FOAD Records: Anticipations for a Thrashing Year 2011

It’s been 1 year now since FOAD Records was brought back to life by the joint venture of Marco FOAD and Giulio the Bastard, and this year has been a real massacre in terms of work and missed hours of sleep, we both come from labels that have never been so active (EU’91 SerbianLeague did 27 releases in 20 years and the previous FOAD 1986-2009 didn’t do more than 10 outputs in 20+ years).. only this year we put out 10 RELEASES one after the other.. a real record for us, starting with the gatefold LP re-issue of NECRODEATH “Into the macabre” (sold out and re-pressed in only a few weeks) and going on with GHOSTRIDER, JESTER BEAST, RATOS DE PORAO, SCHIZO, SAVAGE DEATH, WEHRMACHT and CRIPPLE BASTARDS.

Many of you are certainly wondering what’s brewing for the next months in our deathly thrash-core pit. So here’s some anticipations about the upcoming FOAD releases of 2011.. as you all know, both GHOSTRIDER‘s new album “The return of the ghost” CD (FOAD 016) and NERORGASMO’s CD+DVD (FOAD 013) are in the pressing plant as we speak and will be available very soon, around the mid of January 2011. Shortly after, we’re trying to get all of these albums released at the same time:

BLASFEMIA “Guerra total” LP : OFFICIAL TOTAL DISCOGRAPHY including some never released before ultra-rare recordings!! Legendary Colombian blackened Thrash apocalypse featuring members of the immortal deathcult PARABELLUM!! A torrential wall of mangled noise that reverberates sickly from the strings like a vomit fuzz noise, anticipating eagerly for you to say, “enough is enough”! This is the definitive edition you have been waiting for!!

SABBAT “Bloody Countess” digibook 3xCD : 48 song collection of ultrarare/unreleased demos, out takes and live material, everything feverishly selected from the best sources around, some provided by the evil lord Gezol himself!! Area Death China has been helping a lot on this, GTB working on the final layout right now!

GHOSTRIDER “Mayhemic Destruction + reh. ’84” LP : this is the improved (or extended version) re-issue of F.O.A.D. 008. Believe it or not, when the 10″ came out, some crazy collectors contacted us saying that they had copies of the GR Demo sounding way better than what we had released on vinyl (masters provided by the original band members themselves!). So we made a new selection out of 5 new sources and we got a final master that sounds worlds BETTER than the sold out 10″… plus, we got a 1st generation copy of the megarare rehearsal 1984, not even Mark Peso had a copy of it at home!!! On this version you’ll find completely unreleased songs and covers of VENOM and OMEN!!

AFTERMATH “When will you die?” Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 LP’s: complete demos collection 1986-1989 plus some very rare live extras for this Chicago Thrash legend of the ’80s/90s now finally back together. This will be released as 2 separated LP’s, one focusing on their early superfast Thrash-core days with the first two demos “Sentence of death” (1986) + “Killing the future” (1987) and their first show ever (1986), everything mastered from never heard before top quality sources, one including their “Words that echo fear” Demo (1989) and Demo 1990 + bonus live trax, showing their progession into technical Thrash with a unique prog vibe, think of the best elements of Coroner and Voivod.. Both will be probably wrapped and served together in a superlimited die-hard boxset, more details tba.

Later in the spring/summer we’ll temptatively try to schedule and release the following: PROTECTOR “Kain & Abel” Double LP (demos collection + rare/unreleased ’80s live tracks. The audio master is done, but we are still missing the final layout), S.O.D. “Crab society north days” Picture LP (first few hundred copies will come in a ltd die-hard edition with extra 10″ including a rehearsal 1985. The artwork is done – Bouzikov, final audio master almost ready.. cash missing!!), UPSET NOISE “Nothing more to be said / growing pain” CD+DVD (we have a full hard disk of rare and unreleased ’80s videos to be cut and edited + a shitload of photos!), EXCRUCIATION collection of their early thrash demos and first 12″.. vinyl on FOAD, CD on Area Death, LETHAL AGGRESSION double or triple CD set including tons of demos, rarities etc.. and a lot more!! So our best greetings for a happy new year to all those who have supported and followed FOAD in 2010, we promise you an earsplitting flood of top notch Thrash/HC/Black/Death classics in 2011!!

Giulio the Bastard + Marco FOAD

Anything else to say?