“Festival Da Morte” / “Carioca Club” / “Slaughter Fest”) for a total of 32 bloody tracks mastered from the best sounding sources in existence (forget the bootlegs that have circulated in the last years).

If you’re a maniac of the Cogumelo classic era of Death/Thrash bestiality (SARCOFAGO, HOLOCAUSTO, early SEPULTURA, VULCANO just to mention the most popular) you can’t go wrong with this: insanely fast drumming, fantastic riffing and that unique vocal delivery that makes this an instant classic of rawness at its purest form. Quoting the bass player Ricardo:”Those were the golden years of Brazilian Metal, and the recordings included on this LP show an epic period of our scene, my wish is that the headbangers from all over the world will enjoy it… After all everything becomes history, and this is a history of love for a kind of Metal that will never die.” Housed in a thick gatefold sleeve with a fanzine styled A4 booklet packed with rare photos, flyers and liner notes!

Available in 2 different versions:

Die-hard edition on beer yellow vinyl sprayed with blue splattering, limited to 100 copies

Regular edition on black vinyl limited to 400 copies


ATROCITY “Mangled” LP  (F.O.A.D. 104)

Another cult Demo finally back to light on vinyl with a deserved “FOAD treatment” of dedication and quality… US Atrocity‘s “Mangled” demotape (1988) is hands down one of the best recordings in the band’s entire discography. High speed, rotten-to-the-core grinding Death Metal delivered with inhuman fury and brutality! The 7 tracks forming this ominous session were a solid foretaste of what they later delivered with their “Hatred birth” EP and the bulldozing debut full length “Infected“.

Non-stop fast, angry Death Metal with a somehow Grindcore oriented feeling, REPULSION, IMPETIGO and early Wild Rags audio terrorists being the first comparisons that come to mind listening to this. The sound quality is outstanding as it’s been mastered directly from the original 1/4″ reels. It comes with exclusive liner notes, flyers and rare archive photos.

Die-hard edition on smokey green vinyl, limited to 100 copies

Regular edition on black vinyl limited to 400 copies

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