FOAD’s Xmas surprise: NERORGASMO “s/t” 7″EP reissued in a total quality-centered reproduction of the 1985 original!!

So this is really the last FOAD Records‘ surprise for this year, just in time for this filthy Christmas best portrayed by the cult drawing of Luca Abort included in the record we’re about to introduce here!

Yes, it was about time to bring back to life NERORGASMO‘s 1st legendary EP in a FOAD quality version that will hopefully satisfy those who can’t afford the original 1st press. This is an accurate reproduction of the original debut EP from 1985 with its 3 inserts (adding one extra artwork drawed by Luca Abort) and thick cardboard cover. NERORGASMO, the blackest and most sincere face of Torino’s Dark/Punk nihilism in the ’80s and early ’90s, the true sound of urban decadence in the city that generated some of the most active and creative Punk/HC acts back in the “fuorious years” of Italian hardcore (think of NEGAZIONE, DECLINO, 5# BRACCIO etc). This is their first legendary EP re-transfered from the 1st generation tape (so you won’t hear any old vinyl crackles).

Musically, this was a unique brand of blackened HC/Punk the Italian way crossed with some sinister Dark/Rock influences and the incredibly expressive vocals of Luca Abort (RIP) mixing rage with his sick sarcastic moods. Check the review on “Italy’s NERORGASMO (translates as “Black Orgasm” – wonderful!) released one of the darkest and most original sounding records of the 80s. Backwards message, weird sounds and ultra evil, CCM-like riffing, creating a sickly sweet atmosphere of lascivious cross-downturning. Just the way we love it so much! What is anarchy and subversion if there’s not some good old satanism involved.”  If you missed the ultra-rare 1st pressing now sold on discogs and ebay for hundreds of euros, this is a great chance to get it again in a new version capturing exactly the same mood and sound intensity!

Available in 2 different versions:

GRIMACE PURPLE VINYL (ltd to 100 copies only!)


no preorders for this one, it’s out NOW and you can purchase it NOW!

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