SYSTEMATIC DEATH “Systema ten” LP + JUNTESS “Under the red moon” gatefold LP + ATOXXXICO “Demos, rarities + Punks de mierda EP” Gatefold LP+7″: OUT NOW!!

With no doubt this last month has been the busiest ever in FOAD‘s history with 6 new releases coming out one after another in a very short range of time… Poison, Wehrmacht, Slander, Juntess, Systematic Death, Atoxxxico. The last 3 have been announced before that we left for the Obscene Extreme festival and have been premiered there, with Systematic Death ripping to pieces the OEF stage with a devastating set. So as announced, 2 x Japanese Hardcore ragers and 1 x Mexican Hardcore/Punk milestone of the late ’80s are out now and ready to go: SYSTEMATIC DEATH‘s new 12″ “Systema Ten“, JUNTESSUnder the red moon” gatefold LP (for the first time on vinyl) and ATOXXXICODemos, rarities + Punks de mierda Ep” gatefold LP + 7″ + booklet (special 30th anniversary edition). Most preorders have been shipped already and the last will be sent this week. SYSTEMATIC DEATH‘s diehard edition in blue/black vinyl was sold out in minutes, we have the last handful of ATOXXXICO on splatter vinyl and the black/red diehard edition of JUNTESS is expected to be finished soon so blast fast if you want to get these limited versions only available via

More in detail about each release:

SYSTEMATIC DEATH “Systema ten” LP + poster (F.O.A.D. 126)

Brand new one-sided 12″ from these unstoppable Japanese Hardcore veterans, just in time for their July 2017 European shows including the highly expected appearance at Obscene Extreme Festival!  6 songs of furious and uncompromised Hardcore with the distinctive raging vocals of Shigeru, the bulldozing speed drum precision of master Koba “Sweden” and introducing the skills of Ryu from Think Again on guitar plus new bass player Yuzuka. This legendary unit has been delivering the most raging, straightforward Japanese style Hardcore since 1983 and this new offering just confirms them once again at the top of the game. Layout and silk screen art on B-side by Sugi. Comes with a A2 poster.

black vinyl limited to 250 copies


JUNTESS  “Under the red moon” gatefold LP  (F.O.A.D. 121)

Another hidden gem of traditional Japanese Hardcore on F.O.A.D. Records! Originally self-released on CD back in 1991 and now for the first time on vinyl, this spectacular album has all the features of an early 90s Japanese HC classic: rage, speed, introspective lyrics and an astonishing guitar work made of catchy riffs and some of the most memorable solos of the time, all this backed by a really solid production.  After delivering this great full length and few 7″s the band broke up, some members went on playing with other legendary acts such as Liberate, Crow, Hazard and more.  Specially remastered for vinyl, housed in a gatefold LP including lyrics, flyers, artworks of the time.  Recommended if you like Death Side, Bastard, Poison Arts, Nightmare and other classic Japanese HC ragers of that kind.

Available in two different versions:

die-hard “red moon” red/black color-in-color vinyl limited to 150 copies

red vinyl limited to 250 copies


ATOXXXICO “Demos, rarities + Punks de mierda Ep”  gatefold LP + 7″ + booklet  (F.O.A.D. 128)

Formed in Mexico D.F. in 1987 from the same background that gave birth to noisy HC terrorists such as M.E.L.I., Massacre 68, Xenofobia, Sedicion, GPK… Atoxxxico probably stands as the most recognized outfit from that deranged scene. This special release to celebrate their 30th year anniversary includes the complete early “TV Demo 1988“, the Demo 1993 recorded in LA, 6 songs recorded live in D.F. in 1989 and an identical reproduction of their rare “Punks de mierda” 7″ (1987) a classic of raw aggressive Mexican HC very sought after by collectors. This anthology includes 38 songs of fast and angry latinoamerican Hardcore at its best. Specially mastered for vinyl from the best sounding sources provided by the band, housed in a thick gatefold sleeve with 12 page booklet including tons of photos, flyers and original artworks, plus the “Punks de mierda” EP made exactly as the original, with A4 lyrics insert.

Available in two different versions:

die-hard yellow and green splatter vinyl limited to 100 copies

black vinyl limited to 300 copies

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