MULE SKINNER “Airstrike” LP/CD, MULE SKINNER “Beyond the abuse 1991-1993” LP and SELF DECONSTRUCTION “Wounds” LP out NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!!

We’re just back from the Obscene Extreme‘s 20th year anniversary edition that as expected was a complete blast, and we’re ready to announce our new batch of releases for July. As already anticipated, our choice for this month goes hand in hand with the OEF‘s line, so get ready for a brain-ripping Grindcore assault from USA and Japan! Yes, MULE SKINNERAirstrike” LP/CD, MULE SKINNERBeyond the abuse 1991-1993” LP and SELF DECONSTRUCTIONWounds” LP are both out NOW on F.O.A.D. Records… most preorders have been sent already, those that were also including the CD version of “Airstrike” are being shipped now since there was a slight delay from the pressing plant. Japanese customers, remember that Self DeconstructionWounds” LP has been co-released with Break The Records that has an exclusive bloodred vinyl version ltd to 250, FOAD’s version is on milky clear wax also ltd to 250!

More in detail about each release:

MULE SKINNER “Airstrike” LP / CD (F.O.A.D. 148)

Formed in 1990, MULE SKINNER stands as one of the first Death/Grind outfits spawned by the infernal circles of New Orleans that also gave birth to bands like Eyehategod, Crowbar, Soilent Green, Exhorder and so on. Since their first demo, they proved to take no prisoners with their tight, neck-breaking Grindcore aggression. “Airstrike” marks their merciless comeback 23 years after their devastating debut album “Abuse“. And it sounds like no time has passed since then, as they are even faster and more crushing. Ballistic blast beats, caustic vocals and highly addictive riffs make the 13 songs on this new full length a complete aural warfare in the race to be one of the best Grind albums of the year, recommended to fans of Assück, Terrorizer, Flesh Parade, early Brutal Truth etc. click HERE for the trailer!

CD (8-page booklet)

Diehard splatter (clear with black speckles, ltd. to 100)

Black vinyl (ltd. to 200)


MULE SKINNER “Beyond the abuse 1991-1993” LP (F.O.A.D. 147)

A descent into the early terrorizing sounds of this legendary New Orleans’ Death / Grindcore unit. This LP includes their “Stripped of flesh” Demo (1991), “Servitude” EP (1993) and a completely unreleased “Abuse” demo (1993) recently found in the band’s archives. As usual meticulously restored and remastered for the most devastating sonic impact on vinyl. Get ready for a fierce bombing of pulverizing, Death-tinged Grindcore delivered with ferocious speed and tightness. LP includes an insert and a poster with liner notes, rare flyers and photos, original artworks and more! click HERE for the trailer!

Diehard splatter (white melted with black, ltd. to 100)

Black vinyl (ltd. to 200)



Hailing from Tokyo, Japan – SELF DECONSTRUCTION describe themselves as “free-style Grindcore / PowerViolence“. Think of a brutally insane tornado of tempo-changes, suicidal blast beats at outrageous speed and schizophrenic riffing, all topped by the vitriolic screams of the female frontman Kubine. In short: sick as fuck! “Wounds” is their 2016’s album that originally came out on CD only in Japan, released by Break The Records. It consists of 23 bursts of sickness rarely lasting over 1 minute, most of them knocking you down in a few seconds!! To support the band’s first European crusade and above all their appearance at the Obscene Extreme Fest 2018, F.O.A.D. Records and Break The Records join forces to make this brain-stabbing piece of violence finally available on vinyl in a deluxe version including a full colored insert with the original art. Japanese customers get the exclusive blood red version ltd to 250 directly from Break The Records, the F.O.A.D. version on sale here and at the Obscene Extreme Festival is all on milky white vinyl, also limited to 250. click HERE for the trailer

Milky white vinyl (ltd. to 250)

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