MESSIAH DEATH “Invocated unholy tracks” 2xLP and MILITARY SHADOW “Blood for freedom” LP are out now, INZEST “Violence not words” and CHINPIRA “Rebel Noise Hardcore Punk” sold out on preorder!!

It’s not our style to get to the out-now date of new releases having not yet shipped the preorders, unfortunately in this case we even had to postpone the date of 1 week, due to a series of delays and negligence from the pressing plant… Finally, we have received the last parts missing today (June 29) so from now we’ll start to send everything as quickly as possible. We apologize for this unexpected situation but things went totally out of our control and thank you all for the many preorders and for waiting a bit more than usual. As you can read from the title, 2 out of 4 releases (Inzest and Chinpira) got sold out on preorder, so from today MESSIAH DEATHInvocated unholy tracks: the most complete collection of Messiah Death” 2xLP gatefold and MILITARY SHADOWBlood for freedom” LP are officially available and ready to ship. We still have a handful of limited colored vinyl copies of each, so if you haven’t yet secured them to your collection this is the last chance to do it! What to add? Stay tuned and keep an eye on our sites because we decided to tighten the times a bit to catch up with our release schedule, so from next week we’ll start to reveal new F.O.A.D. sonic crimes coming up next!

More in detail about Messiah Death and Military Shadow:

MESSIAH DEATH “Invocated unholy tracks: the most complete collection of Messiah Death” 2xLP gatefold

Complete discography of these grim and aggressive Japanese Death Metal lunatics! Formed in Tokyo in 1987 on the ashes of Criminal Christ, MESSIAH DEATH stand among the earliest acts to raise the unholy flag of Death Metal in their country along with a handful of bands such as Crucifixion, Beleth, Vexation… considering that Necrophile and Transgressor started a bit later. Their style was originally inspired by classics like Possessed, Death, Slayer but gradually escalated to a much rawer and aggressive Death-thrashing onslaught with echoes of bands like Massacre (US), Morbid Angel, Nihilist combined to influences from the South American school of Mutilator, early Sepultura, Vulcano and so on. This double LP includes the band’s most complete discography to date, with even more tracks than the now hard to find CD collection released in 2013.

– “Gore of the crucifix” Demo (1987)

– “Immortal kingdom” Demo (1988)

– “Invocated unholy souls” Demo (1989)

– “Live at Explosion Rock House, Tokyo” (1988)

– BONUS out takes and unreleased versions.

Audio restored from the original band’s sources and specially mastered for vinyl. Gatefold sleeve and MASSIVE full colored booklet including a wide selection of photos, memorabilia, original art, historical notes and lyrics!! Intense, flesh-ripping old school Death Metal at the rawest form! Watch the trailer HERE

Available in 2 different versions:

Diehard beer yellow vinyl with blood-red splattering ltd. to 150 copies

Solid black vinyl limited to 350 copies


– MILITARY SHADOW “Blood for freedom” LP

Total Metal/Punk armageddon from this current-day Japanese terrorsquad! Their 2nd full length album for the first time on vinyl. Get ready for a vicious orgy of metallic Hardcore savagery exploding through incendiary riffs, epic GISM-flavored solos and rabid vocals. A must have for fans of GISM, DEAD ARMYS, THE SEXUAL and PARASITE!

Their debut CD “Metal Punk Ironfist” was undoubtedly a good surprise, but when we first played “Blood for freedom” we had no exitation in asking them if we could put it out on vinyl, it absolutely shreds! Comes with OBI strip and insert including lyrics and band photos. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in 2 different versions:

Diehard transparent red vinyl ltd. to 100 copies

Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies

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