SLIP HEAD BUTT gatefold LP and BATTLE ATTACKER “Silly notice” LP preorders start now!

Only a few days have passed since we dropped our last vinyl bombing (Declino and The Corporate Whores!) and we’re ready to attack again with another announcement. This time we’re heading the rudder towards one of our favourite lands when it comes to raging Hardcore / Punk / Thrash delivered with energy and creativity: once again we’re proud to announce two Japanese bands on FOAD! The first is quite atypical for our standard of full speed and rawness: we’re talking about SLIP HEAD BUTT “インサート”, a powerful R’n’R Punk combo with a stellar line-up consisting of members from DEATH SIDE, JUDGEMENT, CHICKEN BOWELS, THE GAIA, VID-SEX, SAMURAI, DELTA PUREE etc.. Need to add more? Take a look at this teaser: This LP is their second full length and it’s insanely catchy and loud! Certainly different from the FOAD‘s thrashing delirium you’re all used to but still a kick in the balls!

The other band sees us once again exploring the Kanagawa prefecture from which we already consecrated bands like MAD CONFLUX, TOXIC NOISE and SYSTEMATIC DEATH. This time we’re moving to Yokosuka for bringing to light an unsung powerhouse of distortion and rage: BATTLE ATTACKER! If your ideal Japanese Hardcore record is a bloodfeast of noisy guitars, fast drums and raging vocals, then “Silly notice” will make your day!

This is just another proof that in the endless Rising Sun galaxy of ultra-rare demos, obscure compilations and bands mentioned only by a handful of psychos, there’s always something GREAT to be discovered, and since here at FOAD there’s a team of die-hard maniacs into this kind of obscurities, we’ll always have special to detonate your brains! So… SLIP HEAD BUTT gatefold LP and BATTLE ATTACKERSilly notice” LP are up for preorders. They’re limited to 300 and the diehard versions on colored vinyl strictly limited to 100 are expected to sell out very quickly..: you know what to do!

More in detail about each release:

SLIP HEAD BUTT –“インサート” gatefold LP + insert (F.O.A.D. 127)

Second full length album for this all-star band from Tokyo featuring long time heroes of the Japanese HC scene such as Mukachin (DEATH SIDE, JUDGEMENT, CHICKEN BOWELS) as well as ex members of The GAIA, SAMURAI, VID-SEX, DELTA PUREE etc.

They deliver a solid dose of energetic and powerful R’n’r Punk at times reminding of The Stooges mixed with a 80s Japanese street Punk backbone perfectly portraying the background they come from. Housed in a thick gatefold sleeve enriched by the wonderful artwork by the band’s frontman Oiwa. Licensed by Break The Records/Japan that originally put it out on CD few months ago…

Available in 2 different versions:

Die-hard swirl brown vinyl limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl limited to 200


BATTLE ATTACKER – “Silly notice” LP + booklet (F.O.A.D. 137)

Yokosuka City Hardcore at its rawest stage! Formed in 1988, this obscure, extremely violent outfit is only known by a handful of diehard Japancore maniacs for their devastating tracks on the excellent “Yokosuka City HC” v.a. 7″ released in 1991 by MCR Company. But there’s a lot more to be unearthed… this complete discography LP includes their 2 rare demotapes, the YC-HC comp. track and an unreleased one, for a total 13 lethal blows. The style here is a manic fast explosion of traditional late 80s/early 90s Japanese Hardcore combining the thrash-till-death formula with a wall of guitar distortion that recalls a massive Confuse influence. Trailer HERE !!

If you enjoyed FOAD‘s previous commitment in bringing back to light other killer bands from the Kanagawa area (Toxic Noise, Mad Conflux, Systematic Death etc…) or if you’re simply looking for another good Japanese Hardcore record from the golden days of a scene that delivered incredibly fast and aggressive bands, then don’t miss this bomb of brain-damaging distortion thrash!! Deluxe sleeve printed with a pantone silver layer, art by Ichi (Miracle3 Design) that also drew album covers for S.O.B., Kikeiji etc plus a super-detailed 24 page booklet with band flyers, photos, artworks and more..

Available in 2 different versions:

Die-hard smokey clear/green vinyl limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl limited to 200

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