POISON “Höelle und Vernichtung – Complete discography 1984/1987” Boxset OUT NOW on FOAD Records!

At last! One of the most anticipated releases in F.O.A.D.‘s history is ready and it finally invaded our warehouse!!! Poison “Höelle und Vernichtung – Complete discography 1984/1987” boxset is here and it’s ready to go… there are only 30 copies left of the diehard edition on splatter vinyl with extra backpatch and A1 poster so blast at the speed of light! Please, be patient because this mammoth is HUGE (each copy weighs 2,4 Kg) and will take a while to send out all preorders, of course we’ll do our best to send them all out within a week or two… And this is just the beginning! This scorching hot summer will see a streak of releases by F.O.A.D. Records, so keep your eyes open, the next batch of preorders will be announced in few days and then another will follow!

All the existing POISON recordings from 1984 to 1987 + an extensive choice of unreleased material, over 5 hours of pure infernal armageddon from one of the most ancient pioneering Black/Death Metal hellhounds of the mittel-European scene of the 80s. To make things fair for those who had already got our previous POISON vinyl releases, this boxset is somehow completing the series because “Sons of evil“, “Bestial Death” and “Awakening of the dead” on it are featured on CD only, while all the rest (that has mostly never been released before) is included on LP. Quoting the band’s master-mind of evil Uli “Angel Of Death” Hildenbrand: “When F.O.A.D. contacted me the first time to discuss the possibility of a complete re-release of all those ancient tapes, I basically thought they were nuts – and told them so – however; through sheer tenacity they managed to convince me that it was about time for a really professional overworking of the material – hence the re-release of the first 3 demos and now THIS: basically everything you always wanted to know about POISON but were afraid to ask for! Seriously; this box has it all – the best sounding-material available, all lovingly remastered and re-designed (with a little help from yours truly); all of it taken from the original masters, some of it never released before! Even I myself was amazed by the results – which is something that happens very rarely – so, if you are a fan and you want to experience the story of the band from beginning to end, here is your perfect time machine! So if you’re ready for some 5-6 hours of poisonous pleasures – IMMERSE YOURSELF!

This monster comes in an embossed deluxe box and includes 5 x LPs, 2 x digipack CDs and a 60 page hard cover book collecting all their existing photos, flyers, artworks, ‘zine excerpts and more! Every recording has been ripped from the master-tapes provided by the band and maniacally restored and remastered. More in detail about the contents:

LP1 : “Into the abyss” (remastered by Uli Hildenbrand)

LP 2+3 (gatefold) : Full 1986 Live set in rehearsal (previously unreleased)

LP 4 : The First Gig 1985: “Live Terror” (extended version featuring the complete show, as the ’80s cassette edition wasn’t complete)

LP 5 : Final Gig 1987 and earliest rehearsals 1984 (previously unreleased, including songs that were completely unknown to date)

CD 1 : “Sons Of Evil” Demo 1984 + 5 unreleased tracks from rehearsals 1984 (also including a Venom cover)

CD 2 : “Bestial Death” Demo 1985 + “Awakening Of The Dead” Demo 1986

Available in two different versions :

Diehard edition on grey/black color-in-color vinyl with extra backpatch and A1 poster strictly limited to 150 copies

Black vinyl limited to 350 copies

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