NAPALM “1984-1986” casewrapped LP and SCHIZO “Before the collapse 1985-1987” gatefold LP+7″+CD: pre-orders start now!!

Two new F.O.A.D. releases for April… you knew we wouldn’t have missed the appointment! And once again this is a very special release party for us, due to two important reasons: 1) we’re finally announcing the first ever Japanese Hardcore band on FOAD (more will follow, it’s a promise!), and it’s an immense honour as we’re total maniacs and collectors of the hundreds of rare Rising Sun HC treasures… for some of us a true obsession! 2) After a very long time we are finally bringing to light the complete Demo collection of a Sicilian extreme Metal legend that we totally respect and support since the early days. So here we go, pre-orders for NAPALM1984-1986” case-wrapped LP and SCHIZOBefore the collapse 1985-1987” gatefold LP+7″+CD are up now! The official release date is set for April 26th 2016 even if we will premiere both LPs at this weekend’s “45th Mega Record Fair” in Utrecht/Holland (come to visit us at stall 94 in the Metal/Punk area!). As usual act fast if you want to grab the limited die-hard versions on splatter vinyl, and an extra note about Schizo for all those who are asking if there will ever be a CD edition: the CD included into this collection has also all the LP + 7″ contents, so if you want to hear it on CD order the complete package and you get it inside! More in detail:

NAPALM “1984-1986” casewrapped LP (F.O.A.D. 102)

Hailing from Sapporo City, Japan, NAPALM stands as one of the oldest and rawest Hardcore bands ever spawned from that area. For the times they started they were incredibly fast, furious and aggressive. For us at FOAD this is a typical case of undiscovered HC treasure and we are honoured to make it available on vinyl for the very first time, in a super deluxe edition with hardbound case-wrapped cover (taking inspiration from the legendary Selfish Records LPs!), extra OBI strip and insert loaded with photos, original cassette artworks and liner notes.

They used to describe themselves as “JAPANESE AUTHENTIC HARDCORE PUNK“, their sound was an insanely distorted yet powerful wall of noisy HC.. even if from a different area – they can remind stuff like KURO, GAI, L.S.D. and 1982-84 era THE COMES. Straight from the record’s insert: the band sprinkled the noise and speed of angry Hardcore waves starting in 1983 and becoming one of the earliest Hardcore Punk bands that came from Sapporo City. They were active until 1986. As reported on a previous cassette version: “The live tracks included here were recorded at a show they played, on that show the crowd was so frightened and paralized by fear that one person fainted, so those tracks can be considered NAPALM’s “masterpiece” and memories.

This LP collects all the band’s existing recordings starting from the classic “Detestable deed” demo (all songs are included here except a spoken outro at the end of A-side on the cassette), the ultra-rare “Sapporo Punk Omnibus” comp. trax and the above mentioned live footage!

Available in two different versions:

DIE-HARD EDITION military green vinyl with blood red splattering, limited to 100 copies

BLACK VINYL limited to 300 copies


SCHIZO “Before the collapse – the complete recollection 1985-1987” gatefold LP+7″+CD (F.O.A.D. 101)

Years and years in the making (more than 5!), here it finally comes.. the most exhaustive SCHIZO demo collection you can dream about. One LP, one 7″ and one CD all in one package, housed in a thick gatefold sleeve with a poster-sized foldout insert full of rare photos and ‘zine excerpts… a true work of heart just like every FOAD release! This collection compiles all the band’s recordings before their killer “Main frame collapse” debut full length (1989), 20 songs of what was with no doubt one of the most deranged, fast and original Extreme Metal acts in the 80s Italian panorama. If you also count in the early stuff by their brothers-in-mayhem Necrodeath, these were the first examples of hyper-speed driven thrashin’ Death Metal from Italy, that in more simple words equals “the first blast beats to ever land on the Italian Metal territories“. Here you get their complete “T.T.U.T.T.K. [Thrash The Unthrashable – Thrash To Kill]” – Demo 1985, “TOTAL SCHIZOPHRENIA” – Demo 1986, “M.F.C. [Main Frame Collapse Demo]” – 1987 and as bonus an ultra obscure “Private rehearsal tape – May 31, 1985” with completely unreleased tracks!

All these treasures mastered from the best sounding 1st generation sources provided and approved by the band.. This monsterwork portrays in the most effective way the band’s evolution from their nihilistic thrashing Hardcore roots to the sadistic nerve-ripping sonic torment of their cult “Total schizophrenia” Demo (mentioned by Max Cavalera as one of the reasons why they chose “Schizophrenia” as title for Sepultura’s 2nd masterpiece). Fans of ultra fast blasting Thrash a la Wehrmacht, early Sadus, Merciless, Sarcofago.. this is a must have!

DIE-HARD EDITION on aside/bside blue vs bone white splatter vinyl, limited to 100 copies

BLACK VINYL limited to 300 copies

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