RAPT “Thrash war – discography 1984-1987” LP+7″+CD and FEAR OF GOD “s/t EP” (12″ version) preorders start NOW!!

After a short break to rearrange things in our warehouse, ship the many orders for the CB boxset and do an inventory, we’re back with our usual double assault of headblowing sonic butchery. And this month things are getting really sick, as we’re ready to launch 2 pioneering Noisecore blasts from the 80s, respectively hailing from France and Switzerland. The first surprise is nothing else but the “Thrash war” total discography LP+7″+CD by RAPT, that after being almost 3 years in the making is finally ready to incinerate your turntable.

The other is the 30th anniversary edition of one of our all time favourite records, the legendary s/t 21 track EP 1988 by the Swiss noisecore terrorists FEAR OF GOD, for the first time on 12″ in a top sounding ear damaging edition. So RAPTThrash war – discography 1984-1987” LP+7″+CD and FEAR OF GOD “s/t EP” (12″ version) are up for preorders. We’ll start to ship on February 17th 2018.

More in detail about each release:

RAPT “Thrash war – discography 1984-1987” LP+7″+CD  (F.O.A.D. 139)

Noise with distortion – it’s the Thrash core. Musical destruction, now another war… it’s an expression. Here’s the Thrash War!” these are the lyrics of the title track, to give you a picture of the sonic hecatomb that these French maniacs were spawning. Out of tune guitars, manic fast drumming and rabid vocals… logos of LÄRM, KAAOS, HEADCLEANERS, EU’S ARSE on their jackets. Add that their only 7″ got originally released on “Caos Produzioni” by the singer of WRETCHED… you can easily guess how they were sounding. RAPT were certainly not the earliest Hardcore band in the 80s’ French scene but certainly one of the fastest and noisiest. This total discography set authorized by the band’s bass player and screamer Olivier collects their Split 7″ with Final Blast, all their demos (also including the 3rd one recorded in NYC with a different line-up) and a very detailed selection of rare recordings, most of which have never been released to date.

Each session has been transferred from the mastertapes provided by the band and accurately mastered for vinyl, you have never heard RAPT sounding so powerful and clear as on this ultimate release. Housed in a gatefold sleeve with a fanzine styled booklet full of photos, flyers, zine excerpts and original artworks. The extra 7″ has the NYC demo 1987 while the bonus CD has all what you’ll find on the LP and 7″ + some bonus live and rehearsals.

Available in 2 different versions:

Diehard edition on splatter blue vs bone-white vinyl, limited to 150 copies

Regular black vinyl limited to 400 copies


FEAR OF GOD “s/t EP” – 12″ version –  (F.O.A.D. 140)

Exactly 30 years ago this milestone of sheer brutality was originally released on 7″ by Temple Of Love Records. Call it Noisecore, Grind, whatthefuckcore… this 21 track destroyer still stands as one of the best records ever conceived in the history of extreme music. To celebrate this anniversary FOAD Records is reissuing it for the first time on 12″ cut at 45rpm for the best possible sonic annihilation, housed in a 80’s styled maxi single sleeve with lyrics insert and bonus sticker.

This 21-track EP is essential in whatever form you stumble across it. The short-lived (1986-1988), much hyped and oft-bootlegged Swiss outfit, as enigmatic and distant as the cold, dissonant bursts imprisoned on this EP, blended early Napalm Death, Swans and something indescribable of their own to create an achingly raw and wordless primal scream” (Terrorizer Mag, UK – “Essential Grindcore albums – Europe”)

Limited edition of 400 copies, all on transparent vinyl

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