FEAR OF GOD, LETHAL AGGRESSION and HELLWITCH coming out soon on FOAD Records!!!

Things have been stuck for a while at the FOAD headquarters as we recently moved tons of records to a new (bigger) warehouse and because the upcoming releases in the works are taking more time to be sent to production than what was expected. Anyway, we can finally announce what’s brewing in our cauldron of ear-smashing noise. We are about to send to the pressing plants the following 3 gems:

– FEAR OF GOD “1st EP” : a Picture disc 7″ housed in a thick ultra-elegant gatefold die cut sleeve.  This is the official reissue of the devastating 21 song EP that originally came out on Temple Of Love Records in 1988 and was later repressed on MCD by Giulio The Bastard’s E.U. ’91 Produzioni. The main difference to the CD reissue is that this EP is taken from the original reels and it’s not a vinyl rip, it comes from the 1st generation master with no vinyl crackles. It would be a joke to say that it sounds “cleaner”, it just gives more power and rawness to the punch-in-the-face effect that this Noisecore milestone delivers to the listener. Strictly limited to 300 copies.. will there be an even more ltd die hard version among those? wait and see. Pre-orders starting soon.  Temptative release date mid of July in time for the Obscene Extreme Festival but nothing confirmed yet.

– LETHAL AGGRESSION “Life is hard… but that’s no excuse at all!” LP : gatefold LP with inner sleeve, first 100 copies in splatter fluo green vinyl. Official reissue of this incredible ballistic Thrashcore classic with a handful of bonus tracks. Never reissued on vinyl since the original Funhouse pressing in 1988, this new edition is coming in a high glossy laminated gatefold including photos and tons of lyrics. This record will introduce a 5 disc boxset CD collection – coming out later this year – including tons of demos, rarities and outtakes from these New Jersey’s drug-core dealers. Pre-orders starting soon, temptative release date mid of July.

– HELLWITCH “Syzygial miscreancy + early demos” Double LP: officially licenced by Displeased Records. Re-issue of Florida’s technical Thrashing Death pioneers’ most popular recordings. “Syzigial miscreancy” recorded at Morrisound Studios by Scott Burns originally came out in 1990 on Wild Rags and hasn’t been repressed on vinyl since then. This double LP is also adding all the extra demo material (1984-1989) featured on the latter CD remaster on Displeased and some rare unreleased live tracks from the Syzigial days. Totally repackaged in a high glossy laminated gatefold with photos, liner notes and a detailed biography. Hellwitch, along with Atheist and Death, among several others, stumbled onto a new (for 1990) style of extreme metal…with brilliant results. “Syzigial miscreancy” is just so far-out and well-made for 1990, and even by today’s standards, that it deserves to be held in the highest regard and treated with the utmost respect, as it was bands like Hellwitch who truly advanced the development of extreme (and technical) death metal. First 100 copies in splatter vinyl. Pre-orders starting soon, temptative release date mid of July.

Anything else to say?