RAW POWER “Screams from the gutter” 35th anniversary gatefold LP, CRIPPLE BASTARDS “Misantropo a senso unico” 20th anniversary gatefold LP+7″+CD and 2xCD digipack, SAGATRAKAVASHEN “Saga of darkness 1988-2018” 2xLP gatefold: preorders start now!!

Back with a vengeance!  It’s quite evident that many independent record labels are going through extremely hard times these days, in our case one of the most difficult since it all started. For years you’ve seen our stand/booth at shows, festivals, record fairs, guess how long this won’t happen… but looking at things through a positive eye, even in the most restrictive days of lockdown and isolation, F.O.A.D. never stopped, our mailorder has been active doing packages and shipping orders all around, and we want to thank all those who have supported us keeping us busy and on-point. We’ve been forced to stop our production for April, we couldn’t even drive to the pressing plant to pick up the records… but this captivity has only encouraged us to work as hard as possible and contact more and more bands for an endless string of future releases! And now we’re ready to blast back with new releases, and to give an even stronger sense to our restart we’re doing it with the most iconic records of two bands that have meant a lot to F.O.A.D. through the years: RAW POWER with their ageless classic “Screams from the gutter” and CRIPPLE BASTARDS with the hate-grind milestone “Misantropo a senso unico“. These albums are respectively celebrating their 35th and 20th anniversary, so we took the chance to bring them back to light with some maniac deluxe editions that are giving respect to what they represent to us and to many fans worldwide.

But wait there’s more: we had another sick Italian release in the pipeline and decided that it would have been cool to add it to the two above-mentioned monsters. With this we’re going way more underground, straight in the heart of the Alps Mountains in a small village lost in the middle of nowhere where a sinister entity spawned one of the rawest and most barbaric Black Metal Punk outbursts you can think of… SAGATRAKAVASHEN, of which we’re honored to present a total discography 2xLP called “Saga of darkness: 1988-2018“. So, to sum up the whole story: RAW POWERScreams from the gutter” 35th anniversary edition gatefold LP+poster, CRIPPLE BASTARDSMisantropo a senso unico” gatefold LP+7″+CD+booklet and 2xCD digipack, SAGATRAKAVASHENSaga of darkness 1988-2018” 2xLP gatefold + booklet are all available on preorder, as usual we strongly recommend you to act fast if you want to catch the diehard editions, for Raw Power we made it on “glow in the dark vinyl“, the first ever in F.O.A.D.‘s endless discography!

More in detail about each release:

RAW POWER “Screams from the gutter” – 35th anniversary edition – gatefold LP + poster  (F.O.A.D. 051)

F.O.A.D. Records keeps up the unbreakable legacy with Italy’s absolute Hardcore heroes RAW POWER giving to their most classic album “Screams from the gutter” a proper deluxe edition to consecrate its 35th anniversary, a total quality-care version that makes justice to this timeless Hardcore milestone! Many of you will agree that this is the finest Italian HC offering ever made and easily one of the 10 world’s best Hardcore records of the 80’s… over 40.000 copies sold and still sounding fresh and up-to-date even when compared to modern HC standards. F.O.A.D.‘s treatment for this all time colossus consists of a thick glossy gatefold sleeve featuring lyrics and rare/unreleased photos and flyers, a square A2 replica of their cult gig-poster with Cro-Mags and Motörhead + a scrupolous mastering that respects in detail the original reels sound leaving full breathe and dynamics to its original impact and (raw) power!

