INSECT WARFARE “Entomological siege 2004/2009” BOXSET (3xLP+DVD and 2xCD+DVD) and SIEGE “Drop dead” 2xLP gatefold are out now on F.O.A.D. Records!!

The wait is over and two of the most anticipated and announced F.O.A.D. releases since we started it all are finally ready to ship. Yes, INSECT WARFAREEntomological siege 2004/2009” Boxset (3xLP+DVD and 2xCD+DVD) and SIEGEDrop dead” 2xLP gatefold are out now!! The amount of preorders that we received for these has been unreal, so please be patient, we usually send all orders on the exact date that we release them but in this case it will take at least 2-3 extra weeks to get it all sorted out. Consider the fact that we have a limitation on the number of packages that we can ship daily because we have repeatedly clogged the local postal warehouses with indescribable quantities of packages and Mbags, so we have to stick to a certain number of units to be mailed daily. This is is slowing things down a bit, but we’re doing our best to be as quick as possible. Some orders have been already sent in the last few days, some are going out soon. For any enquiries, feel free to email us but once again: be patient.

The diehard boxset versions of INSECT WARFARE (colored vinyl sets + slipmat or patch) have been completely sold out on preorder. We still have the black vinyl version that has the same audio and visual contents. And the stunning 2xCD+DVD box of course.

As for SIEGE, we still have a handful of copies of the diehard splatter versions (approx 20 of each) so don’t miss the chance, be fast!

More in detail about each release:

INSECT WARFARE “Entomological siege 2004/2009” (F.O.A.D. 165)

Get ready for a pulverising sonic hecatomb delivered by Texas’ unmatchable Grindcore assassins! After being in the works for years, here it is –  the ultimate INSECT WARFARE collection including all their singles, demos, compilation tracks, out takes and alternate recordings, unreleased tracks and rare live material… 99 songs, nearly 3 hours of merciless brutality. All scrupulously mastered for the best dynamic impact on vinyl! Triple LP set served in a deluxe trifold jacket with exclusive art by Lucas Korte, with a massive booklet filled with original artworks, scans of all the included works, flyers and photos. The CD version comes in a 8 panel L-pack with 24 page booklet. Plus a bonus DVD with their complete gig at Annie’s that simply kills!  If you dreamed of having all the hard to find INSECT WARFARE singles and rarest recordings all gathered in the same place, this is finally the definitive chance! Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions –


3 x LP’s + DVD
ltd to 400 copies on black vinyl housed in a trifold jacket with booklet.


2 x CD + DVD housed in a 8 panel deluxe L-pack with 24 page booklet.

**ALL VERSIONS INCLUDE A MASSIVE BOOKLET with original artworks, scans of all the included works, flyers and photos.**

============================== ===========

SIEGE “Drop dead – complete discography” 2xLP gatefold (F.O.A.D. 171)

Not many words needed to introduce SIEGE: they’re the undisputed generators of all hyper-speed Hardcore, Grindcore and blasting fast Thrash and have massively influenced a world of maniacs bringing musical extremities to the most outraegous boundaries, the first most obvious example being Napalm Death that mentioned them as an inspiration since the “Scum” era and covered “Walls” on their legendary Mick-Shane-Bill-Lee times Peel Sessions, or Heresy that covered “Conform” and the list goes on forever! In the early ’80s SIEGE paved their way into the violent Weymouth/Boston Hardcore scene delivering the fastest and most furious Hardcore ever heard. This double LP collection is the first ever official SIEGE release in Europe and their definitive, most complete discography to date, consisting of:

“Drop dead” studio session 1984
“Cleanse the bacteria” tracks 1984
Out takes from the original 1984 studio session
Lost session 1991 with Seth Putnam on vocals
UNRELEASED version of “Grim reaper”

All remastered for vinyl from the best audio sources in existence. Housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with silver hot foil stamp logo on the front and partial UV print, including a booklet with rare and never seen before photos, lyrics, original artworks.
Watch the trailer HERE

Available in the following versions –

DIEHARD aside/bside silver melted with white vinyl with black splattering limited to 150 copies

DIEHARD aside/bside silver melted with black vinyl with white splattering limited to 150 copies

REGULAR BLACK version limited to 400 copies

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