S.D.I. “Bloodsucker – demo 1986” one-sided LP out NOW!!

..just got back from our insane open air festival “UNITED AS ONE Pt. II” that was really over all our expectations, we are ready to start shipping our final release of the summer. So set the time machine to 1986 and face some bloodthirsty Teutonic Speed/Thrash Metal, S.D.I.Bloodsucker – Demo 1986” LP is out now!!! It’s not the first case that we’re dealing with some classic German Metal of the 80s, remember the massive PROTECTOR demo collection “Cain and Abel” on double LP and the recently unleashed POISONSons of evil” LP, but of all the above mentioned recordings, what you’re getting this time is hands down the rarest and less known of all. So more in detail: legendary German Speed/Thrash aggressors S.D.I. (Satans Defloration Inc.) team up with FOAD to unearth their ultra-rare debut studio recording 1986, a cult session known as “Bloodsucker” Demo used only as promo to get them signed to a label for their first full length LP.

This has been re-transfered from the original reels and remixed too, as there were no decent copies around of the original mix that could be used as master. So taking it from the 1/4″ reels, you get it in the best possible sound quality thanks to the amazing restoring skills of The Hand Of Doom at Toxic Basement Studio. If you’re into classic no frills German Thrash and Speed Metal, this has the powerful and straightforward riffing assault to gnaw your neck vertebrae into a frantic headbangin’ delirium until you are ready to jump in a suicidal MEGAMOSH!! It reminds of early day Helloween (1985 EP era) and Iron Angel meet Destruction, all channelled through a more Metal/Punk infused approach. One sided LP with B-Side silkscreened in white with a rare artwork from the original promo. 4 page old school booklet/insert with extensive liner notes, the complete “Bloodsucker” promo photoset and never seen before flyers/artworks. A must have for all you maniacs into ’80s German Thrash and Speed Metal!

We’re starting to ship all the preorders today and the official release party is going to take place this Saturday in Reggio Emilia (Italy) at Lambrusco Open Air with S.D.I. themselves headlining!! After this LP we’ll get back in September with an all-italian 80s Hardcore double assault, so stay tuned!! S.D.I. is still available in two different versions, act fast to catch the limited blue vinyl versions as there aren’t many left!

Available in 2 different versions:

Die-hard electric blue vinyl (limited to 100 copies)

Solid Black vinyl (limited to 400)

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