DISCHARGE “Noise not music” BOXSET (3 x LPs, 1 x 7″ + BOOK) PREORDERS START NOW!!

It’s been 2 months since the last FOAD release, quite unusual considering that in the last 4-5 years we have kept on putting out at least 2 records monthly without never stopping. No we’re not sleeping neither we decided to slow down… it’s just that we were preparing a monstrous nuclear stockpile to end the year in the greatest way!!

Brief introduction: in 1980 four teenagers from Stoke exploded onto the worldwide punk scene with all the subtlety of a ten megaton nuclear warhead; so powerful and devastating was their initial impact that the entire world sat up, took notice, and thousands of bands across the globe were prompted to harden their style and speed up in a vain attempt to match the singularly most ferocious band on planet earth. That band ladies and gentlemen, was DISCHARGE! Over the next three years their uncompromising musical onslaught grew tighter, lyrically bleaker and even more unrelenting as they unleashed release after release highlighting the monstrous nuclear threat the world faced along with the true realities of war and insidious state control! Unstoppable in the race towards musical Armageddon, the bands enduring legacy has never accurately been captured until now; FOAD Records has spent a long time in creating the ultimate DISCHARGE release: the gigantic “NOISE NOT MUSIC” boxset consisting of a massive hard-cover book, a triple LP set housed in a trifold sleeve, a 8-track 7″ and a poster! With a visual presentation that follows the true aesthetic of the early singles by using only original logos, fonts, colours and the graphic style of the band’s first 3 EP’s and packaging that finally does them justice rather than another cheap bootleg or cash in by a label looking to make money.

PREORDERS START NOW, as usual we recommend you to act fast if you want to grab the limited colored vinyl versions, they’ll be gone in few days. **IMPORTANT** : The release date for this boxset is set for DECEMBER 27, 2018 Please be aware that the postal service through the Xmas/New Year rush can be very slow and disorganized, so don’t be surprised if delivery times will be a bit longer or if we’ll eventually decide to ship your order after the Xmas/New Year chaos (after January 6th). Just be patient and we’ll give you full assistance as always.

Now more in detail about the contents of this titan:

Over 1 year in the making, this release combines the most exhaustive BOOK ever made about DISCHARGE with a triple LP + 7″ capturing the band’s incredible live intensity and aggression through some of their best, rawest sets recorded from 1980 to 1983. Housed in a heavyweight silver hot foil stamped slipcase, the DISCHARGE : “NOISE NOT MUSIC” Boxset contains the following..:


Tri-fold 350 gsm heavyweight sleeve with all the correct lyrics for the first three EP’s printed together for the first time ANYWHERE outside the original band made lyric sheets (not some garbled nonsense copied from the internet) the recordings have their audio remastered for vinyl at Toxic Basement Studios and featuring full raging sets from the following gigs:

– LP 1 : Live at the Music Machine, London 1980 (First London gig)
– LP 2 : Live at the City Club, Detroit 1982 (First USA Tour)
– LP 3 : Live at the 100 Club 1983 ( Plus bonus track of Canadian TV interview 1983 with Cal and Garry)


With 2 tracks each live from the following gigs:
Preston Warehouse 1980 (Featuring the unreleased track “Where’s Our Freedom?”)
London Lyceum 1981 (Apocalypse Now Tour)
Manchester Polytechnic 1981 (Apocalypse Now Tour)
Helsinki Lepakko 1983 (First Scandinavian Tour)


Over 100 band photos with many unseen and printed in high quality for the first time (Northwood Parish Hall 1980, Tunstall Town Hall 1980, Stevenage Bowes Lyon House 1981, Rome 1981, Yugoslavia 1981, Zig Zag Club 1982 etc). Plus rare gig flyers, music weekly interviews, features and press clippings of release adverts and reviews, all accompanied by a 30,000 word historically accurate band history researched and written by notorious DISCHARGE collectors Rich Walker and Leigh Rocker, documenting the years 1977 to 1983 featuring new interview material and contributions from Rainy, Tezz, Bones, Garry, Bambi, Pooch and band manager Tanya. 

* A2 Promotional Poster 

DISCHARGE was more than just a noise, the band was a musical reaction to the brutal times and circumstances faced by people in the U.K. under the Thatcher regime, they were also a voice for the “X” generation without a future; but most importantly, they were FAST, RAW, LOUD, HARDCORE PUNK!  CRACK YOUR BRAIN UP!

Available in 3 different versions:

Die-hard splatter vinyl (black on electric blue) limited to 200

Die-hard striped vinyl (black vs light blue) limited to 200

Black vinyl limited to 600

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