FEAR OF GOD – 21 song 7″ deluxe picture disc gatefold EP – preorders starting NOW!!!

Even if we’re hyper-busy working at summer festivals and many of our upcoming releases seem to be bad fated being delayed over and over for reasons we couldn’t expect, we are finally taking a breathe to announce that the longly awaited pre-sales for FEAR OF GOD “s/t” EP are finally open… The official release date for this is set to July 17th 2012 but the actual release-party date is the Obscene Extreme Festival in Trutnov, Czech Republic, so if you’re coming there and want to grab this record without wasting cash on postage, make sure to visit our FOAD stand and ask for it.  By the way, we’ll only have the regular picture disc EP version (ltd to 300) on sale at the festival, while the ultra-limited die hard bundle (ONLY 30 COPIES!) will be only available through our mailorder/webstore.

So, secure your copy of this Noisecore milestone PRE-ORDERING NOW…

REGULAR EDITION (picture disc EP in deluxe gatefold sleeve w/ diecut + sticker)

DIE-HARD COLLECTOR’S BUNDLE (picture disc EP in deluxe gatefold sleeve w/ diecut + tshirt + patch + sticker + some extra surprises that will be announced later!

This is the official re-issue of FEAR OF GOD’s classic 21 song EP originally released in 1988 by Temple Of Love Records. The new packaging is a passionate replica of the original, with the front cover art made by Stiv Valli of TVOR Records. Here’s some introductive quotes about the record:

“What we have here is for passionate noise makers. I may not have been the biggest fan/support of FOG but what they did and especially here with their first release (which i still have my 7”) was real and from the heart and grindcore the way it should be. Messy chaotic dirty raw and a ronseal voodle doss. FOG were the first to bring Napalm Death to Switzerland. Turn up and wreck shop……………(Mick Harris / NAPALM DEATH, SCORN, PAINKILLER, DEFECATION)

“This 21-track EP is essential in whatever form you stumble across it. The short-lived (1986-1988), much hyped and oft-bootlegged Swiss outfit, as enigmatic and distant as the cold, dissonant bursts imprisoned on this EP, blended early Napalm Death, Swans and something indescribable of their own to create an achingly raw and wordless primal scream” (Terrorizer Mag, UK – “Essential Grindcore albums – Europe”)

“Since my early days into Grindcore (and extremism in general), FEAR OF GOD has always been one of the purest influences so far as we talk of venting out hatred and generating brutality in its most savage form. This is what I really mean when I say “brutal” and it has nothing to do with the mass of hypertechnical and excessively wanked death metal acts that years later gave birth to the so called “Brutal Death” genre. FEAR OF GOD is an expression of darkness and negativity no-one has ever been able to top. (..) Unbelievably fierce and painful Noise/Grind from a band that traced the first steps in extreme music and has never been topped in terms of violence and hatred. 21 tracks – 21 pages of Grind history!” (Giulio the Bastard / CRIPPLE BASTARDS)

Anything else to say?