DISCHARGE “Noise not music”- Boxset: UPDATES!!

Finally, a first stock of DISCHARGENoise not music” Boxsets has been delivered to our warehouse and we’re happy to say that it looks and sounds perfectly,  with no doubt it’s the most deluxe FOAD release so far.

Unfortunately, however, there is also a small negative note: due to a mistake at the pressing plant, what was supposed to be the “splatter” version came out as plain electric blue vinyl with no black splattering. So what we have pre-sold and announced as splatter is actually “electric blue“. The striped version was pressed correctly. We’re posting some photos here so you can clearly see how it looks like.

Both respectively limited to 180 copies (electric blue) and 200 copies (striped). Yes, there are 20 copies less than what was expected for the electric blue version, don’t worry because no order will be changed, we’re just taking some off from those reserved by local record shops because they are good with the black vinyl one.  We apologize for this mistake but it was completely out of our control. It’s still the most limited version and most important the audio and visual contents are the same as on the other editions.. thanks in advance for understanding.

Orders will start to ship from January 2nd, please be patient because there are tons of them, we’ll try to be as fast as possible.

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