TERRORIZER “Before the downfall 1987-1989” 2xLP+CD (new edition), DOMINUS XUL “The Primigeni Xul” gatefold LP, ATTOMICA “Children’s assassin” LP: out NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!

Here we are, we’ve reached the end of the year and this is our last announcement for 2020. Despite the very hard times in a year that for everyone has been a nightmare both on the working and existential factor, we’re glad to say that we’re closing this sort of blind-ride in a minefield with 26 RECORDS RELEASED in 2020, that for how things went, it’s really a miracle. As usual, we want to thank from the bottom of our hearts all those who have supported us in any way… from the bands that gave us the opportunity to release their music, to our network of friends/collectors/maniacs that always come up with valuable advices and useful sources to complete our works, and above all YOU for believing in our efforts and getting our records –  giving us the chance to go forward on this path, strong and determined. And as you’ll see, 2021 is all going to be an escalation of insanity, our schedule is already completely full and it includes countless gems that we can’t wait to announce.. so get ready!

As anticipated, we’re closing the year with a wicked triad: TERRORIZERBefore the downfall 1987-1989” 2xLP+CD (new edition), DOMINUS XULThe Primigeni Xul” Gatefold LP and ATTOMICAChildren’s assassin” LP. They’re all out now and ready to ship.  A good part of your preorders has been sent already, the last batch will leave after Xmas. Please keep in mind that in the next few weeks the postal system may be a little congested, so be patient and give to your order the time to be delivered. The diehard decayed green vinyl version of TERRORIZER is completely sold out on preorder, act fast if you want to catch the ltd. colored ones of DOMINUS XUL and ATTOMICA because there aren’t many left.

More in detail:

TERRORIZER “Before the downfall 1987-1989” 2xLP+CD (new edition!) F.O.A.D. 069

3rd reissue of this total Grindcore classic on F.O.A.D. Records, finally back in stock in a new, upgraded version with 1 extra song (“Funeral bitch” – Master cover) that was accidentally missing in the previous editions, and exclusive A2 poster. Quoting OSCAR GARCIA: “This is the first and the only true release of Terrorizer LA demos ever captured on vinyl, not a low quality bootleg but an official release, none better than to have it all on FOAD Records. Awesome collection for any Terrorizer fan!” The ultimate early years’ anthology from LA’s godfathers of GRIND, the one and only… TERRORIZER! This monsterwork starts off with “Collapse“, a completely unreleased song from the “World downfall” studio session unearthed from the band’s secret archives… next is an alternative take of their split tape with NAUSEA (1988) that sounds like machine-gun fire in the face and then you can enjoy all their existing demos and early works in astonishingly great sound quality, mastered with total audiophile passion from the best sounding sources in existence!!

Some of these recordings are the reason why Shane Embury of Napalm Death back in his tape-trading days got completely crazy for them and persuaded Earache to sign them and bring to light “World downfall” (when the band was already on hiatus). “Countless blast warriors still strive for this classic sound and catchy song structure, but no one can match it on Oscar Garcia’s pitch(less) caveman growl! This is the perfect storm of incredible songwriting and recording quality” (Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer / Agoraphobic Nosebleed about “World downfall“).  46 SONGS of bulldozing L.A. Grindcore with a solid Death Metal imprint, all the classics you want to hear included! Watch the trailer HERE

* Deluxe Gatefold 2xLP with different colors than the previous versions
* silkscreened print on side D
* Fixed bonus CD with 1 extra song (“Funeral bitch” – Master) accidentally not appearing on the previous versions
* 16 page booklet featuring extensive interviews, loads of never-seen-before photos, scans of old flyers, demo artworks and more!

– Solid black vinyl limited to 300 copies


DOMINUS XUL “The Primigeni Xul (I condemned my enemies)” gatefold LP F.O.A.D. 214

Official reissue of this cult Chilean Death Metal masterpiece, for the first time on vinyl!! Originally released in 1999 and only circulated through hard to find CD/tape versions, this hidden gem has quickly become a monument to apocalyptic obscurity sought after by true Death Metal enthusiasts. Few bands around have been able to recreate the ominous, sulphuric atmosphere of the most classic Incantation works… DOMINUS XUL is one of the most genuine answers to that breed of darkness and does it in a totally inspired and uncompromised way, alternating deadly blasting raids to rotting, slow paced doom-tinged breakdowns…

This version finally makes justice to this melting pot of South American malignancy, pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a high glossy gatefold jacket with lyrics insert. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

– Diehard red/blue swirl vinyl limited to 100 copies

– Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies


ATTOMICA “Children’s assassin” LP + booklet  F.O.A.D. 213

Atrocious cacophonic Thrash at the rawest form!! The debut demo 1986 from this devastating Brazilian unit for the first time on vinyl. If you’re expecting the ballistic, well-trained assault of their latter works this is a completely different beast: what you get here is an utterly rough, radical overdose of Thrash in its most primordial shape, a pure outburst of chaotic violence forged in the early days of the South American Death/Thrash explosion. Most of the stuff included consists in embryonic versions of songs re-arranged and re-recorded on their s/t first full length (1987), what makes the difference on “Children’s assassin” is a total DIY caveman recording and a sonic approach that leans more towards a filthy, blackened Metal territory and at times reminds of some pioneering Colombian Ultra-Metal warriors.

Full colored A4 booklet with an extensive choice of rare photos from the band’s beginning, flyers and memorabilia. Limited edition of 300 copies on 180 gram vinyl.  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

– Diehard “nuclear fire” red/orange swirl vinyl limited to 100 copies

Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies

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