F.O.A.D. ultra-limited specials: GRIMCORPSES “Demo 1987″ flexi disc 7” and SIDETRACKED “Annihiliation doctrine” 5″ are OUT NOW!!

Only 10 days have passed since we announced our last 2 releases and we’re ready to kill again! This time things are quite unusual as there are no preorders for these and both items are extremely limited, so they will probably go at the speed of light.  On one hand this is a little bit of an experiment taking two records that for a reason or another were conceived to be in special formats breaking our typical schemes, available in very low quantity, on the other hand these have been manufactured by a company that worked with incredible slowness (7 months!) and were delivered without notice totally out of our release schedule.. so in few words, now that they are here after such a wait, let’s get them out immediately.

Take this as a noisy appetizer before our full length March releases that will be announced soon, we wish you to be fast enough to grab your copy. So for this special ultra-limited round we chose the pre-CRIPPLE BASTARDS band, GRIMCORPSES, bringing back to light their grotesque, caveman-sounding Demo 1987 on flexi disc and matched them with a ballistic 32 song one-sided EP by the US powerviolence/fast HC psychos SIDETRACKED that will smash you on the ground in seconds like a truck at full speed.  So GRIMCORPSESDemo 1987” flexi disc EP and SIDETRACKEDAnnihilation doctrine” 5″ are out now on F.O.A.D. Records. All that we recommend you is to be fast if you don’t want to miss them.

More in detail about each release:

GRIMCORPSES “Demo 1987” flexi disc 7″ (F.O.A.D. 164)

Ultra-limited crystal clear flexi disc, housed in a highly collectible blood dripping plastic sleeve… only 30 copies made!!
GRIMCORPSES was the shortly lived pre-CRIPPLE BASTARDS outfit featuring Alberto the Crippler on guitar/vocals and Giulio The Bastard on drums. This is the only existing Demo, recorded in 1987. 9 x festering stabs of rough as fuck, untalented proto-Grindcore / Thrash made by school kids that had just approached the genre listening to bands such as Cryptic Slaughter, Septic Death, ENT, Siege and wanted to play something so fast and extreme with no skills at all. The end result is a disastrous blurr-feast of out of time blasts, savage yells and a few embryonic ideas later rearranged and improved by the Cripple Bastards.  If Agonia was the first trace of involuntary noisecore ever appeared in Italy and Schizo gave birth to the very first Italian blast beats, GRIMCORPSES was probably the earliest sign of Grindcore in this country.  Click HERE for the trailer!


SIDETRACKED “Annihilation doctrine” 5″ (F.OA.D. 157)

One sided crystal clear 5″ EP, only 30 copies made!! 32 songs of hyperfast, face-slamming Noisecore/PowerViolence breaking all barriers of schizophrenia. Many of you are already familiar with this insane US unit for their turbo-speed HC PowerViolence made of rapid songs, neck breaking tempo changes and ferocious vocals, on this EP things get even faster, bordering on Noisecore territories with a cyclone of micro-tracks hitting you like a butcher’s hook in the stomach. This would have perfectly fit in the Slap A Ham’s “Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!” releases… it’s short, inhumany fast and SICK!

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