SODOM “St. Requiem” gatefold LP + 7″, VULGARITY KIDS “No one / Bloody splatter” LP and EIEFITS “Mezame” LP are up for preorders!!

You know what? A triple Japanese Hardcore / Punk attack on FOAD Records is ready to destroy! Many of you already knew that this month we would have announced these 3 death threats since we let leaked some images and trailers on our FB and Instagram profiles… and one in particular has been often discussed through the years, a lot of maniacs were demanding a proper vinyl reissue, somebody was aware that we were searching for photos and rare material… then even a bootleg was done. But now it’s time to officially announce it, SODOM ソドムSt. Requiem” gatefold LP + 7″ is ready to be released on FOAD Records and preorders are up now! As ultra enthusiasts and collectors of Japanese HC and Metal, we can honestly say that this record is in the top 10 of our favourite recordings of the whole ’80s Japanese HC panorama, so it’s hard to describe how much we are honored to bring to light such a fantastic masterpiece making it finally available at reasonable prices (the OG tape is ranging from 300 to 500 $ on auctions and discogs).

In conjunction with this we are also glad to introduce a new VULGARITY KIDS LP including some brand new studio tracks and the infamous “ghost session” called “Bloody splatter” (1989) that we previously thought was completely lost. And we were totally floored when we first played it, it consists of 7 tracks in less than 8 minutes of rabid fast Hardcore insanity that will make your day if you like classic Japanese thrashers like Systematic Death, Raise Cain, Outo and similar!

And there’s more… the 3rd release of this endless blocade of rising sun’s Hardcore bombardment is the new album of the Tokyo-based all star band EIEFITS, released in collaboration with Mangrove Records that just put out the CD version. EIEFITSMezame” is an adrenalinic explosion of powerful female fronted Punk/HC, showcasing a relatively new band delivering great music with the same power and energy of countless Japanese legends that have amazed us through the past 3 decades!

So, to cut it short:  SODOM ソドムSt. Requiem” gatefold LP + 7″, VULGARITY KIDSNo one / Bloody splatter” LP and EIEFITSMezame” LP are up for preorders, needless to say that the diehard splatter/colored editions will be sold out in few days, so don’t sleep on them!

More in detail about each release:

SODOM ソドム “St. Requiem” gatefold LP + 7″ (F.O.A.D. 150)

A treasure of Japanese Hardcore/Punk finally seeing the light on vinyl in a deluxe version authorized by the band and all mastered and assembled in a process of years under supervision of the singer Zazie. This collection includes the cult “St. Requiem” tape-album (1984) + a bonus 7″EP with the “ADK Omnibus” tracks (1983) cut at 45rpm for the best sounding sonic impact. 25 songs in total.  “St. Requiem” stands with no doubt as one of the best Japanese Hardcore tapes released in the ’80s, it combines rapid fast Hardcore bursts with some dark, claustrophobic atmospheres that were characterizing the sound of several bands released by the legendary ADK Records label. And talking of the pioneering status of this great band (that moved to a different musical direction in the years to follow), the singer Zazie was part of a very early stage of GAUZE‘s line-up in the passage from Typhus to Gauze in fall 1981.  Housed in a silver laminated gatefold sleeve with a fanzine styled booklet full of rare flyers, photos and original artworks. Click HERE for the trailer!

Available in 3 different versions:

Diehard half-half colored vinyl (half silver and half clear) ltd to 150 copies

Diehard splatter vinyl (silver strypes on crystal clear) ltd to 150 copies

Black vinyl ltd to 200 copies


VULGARITY KIDS “No one / Bloody splatter” LP (F.O.A.D. 152)

Furious Japanese Hardcore founded in Utsunomiya City in 1985! Brand new LP including their “No one” studio session 2017 and the lost&found “Bloody splatter” demo 1989!! As mentioned on the previous VULGARITY KIDS LP also released by F.O.A.D. Records, it was believed that the “Bloody Splatter” demo was completely lost and there were no chances to find it, not even through the circles of the most diehard Japanese tape collectors. After their 30th year reunion gig at Bar El Puente in Yokohama, a friend of the band got in touch and told us that she had found a copy of it. So what you have here is an incredible rarity, a lost and found recording of raging fast Japanese Hardcore/Thrash recorded 3 decades ago + brand new songs that will equally rip your brains off. 12 songs. Lyrics sheet included. Click HERE for the trailer!

Available versions:

Diehard coke bottle green vinyl with bloody red splattering ltd to 100 copies

Black vinyl ltd to 200 copies


EIEFITS “Mezame” LP (F.O.A.D. 155)

Energetic and loud female fronted Punk from Tokyo at times speeding up to Hardcore territories that recall classic 80’s bands like The COMES and GAS. As a matter of fact this band includes a spectacular parade of ex members from cult acts such as THE HECK, COLORED RICEMEN, FORWARD, KGS, LIP CREAM, THE COMES, EXTINCT GOVERNMENT, plus the current drummer of THE SLOWMOTIONS. Prepare for a sharp Punk attack of piercing female vocals over sturdy riff laden momentum built by pounding drums, thunderous bass and tough guitar riffs.  Their third full length album including 15 songs that simply rip!! Lyrics sheet included. Click HERE for the trailer!

Available versions:

Diehard opaque baby blue ltd to 100 copies

Black vinyl ltd to 200 copies

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