FANTOM “Lucifer jeleni meg! + Rehearsals 1987” LP and DEVASTATION “The possibility of life’s destruction” LP+CD out NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!!

We’re just back from the many summer festivals that we have attended with our FOAD booth armed to the teeth with thousands of records and here we are ready to announce our double thrashing assault for August. As previously announced, this time we have picked two great East European bands that deserved the proper vinyl treatment to enhance their classic recordings. Hailing from Hungary and Croatia, it’s time to introduce you to FANTOM with their legendary “Lucifer jelenj meg!” demo for the first time on LP with some extra rare rehearsals 1987 and DEVASTATION with their thrashing bomb “The possibility of life’s destruction” LP also including a bonus CD. Both releases are OUT NOW on FOAD Records, strictly limited to 300 copies! All your preorders will be shipped starting from tomorrow. NOTE: due to a mistake of the pressing plant, the diehard edition of FANTOM was pressed on dark green vinyl instead of piss yellow as originally planned. So don’t be surprised if you expected a yellow copy and you’ll get it on green, there are no yellow copies of this at all. Act fast for these colored vinyl versions as there aren’t many left.

More in detail about each release:

FANTOM “Lucifer jeleni meg! + Rehearsals 1987” LP (F.O.A.D. 151)

Although Tormentor is said to be the classic Hungarian black metal band, there was an even more evil entity lurking in the darkness of the Magyar infernal circles: FANTOM. This shortly lived horde was probably one of the best East European’s answers to Bathory and represented the ancient feeling of Black Metal in music just as in lyrics: only gruesome melodies and Satanic invocations can be found here. 31 years later, their ominous “Lucifer Jelenj Meg” demotape 1987 comes back to light for the first time on vinyl enriched by rare rehearsals from the same era, remastered from the best sounding sources provided by Metal Or Die Records, a Hungarian label that over time has been strongly committed to keeping the kvlt of this underground Metal icon alive.

FANTOM‘s influences ranged from bands such as Bathory, Possessed, Hellhammer, Venom and Slayer, their song-writing was simple and direct but extremely distinctive, oozing of a unique atmosphere of malevolence and obscurity.  Highly recommended to the true maniacs of old school Black/Death Metal delivered with passion and sincerity.  Comes with 2 inserts including lyrics, rare photos and original artworks.

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Available in two different versions:

Die-hard edition on dark green vinyl strictly limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl version, limited to 200 copies


DEVASTATION “The possibility of life’s destruction” LP + CD (F.O.A.D. 153)

Emerging from the ever influential and colorful Yugo 80’s underground, DEVASTATION were one of the first Thrash Metal bands from Yugoslavia (among Evil Blood, Witchcraft, Heller, Bloodbath, Bombarder and few more). Their style was a scorching Speed/Thrash aggression, think of early Voivod and Onslaught with HC/Punk influences (as a matter of fact they covered bands like Discharge and S.O.D.). The band recorded two demo tapes before the end of the eighties and appeared on some Balkanian and European fanzines getting an excellent feedback. Later on they changed their name to Devastator, and finally in the nineties into Hatröss. With this new name they recorded some studio works that were released as a cassette in 1993. This release highlights their best demo, “The possibility of life’s destruction” (1989) here appearing for the first time on vinyl, remastered from the original reels for the best possible sonic impact… and to make it more complete and interesting we also added a CD including Devastation’s 1st demo “The upcoming mayhem” (1987) and the two Hatröss demos.

With this new release done in friendly collaboration with ultimate Croatian underground diggers team/label “Guranje S Litice” and original band members, all the studio material by both bands are being combined on one release for the first time. And there’s more… after few years of research we managed to track down the original 80’s  illustrator of several Metal and HC bands from Yugoslavia Amir O. from Croatia who provided a special unreleased artwork made the same year the demo was recorded… 1989! Most grindcore and underground freaks will remember his epic artworks for the early vinyl releases by Buka and Patareni, from the same era. Finally unleashed this killing Thrash Metal gem is a must for all past and future headbanging collectors! Includes a 12 page booklet with extensive liner notes, photos, zine excerpts and a lot more!!

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Available in two different versions:

Die-hard edition on smoky transparent green vinyl strictly limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl version, limited to 200 copies

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