SVART PARAD “Total Svart Parad” Gatefold 2xLP + CD and RAW POWER “Reptile House – XX Anniversary” picture LP + CD..: preorders start NOW!!

Another crossfire bombing from the F.O.A.D. headquarters is ready to shatter your turntable! If the last month’s assault was more focused on Death/Grind extremities, for February we’re back to an all out Hardcore strike with two classic bands hailing from Sweden and Italy. Both have a long story of collaboration and friendship with us, in the first case due to the Asocial connection (as the band that we’re about to introduce had members in common with them) and in the 2nd case, well…it’s RAW POWER, and all their ’80s discography has been scrupulously reissued on F.O.A.D. with a lot of rare and unreleased extras.  Our first announcement for this month is the ultimate complete discography by SVART PARAD on a deluxe double LP + CD + booklet. This release finally makes justice to one of the most important Swedish HC bands of the ’80s and wipes away all the previous editions, above all those cheap ‘n’ crappy ones on a2o records, incomplete and made with no passion for quality and details. Here you’ll find all the band’s demos re-ripped and mastered from the 1st generation tapes, adding a lot of rare and unreleased tracks.

And then it’s the turn of RAW POWER… have you ever wondered why “Reptile house“, probably their best album of the 90s, has never been released on vinyl?!? It was about time to make this happen, and there was no better opportunity than doing it on the twentieth anniversary since its original release date. This special “XX” version has both the 1998 session reissued on a limited picture LP and a bonus CD with both the original recordings and a brand new unreleased session with those killer tracks re-recorded two decades later. So, SVART PARADTotal Svart Parad” Gatefold 2xLP + CD and RAW POWERReptile house – XX Anniversary” Picture LP + CD are available on preorder. The official release date is scheduled for February 22, 2019. As usual, act fast if you want to catch the ltd. splatter vinyl version of “Total Svart Parad“, it won’t last for long…

More in detail about each release: 

SVART PARAD “Total Svart Parad” gatefold 2xLP + CD (F.O.A.D. 159)

The definitive, total SVART PARAD discography including all their existing recordings 1984-1986, remastered from first generation tapes provided by the band, adding a bunch of rare and unreleased material. All their demos, extra studio out-takes, compilation tracks and a bonus “Total Live” CD made of 4 different live sets. Forget the previous poorly made, incomplete collections, this release has all you need to own the most exhaustive and best sounding SVART PARAD anthology to date… 80 SONGS!! Raw, crude Hardcore attack from one of Sweden’s most influential bands of the 80’s, take the later sound of bands like Doom, it’s undeniable that they took inspiration from what you’ll hear on this record. Housed in a gatefold sleeve with a very detailed booklet full of rare photos, flyers and original tape artworks. Layout assembled by Håkan, former drummer of the legendary ASOCIAL, with constant supervision of the S.P. members. Another fundamental Swedish Hardcore discography getting the deserved quality treatment by the FOAD team! Watch the trailer HERE

Double LP including all demos, compilation tracks and more.
Gatefold sleeve
“Total live” CD with 4 different live sets
30cm x 30cm booklet (original artworks, photos, flyers, lyrics, liner notes)

Available in 2 different versions:

DIEHARD SPLATTER VINYL (orange with black splattering) limited to 150 copies

BLACK VINYL limited to 350 copies


RAW POWER “Reptile House – XX Anniversary” picture LP + CD (F.O.A.D. 161)

Originally released on CD and tape back in 1998, “Reptile house” stands as one of RAW POWER‘s best efforts of their ’90s discography. It has all the features that made this band so great and respected: blistering HC drumming, memorable riffing with a Crossover vibe and vitriolic vocals. Here you finally get it for the first time on vinyl and completely remastered, in a special Picture Disc version limited to 400, housed in an elegant die cut sleeve. And to celebrate this album’s 20th anniversary, the original line-up that made it back then reunited to re-record their favorite songs from it. So as bonus to this special edition you’ll find a CD including the brand new recordings and the original session right after it. 28 songs in total, furious Italian Hardcore since 1981 delivered with anger and unfailing energy! Watch the trailer HERE

Picture LP with the original session (17 songs) specially remastered for vinyl
Die cut jacket
Bonus CD with the 2018’s re-recording and the original session (28 songs)

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