The GEROGERIGEGEGE “Piss shower girlfriend” picture LP, SAW THROAT “Indestroy (extended)” 2xLP, SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA “Our conscience will not acclimatise” LP+CD preorders start NOW!!!

As many of you have noticed over time, here at F.O.A.D. Records we like to alternate various underground genres, making monthly thematic release lines… there have been months entirely dedicated to Italian Hardcore, others to Japanese, others dedicated to Death/Thrash to the most classic Metal, Punk and so on. An inevitable constant that is part of our most radical and extremist component is our love for Noisecore, and already more than once we have focused entire series of releases on this, as one of our favorite niches.  So for this March 2020 we return to what is well tested ground for us, and each of the bands we are going to talk about already has a story of friendship and continuity with F.O.A.D. specifically, Japan’s noise king Juntaro is a friend who in addition to having already had records out on F.O.A.D. in the past,  has always helped us in putting together projects with other Japanese bands, same goes for Rich Walker, we are at the 4th Sore Throat release and thanks to his help we have been able to bring to light the fantastic boxset/book “Noise not music” by Discharge and then Matthias Weigand (7MON, TNT & Rec, Ecocentric Records) with whom there is a story of collaboration and friendship that has lasted for almost 30 years…

In short, this month’s release schedule it is a bit like working in the family for us, and we are happy to announce the following: The GEROGERIGEGEGEPiss shower girlfriend” picture LP (a totally unreleased album with lost & found recordings from 3 decades ago!), SAW THROATIndestroy” 2xLP gatefold (extended version with 1 extra LP filled with an unreleased rough tape version of this milestone of doomy UK apocalypticore) and SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEAOur conscience will not acclimatise” LP+CD (2nd chapter in our series dedicated to early 7MON, this time based on “Your father was a poser…” and the split with AxCx plus plenty of bonus material from the same era). They’re all up for preorders and we’ll never stop in recommending you to act fast if you want to catch the ltd. diehard versions, as always they are expected to finish very quickly.

More in detail:

The GEROGERIGEGEGE  “Piss shower girlfriend” picture LP  (F.O.A.D. 193)

A totally unreleased album with lost & found recordings by the undisputed Japanese ultra-noise master!! Quoting Juntaro himself to let you understand how this whole project started: “And, I’d just found excellent unreleased tape of Gero at home. I can’t remember this recording and date. Date, maybe, the end of ’80 or early ’90. I think you and Gero’ fans really like this recording. Side A for 15min. Side B for 15min. I named this record is… PISS SHOWER GIRLFRIEND!” In front of a message like this we at F.O.A.D. Records certainly could not back down, so here it is.. “Piss Shower Girlfriend” – the first picture disc ever released in Gero’s boundless discography.  Japan’s sickest senzuri noise perversion.

It’s all here, brief song introductions, his typical “1,2,3,4” and then an avalanche of ear-pinching horrorific noise ferocity of the most sheer and annihiliating type topped by lacerating screams…  you are warned! 13 songs in total. Picture disc in strong PVC bag, limited to 400 copies, 200 with fluorescent pink & blue sticker and 200 with fluorescent violet & green sticker. Watch the trailer HERE

Fluorescent pink & blue sticker ltd. to 200

Fluorescent blue & green sticker ltd. to 200


SAW THROAT “Indestroy (extended)” 2xLP gatefold + 24 page color book (F.O.A.D. 180)

The ultimate edition of this masterpiece of apocalyptic heaviness! Originally released in 1989 as the band’s third album (considering the fact that Saw Throat is nothing else but a further stage in the legendary Sore Throat saga), and with a marked musical shift towards the more sinister sound of bands like The Swans, Saint Vitus, Amebix and Gore, “Indestroy” was envisaged as a one song concept LP with a lyrical emphasis placed on enviromental issues (3 decades BEFORE the current publicity seeking populism of mainstream popstars and media celebrities pretending to give a fuck about the planet). Improvised and recorded over a period of three weeks, the resulting album become not only the crown jewel in the band’s history, but the final nail in the coffin of them being an ongoing concern as the three core members concentrated on their own bands and all moved on.

However, the reception and cult status has grown over the years. And so, after digging through many old cassettes, the original rough mix instrumental version of the album was located featuring a different running order, and a heavier/more guitar orientated and less polished sound. As a historical artifact, this was the version vocalist Rich listened to while writing all the lyrics the night before he was due to record them. There are also some sound effects and small parts that never made it to the final version. Either way, as one of the last truely great recordings of the 80’s, this as now unheard version of the “Indestroy” album is for the first time made available to the public domain housed in a thick reverse board gatefold jacket with fully restored original artwork, extensive liner notes and a stunning 24 page full colored lyric and artwork booklet. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in 2 different versions:

Black vinyl limited to 350

Radioactive sign red/black vinyl limited to 150


SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA “Our conscience will not acclimatise” LP+CD  (F.O.A.D. 182)

Second chapter in F.O.A.D.‘s annihilating mission to re-issue all the early 7MON material enriched by an incredible amount of rare and unreleased recordings. This LP includes two classic Ep’s from the legendary years when TNT&Records from Germany was putting out on 7″ some of the most classic Noisecore ever landed on this planet… “Your father was a poser… and what’s about you??” (1990) and the split with AxCx (1989) called “We’ll just have to acclimatize ourselves to the post nuclear area“: complete rough tape sessions with a lot of never heard before outtakes added, freshly ripped from Mick’s masters. Straight from the LP liner-notes: “The story behind this LP begun when Matthias Weigand delivered us a huge box of 7MON reels to transfer in the studio, to check exactly what was included in each one of them. We found out that most of them were the masters of the early Eps released by TNT &Records and then Ecocentric Records. When we started to discuss about a possible series of 7MON releases on LP to re-build the band’s discography from the early times, Mick came out with the fact that he had recently unearthed the complete sessions of each EP, that were much longer than how they were originally released on 7″.. (continues)“.

To give you an idea of how longer these sessions are, the split 7″ with AxCx was 6′:35″ on the original TNT&Rec EP, this extended version clocks at 17′:18″ with more than ten minutes of extra noise! The bonus CD includes both the original EP versions transferred straight from the reels with a somehow sharper sound and the extended rough tape edits from Mick’s archives. The total of tracks included on this collection is countless, just think about the fact that the TNT editions had respectively 552 (“Your father was a poser..“) and 241 songs (Split with AxCx), nobody dared to count the complete sessions included here but we’re probably exceeding 2000!! These two legendary sessions shaped a whole genre and countless bands spawned from the “musical” extremism concepted by two Australian guys in the 80’s. If there’s a heaven of Noise, Seven Minutes Of Nausea is surely deserving a place at the top of it. LP with a special PVC sticker on the front cover, bonus CD, square A2 poster with the stunning “Your father was a poser…” art in its original colors and 20 page lyrics booklet!! Watch the trailer HERE

Available in 2 different versions:

Black vinyl limited to 300

Color in color (black into seablue vinyl) limited to 100

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