RAW POWER “Wop hour – Extended version” LP + booklet and BROKEN BONES “Demo 1988” LP : OUT NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!!

Our 2 releases announced for May 2018 are here, ready to melt your turntable! RAW POWERWop hour – Extended version” LP + booklet and BROKEN BONESDemo 1988” LP are both out now. All preorders have been shipped already and as expected the diehard editions on splatter vinyl went sold out at the speed of light. Act fast if you want to catch the black ones (each ltd. to 400) because they’re going equally fast. We’re proud of the legacy with these two legendary Hardcore bands, respectively from Italy and England, with whom we have collaborated with several releases so far and we’ll keep on unearthing rarities and unreleased music from their archives!

More in detail about these 2 monuments of fury:

RAW POWER “Wop hour – Extended version” LP + booklet (F.O.A.D. 145)

Italy’s undisputed godfathers of furious Hardcore since 1981 team up again with F.O.A.D. Records to unearth another classic from their 80s discography enriched with a hailstorm of bonus gems! This LP includes their insane “Wop Hour” EP (1985) an adrenalinic assault of rapid thrashing HC delivered with ballistic tightness… plus an incredible selection of bonus tracks, part of which were never heard before. You’ll find all the bonus songs that were already included in the extended CD version and two unreleased soundboard live rippers: Fiorenzuola 1984 and Amsterdam 1986.

The first – still with Giuseppe on vocals – sees these maniacs smashing the stage with a devastating set including a totally unreleased song (“Police Harassment“), some rare ones from their first demo ’83 and covers of BLACK FLAG and DISCHARGE (!!), the second – taking the whole B-side of the LP – is just RAW POWER at the top of their game, “Screams from the gutter” setlist and that invincible line-up with Helder on drums with all the hits that you want to hear with a powerful and aggressive sound. 26 SONGS IN TOTAL. Comes with a 8 page booklet with rare photos, flyers and zine excerpts from the mid 80s. Get ready to blast this at top volume and scream “Fuck authority”!!



BROKEN BONES “Demo 1988” LP + insert (F.O.A.D. 144)

The rare B.B. demo 1988 until now available only as digital files, for the very first time on vinyl! LINE-UP: Bones – guitar, Tezz – vocals, Bazz – drums, Darren – bass. 6 songs, total Hardcore attack with a metallic touch. BROKEN BONES were one of the first bands to start crossing over the worlds of metal, hardcore, and punk, as their extremely aggressive sound required something that wasn’t done being a lot at the time. This recording has it all, thrashing guitar aggression and a speeded up d-beat drumming topped by absolutely caustic vocals! Remastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studio. Includes an insert with unreleased photos.

A special credit to Martin Kimberley for the wonderful front cover picture!


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