ROSENFELD “Demo 1991” LP, PLAZMA-X “White shadow 1986-1989” LP and MNK PROJECT “Mousouzoku” LP+CD: SOLD OUT on preorder!!

We expected they would finish really quick but this may have been the F.O.A.D. preorders’ batch sold out in the shortest time to date, as always thanks to all of you for the incredible support and for enjoying our releases so much. Keep an eye open on your local distros / stores usually getting stuff from us, if you missed these on you might be lucky to find them through some of those who are waiting for wholesale copies from us.

The records have just been delivered to our warehouse from the pressing plant and we’re working hard on packing and shipping all your preorders.  ** PLEASE NOTE – VERY IMPORTANT ** : due to the multitude of postal changes and new customs rules that have been applied since January 1st 2021, it will take us longer than expected to get all these packages sent. We are trying to find all possible solutions to speed up shipments which are subject to delays, but we need time.  Most of the USA/Canada preorders that were supposed to go via registered Mbags were instead entrusted to UPS, and this is a good thing because you will receive them faster and with a much more traceable service from departure to delivery. The types of shipments that will be suffering delays are the following: Registered Mbags to those countries on which we can’t use UPS (mostly Asia, South America, Switzerland, Norway), 1st class air mail to certain countries, all mail to the UK. Please be patient, this will be sorted out as quickly as possible.  Even if they’re sold out, we’re anyway leaving you some details and photos of these 3 amazing Japanese Metal / Punk releases with the promise that we’ll be back soon with more hidden gems that deserve to be unearthed and revived on vinyl!

ROSENFELD “Demo 1991” LP  (F.O.A.D. 219)

Osaka Power thrashin’ inferno! Often wrongly credited as Demo 1993 this is the 1991 studio Demo by Osaka’s Speed/Thrash legends ROSENFELD, prior to their full length “Pigs of the empire”. What you get here is a piece of history in Japanese Metal, just to give you an idea of the cult status around this band, their frontman Hisayoshi sung on AION’s monolithic “Deathrash Bound” album! Also important to mention is that in 35 years of existence this is their first ever vinyl release, not even a single track of theirs has been pressed on vinyl up to now. A good reason for giving it a top quality F.O.A.D. treatment… taken from the band’s mastertape and delivered on 180 gram vinyl for the best sonic impact, you know what to expect.

Fast, powerful and extremely intense, ROSENFELD‘s style is a splendid burst of memorable riffs, hyper-tight drumming and high pitched screams that can easily compete with some ’80s international titans of the Thrash gotha. Also included: a full colored booklet with loads of rare photos and flyers! Watch the trailer HERE

Diehard edition (version 1) on swirl red/black vinyl and white silkscreen print on B-side,  limited to 150 copies. SOLD OUT
Diehard edition (version 2) on swirl pink/black vinyl and white silkscreen print on B-side,  limited to 150 copies.  SOLD OUT
Solid black vinyl with red silkscreen print on B-side, limited to 200 copies.  SOLD OUT


PLAZMA-X “White shadow 1986-1989” LP (F.O.A.D. 221)

Founded in Hiroshima in 1984, PLAZMA-X was a Speed / Heavy Metal band with a solid Punk background, their earlier incarnation known as Toxoplasma (then Plasma X to Plazma X) was included on the legendary “Hiroshima Street Punx 1” compilation tape. Former members were also involved in cult Japanese Hardcore acts such as CHICKEN BOWELS, GUDON, OUTO, HALF YEARS, RISE FROM THE DEAD and 自我… in few words, this is the roots of HP Metal/Punk!

Official discography sourced from masters provided by PLAZMA-X theselves, compiling all their existing recordings:

Zeanon” Demotape (1986), “Night thought” Demotape (1987), ultra rare flexi disc (1988) and a bonus track!

A great blend of Punkish Heavy Metal also having as reference the Thrash Metal/VK explosion of that time. Includes a stunning 24 page full-colored booklet full of rare photos, flyers and original artworks! Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.  Watch the trailer HERE

Diehard edition on marbled pink/grey vinyl limited to 150 copies. SOLD OUT
Solid black vinyl limited to 250 copies.  SOLD OUT


MNK PROJECT “Mousouzoku” LP+CD (F.O.A.D. 191)

Founded in 1983 on the ashes of GODDESS (featured on the mythological “ADK Omnibus vol. 1” compilation) this shortly lived all-female trio embodied the unique sound of ADK-era bands combining the true core of early ’80s Japanese Punk nihilism with influences from other genres, creating a dark, nervous style all of their own. Complete discography including the impossible to find 7″ (1985, ltd. to 300 copies most of which were trashed after they disbanded, less than 100 survived and were handed to friends) plus a completely unreleased studio session from the same time ending with a melancholic, pop-infused track that is an instant classic!

Sourced from the master reels, produced by Juntaro Yamanouchi (The GEROGERIGEGEGE).  Foldout insert with lyrics and band photos/flyers. Bonus CD with the same contents of the LP, to satisfy the digital maniacs! Recommended to fans of The STALIN, NURSE, 奇形児, REAL, MASTURBATION.  Watch the trailer HERE

Diehard edition on transparent blue vinyl limited to 150 copies.  SOLD OUT
Solid black vinyl limited to 250 copies.   SOLD OUT

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