17 gems of intense, no-frills HC with a bombastic drummer, fantastic guitar riffs and angry vocals. It’s a difficult comparison with their other early output – “You Are The Victim” and the excellent material released by BCT – but after all “Screams From The Gutter” marks RAW POWER‘s peak due to its superior production. The band’s simple yet instantly memorable riffs bring to mind Black Flag, Circle Jerks but also earlier groups like the Who, AC/DC, and of course, the Stooges. Throw in some cool harmonics, rockin’ solos, a cowbell, and a guitar player with hell-shriek vocals, a fucking huge afro and pointy shoes, and you have this flawless Hardcore classic!!  Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard edition on glow-in-the-dark vinyl, limited to 150 copies

Black vinyl limited to 350 copies


CRIPPLE BASTARDS “Misantropo a senso unico” gatefold LP+CD+7″ and Digipack 2xCD  (F.O.A.D. 188)

Misantropo a senso unico” – Italy’s most classic Grindcore album ever – turns 20 and gets celebrated with a top notch deluxe edition enriched with a lot of extra contents. Originally released in 2000, CB‘s 2nd full length is an incredible outburst of hyperfast hate-fueled Grind rooted in the most furious and violent 80’s Italian Hardcore. 16 songs of manic speed scream-out-lungs hatred at its most nihilistic form, the band’s absolute manifesto. UK’s Terrorizer Mag quoted it as nr. 6 of the most essential Grindcore albums of all times. S.O.D. / Brutal Truth / Hemlock / Anthrax / Nuclear Assault bassist Dan Lilker about this album: “Exquisitely insane hardcore grind that reminds me of why I got into all this shit back in the late Eighties”.

This package includes both the original version (2000) and the highly acclaimed redux edition (that adds a bonus track) made in 2013 starting from the master reels, mixed with feverish care at Toxic Basement Studio under constant supervision of the band, to keep the original rawness and rage completely intact and utterly reinforced.  And to make this version the most exhaustive ever, in the vinyl version you’ll also find the 7″EP “Il grande silenzio“, recorded few months before the album and including rawer versions of 5 hits later re-recorded on the LP.

The definitive untoppable re-edition of this masterpiece of bloodthirsty fury! Watch the trailer HERE

LP with the original version (2000)
 Pristine replica of the original gatefold jacket printed in the same factory as the 2000 version
24 page booklet
 Bonus “Il grande silenzio” 7″
 Bonus CD with the 2013 redux version including 1 bonus track
 Enhanced video documentary about the album

Available in two different versions:

Diehard funeral purple vinyl limited to 150 copies

Black vinyl limited to 350 copies

DOUBLE CD version
CD1 original version (2000)
CD2 redux version (2013) with 1 bonus track
 Enhanced video documentary about the album
8 panel digipack with double booklet


SAGATRAKAVASHEN “Saga of darkness 1988-2018” 2xLP gatefold (F.O.A.D. 202)

Ultra-raw, primordial Black Metal Punk from the frozen Alps! Enter the obscure myth of Pentacolar, a mysterious entity delivering some of the filthiest, visionary Metal/Punk ever conceived in Italy…  a unique case of radical isolationism completely stuck in a ’80s time-machine that never reached the internet era… even in his most recent recordings, all things are made as if the clock hand stopped in 1988: same instruments and recording equipment of when he started. No emails or social networks – all the communication for this release has been carried out via telephone calls, hand written letters and of course masters on audio cassettes. Musically, SAGATRAKAVASHEN sounds like an archaic mix of ancient Black Metal a la Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer with some HM incursions (think of early Death SS and Wratchild – of which you’ll also find a cover) all tied up by strong DIY ethics and a Hardcore imprint rooted in the Italian school of bands like Wretched, Eu’s Arse, Dioxina and so on.

This anthology collects the band’s complete discography 1988-2018 consisting of:

extremely rare “Forza Arcana” debut demo (1988)
Sexual Lust” EP (1989)
Borealis!” Demo (1991)
Omega Lucerna Onirica” EP (2018)

All ripped from Pentacolar’s mastertapes and specially remastered for vinyl! Gatefold sleeve with 20 page booklet including photos, flyers, original art, zine excerpts and an interesting biographical note that came together as the result of a telephone chat with this mastermind of darkness. If you’re fascinated by the roots of Italian blackened Metal and want to hear the most uncontaimnated clash of old school Metal performed with ’80s Hardcore energy, you can’t miss SAGATRAKAVASHEN! Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Diehard marbled flaming orange vinyl limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl limited to 200 copies

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