MAD CONFLUX “Crazy action party” gatefold 2xLP and S.L.O.D. “Satanic Legion Of Death – Demo 1986” LP…pre-orders are open NOW!!!

Just in time to recover from the avalanche of brain squeezing Thrash that we delivered few weeks ago with Cryptic Slaughter and Attomica, and we’re back again with another onset of speed + sonic violence… And with immense pleasure we’re proud to introduce one more Japanese Hardcore discography (after delivering the likes of NAPALM, The GEROGERIGEGEGE, TOXIC NOISE and Q.O.P.) with the double LP version of MAD CONFLUX‘s “Crazy Action Party“, a 43 song beast of the fastest and most intense Japanese Hardcore for all you maniacs loving bands like Outo, Gauze, Systematic Death, Lipcream, S.O.B. and so on… And to keep things equally noisy and extreme we have decided to match them with an ultra-obscure cult of the pioneering proto-grind era… one of the very first Death Metal (at blasting speeds) atrocities to appear on the Yugoslavian territory back in 1986… SATANIC LEGION OF DEATH!!  So get ready for the massacre: MAD CONFLUXCrazy action party” gatefold 2xLP and S.L.O.D. “Satanic Legion Of Death – Demo 1986” LP are up for preorders!! Both releases will be premiered at FOAD records‘ stand in Utrecht/Holland at the unmissable Mega Record Fair on April 8-9 and we’ll start to ship all orders on April 11th. As usual our advice is to act fast if you want to catch the limited mailorder versions on colored vinyl as they’re expected to sell out quickly!

Now more in detail about each release:

MAD CONFLUX “Crazy action party” 2xLP gatefold + booklet (F.O.A.D. 120)

Another crazy Japanese Hardcore release on FOAD RecordsMAD CONFLUX were one of the greatest thrashing HC units to come out from the Yokosuka/Yokohama area… just like SYSTEMATIC DEATH, RAISE CAIN, TOXIC NOISE, PILE DRIVER, BATTLE ATTACKER and many more. These psychos terrorized the masses from 1985 to 1991 delivering some of the fastest and most addictive HC with that skate-thrash vibe that made the late ’80s/early ’90s Japancore scene so unique and unmatched. Their discography is fragmented on several compilation appearances and the hard to find split flexi 7″ (1987) with JANKY.  They self-released a limited discography CD in 2005 that got instantly sold out. This double LP includes all their existing studio and live recordings (43 songs!) for the first time on vinyl, scrupulously remastered from the best sounding sources to properly incinerate your eardrums. It comes in a highly deluxe packaging with weighty gatefold sleeve and ’80s fanzine styled booklet including photos, gig flyers and biographical notes written by their guitarist Ori, also playing in PILE DRIVER and in the current line-up of the mighty DEATH SIDE!!

Available in 2 versions:

Die-hard edition on dirty white vinyl with red splattering limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl, limited to 300 copies


S.L.O.D. “Satanic Legion Of Death – Demo 1986” LP (F.O.A.D. 123)

Hailing from ex Yugoslavia, SATANIC LEGION OF DEATH stand as one of the most obscure and extreme Death/Thrashcore hordes surfaced in the mid ’80s, worshipped by tape trades of the time as one of the fastest and sickest blasting monstrosities of the pre-grindcore era! They are considered as probably the earliest Death Metal act from Slovenia (and all ex-Yugo) and their first and only demotape was a sort of virtually non-existent cult mentioned on a handful of ‘zines and rarely quoted by the later generation of Noise/Grind pioneers (Jan Agathocles among them) among the oldest incarnations of the blastcore formula. Musically, they remind of South American slaughterers like BLASFEMIA, PARABELLUM, HOLOCAUSTO but way faster and more chaotic, with a sinister feeling of evil and gloom surrounding them.

Quoting Laurent Ramadier (Snakepit Mag / Decibel Of Death): “Man I surely did ate this recording like crazy back in the day…. That noise was so fresh and we had already been used to the likes of ACRID, EVOKED DOOM, early POISON, ARSENIC and the likes so nothing could frighten us at that point haha! I also recall getting this recording in the mail via Shane Embury from his WARHAMMER days… The cool tape trading days. I had no choice than review it in my zine, D.O.D., from that point because it was so magnificently extreme!” Now finally this ultra-obscure gem comes back from the dead getting the proper FOAD treatment, mastered from the best sounding source in existence. One sided LP with a silk screened original art silk screened on the flipside. Incudes an insert with lyrics, drawings and liner notes.

Available in 2 versions:

Die-hard edition on red vinyl limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl, limited to 200 copies

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