WEHRMACHT “The complete beer soaked collection 1985-1989” 6 X tape boxset and SLANDER “Calunnia” 12″ …pre-orders start NOW!!

As we’re approaching the end of June, the time is finally coming for our open air summer festival “United as one Part. 3“, with exclusive Italian appearences by D.R.I., Wehrmacht, General Surgery, Deafness By Noise also keeping the spotlight on local heroes such as Slander and First Brawl. To make this event even more unique and interesting we have prepared two special relaases for 2 of the bands performing there… Online preorders for both are starting now, they will be obviously premiered and first sold at the festival, we’ll start to ship them around July 10th as soon as we’ll be back from OEF.  The bands that we chose for our United As One focused assault are Portland’s undisputed pioneers of shark endorsed ultra-fast Thrashcore madness… no one else than our shoebros WEHRMACHT, with a limited 6x Tape boxset edition of the highly acclaimed “Beer soaked collection 1985/1989” that we originally released on vinyl 3 years ago…

… and then the new 12″ by one of the most promising revelations of today’s Italian Hardcore scene… SLANDER!  If you thought that Venice, California was the only Venice that needs to be mentioned when you talk of HC, now you also have to cope with the franticly growing scene of the original Venice city (Venezia) in the north East of Italy.. in the last decade it delivered a bunch of good underground acts and has consolidated an unbelievably strong base also thanks to the cult “Venezia Hardcore Festival” that brings together thousands of HC maniacs from all over Europe.  The band that better represents this manic Hardcore rebirth is with no doubt SLANDER, that have quickly reached a solid follow up after a demo, an EP, a split LP and a full length album, also thanks to countless tours and their completely insane live performances. This new 12″ is the final punch in the face showing their power and intensity.


So preorders for WEHRMACHTThe beer soaked collection 1985/1989” 6x tape boxset limited to 200 and SLANDERCalunnia” one-sided 12″ limited to 300 copies are up now.  Once again: they will be premiered at our festival on June 30th, you will have to be patient on the final shipping date as from next week we’ll be at Obscene Extreme in the Czech Republic and we’ll start to ship this batch of preorders and the next one (to be announced really soon.. stay tuned!) after July 10th.

More in detail about each release:

WEHRMACHT “Complete beer-soaked collection” 6xTAPE BOX + bandana (F.O.A.D. on tape #21)

A stunning 6 x tape set housed in a thick black cardboard box all rounded with stickers, hand numbered and strictly limited to 200 units… plus a “shark rider” bandana (blue print on black) as bonus! All the existing recordings (1985 to 1989) of this pioneering ultra-fast Thrashcore band, a dream to come true for every die-hard fan of these speed psychos and for all you maniacs of seminal Hardcore / Thrash / Crossover from its golden age. Over 100 songs of the fastest and most deranged shark endorsed US Thrash, scrupulously mastered at the highly rated Toxic Basement Studios from the best sounding sources existing, provided by band members and friends. This is all what you could dream to have to complete your Wehrmacht collection in the best possible sound quality!  Together with D.R.I. and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER the fastest and most influential Crossover / Thrashcore of the 80’s American scene, they used to blast when the word “grindcore” had yet to be coined, and their imagery of beers, sharks and drunken sturmtruppen-like freaks totally wins, so open your Lucky Lager and dive into this merciless beer-soaked massacre!

TAPE 1:  “Shark attack” + bonus tracks
TAPE 2: “Beermacht”
TAPE 3:  “Live 1989/1989”
TAPE 4: “Thrash Metal” demo/reh. 1985
TAPE 5: “Beermacht” Demo + rehearsal 1986
TAPE 6:  Rare recordings and Live in Kirkland 1987


SLANDER “Calunnia” one-sided LP  (F.O.A.D. 129)

Brand new one sided 12″ (side B silk screened) from these young Venice Hardcore maniacs bringing a cyclone of fresh air in the Italian Hardcore scene.  6 new songs + a really outstanding “hidden” surprise…  Backed by a granite strong production, SLANDER combine the best elements of new school thrash-infused Hardcore with the speed and anger of straight forward ’80s HC. Add special appearances by Dj Craim and Gully and the killer artwork by FR3NK to make this flying guillotine even more original and unpredictable!

Die-hard edition on black and purple splatter vinyl limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl limited to 200 copies

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