LETHAL AGGRESSION “Life is hard..” and D.R.I. / RAW POWER “The dirty rotten power ep” OUT NOW!!

FOAD Records’ 2 x hottest and most anticipated releases of the summer are finally unleashed, and we are ready to start shipping the many pre-orders that arrived in the last days. A brief introduction to each of them:

– LETHAL AGGRESSION “Life is hard…but that’s no excuse” gatefold LP (FOAD 034)

Official re-issue of this seminal New Jersey Thrashcore/Crossover slap in the face originally released in 1989 and since then never repressed on vinyl. LA’s deadly formula is an overdose of fast and intense HC (or better, as they say: Drug-core) that reminds a speeded up answer to MDC and DRI tinged with the Thrashcore fury of SOD, Crumbsuckers and Wehrmacht. This band is a true unsung legend, we were lucky enough to see them on their only European tour with Youth Of Today back in 1989 in which they literally destroyed everything with incredibly raging live performances. Here you finally get the chance to re-discover this Thrashcore classic specially remastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studios, with 2 extra tracks, a superthick gatefold cover, printed inner sleeve with lyrics and tons of photos… First 100 copies via mailorder come in alien green vinyl sprayed with lemmon-714 yellow speckles!!

Order the limited splatter edition here:

Or the regular black here:

– D.R.I. / RAW POWER “The dirty rotten power EP” double flexi disc 7″ (FOAD 036)

Special limited 10 year edition re-issue of the D.R.I. vs Raw Power “Dirty Rotten Power EP” served in a double one-sided flexi disc set!! Hot from their string of Italian shows that paved the way for this release, DRI and Raw Power are uniting forces on this highly collectable item… 2012’s “Dirty Rotten Power EP” consists of 2 x one-sided flexi disc EP’s, one on transparent green wax and one clear orange, both with silver and gold stamp foil logos on. The sleeve is a replica of the previous EP that came out in 2002, what really makes this release a worth choice is that we added an extra UNRELEASED Raw Power song that wasn’t featured on the previous split and doesn’t appear on any other RP works by far! All in all you get over 10 minutes of rapid, powerful Hardcore Crossover from two bands that have been the true history of HC in the last 3 decades.

Order your copy here:

…out next (September 2012):

– HELLWITCH “Syzigial miscreancy + demos” double gatefold LP

– MINKIONS “Distorted pictures from distorted reality” CD

– ED “Future primitive + old shit since 2003”

Anything else to say?