REGURGITATION “Complete recordings 1986/1987” gatefold LP and MAJESTY “Bestial vomit + Demo II” LP are OUT NOW!!

So it’s March 25th and as previously announced here we are with 2 new FOAD sledgehammers of uncompromised sonic devastation… This time we’re going back to 1986/1987 with two cult demotapes that were on every respectable tape-trader’s list back in the day, but never made it to an official, quality centered re-issue on vinyl until now. REGURGITATION (pre-O.L.D.) “Complete recordings 1986/1987” gatefold LP + booklet and MAJESTYBestial Vomit + Demo II” LP + poster are both out now!! We are proud to say that ALL pre-orders have been already shipped and there are less than 10 copies left of the ltd. splatter versions of each, so if you still haven’t got them, this is the very last chance! And keep an eye on this site because our 2 next detonators set for April are equally legendary and sought after if we talk of rare, yet-to-be-unearthed treasures of the mid 80’s Hardcore/Metal blood-pit.

Now more in detail about REGURGITATION and MAJESTY..:

REGURGITATION “Complete recordings 1986/1987” gatefold LP (F.O.A.D. 098)

New Jersey’s REGURGITATION was James Plotkin (later in O.L.D., Khanate etc) first musical incarnation and a total cult in the late 80s tape-traders’ scene. Those of you who were familiar to O.L.D.‘s bone-crushing debut album “Old Lady Drivers” on Earache will probably remember that the front cover had a sticker reading..: “Insane Mega-Speed Thrash with crazy vocals. Highly original Hardcore from ex-members of REGURGITATION“. Well, this is that band and here you get their complete discography transfered from the original reels and mastered by the genius of James Plotkin himself. 13 songs of blasting super-fast Death/Thrashcore (or simply early day Grind) with those distinctive and caustic vocals that later became a trademark in O.L.D. Forget the shit-quality bootlegs you might have seen around before, this collection is hands down the ultimate most exhaustive and best sounding offering.

It collects the 2 Demos “Organic backwash” (1986) and “Bathrooms rule” (1987), “Pesticide” from “Speed Metal Hell Vol. 3” and some great soundboard live recordings. It comes in a thick gatefold sleeve including extensive liner notes by J. Plotkin, Jon “Metalion and a fanzine-styled booklet with photos, original tape artworks, rare flyers and ‘zine excerpts. If you enjoyed FOAD’s previous works of pioneering US Grind/Thrash speed monsters (Terrorizer, Cryptic Slaughter, Wehrmacht, Lethal Aggression) you can’t miss yet another classic of that kind!

Available in 2 different versions:

Die-hard edition on “acid reflux” yellow on green splatter vinyl, ltd. to 100 copies

Black vinyl, ltd. to 400 copies


MAJESTY “Bestial Vomit + Demo II” LP + poster (F.O.A.D. 099)

1987, Los Angeles Death Metal at its rawest and darkest stage! MAJESTY was one of the earliest bands to feature Oscar Garcia (Terrorizer, Nausea), Carlos “Cosmo” Reveles (Terrorizer, Nausea) and Eric Castro (Nausea), basically it was the embryonic nightmare of what later bursted into LA’s most feared Grindcore unit: NAUSEA. Their cult demotape “Bestial Vomit” was hunted as a rare treasure among collectors and tape trading maniacs. Here you finally get it mastered from a copy coming directly from the band’s archives, with the addition of another session recorded few months later and posthumously considered their Demo #2 (by now only circulated via bad quality bootlegs). And there’s more, we also added a jam session featuring Majesty and Terrorizer together playing a Napalm Death cover + 1 extra track. In short this is the first official MAJESTY discography on vinyl and by far the best sounding and most complete one.

12 songs of gloomy, menacing Death Metal with the unique vocal approach of the Grindcore master Oscar Garcia and the insanely mosh-driving riffs that later made the sound of NAUSEA and TERRORIZER so original and influential on a worldwide scale. Matte coated sleeve includes unreleased artworks, a poster featuring a rare tshirt art and a J-card repro of the original “Bestial vomit” cover, so you can make your own copy on tape too! This release is the 3rd chapter in FOAD‘s legacy with the Nausea/Terrorizer family, after releasing Nausea’s “World struggle” and Terrorizer’s “Before the downfall” demo collection…

Available in 2 different versions:

Die-hard splatter vinyl (coke bottle green with white and black splatter) ltd. to 100 copies

Black vinyl, ltd. to 400 copies

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