DESECRATION “Dead… yet, not forgotten” 4xCD+DVD boxset + POISON “Sons of evil” LP out NOW!!

Time has come to finally unleash the two threats that F.O.A.D. Records prepared for May! Crawling from the darkest past, POISON‘s long lost demo “Sons of evil” infected a lot of people like an unforgiving venom and the ultra die-hard edition sold out in few hours! The limited one suffered from the same fate and even the solid black copies got looted on preorder, so act fast because this one won’t last much longer! Talking about cult recordings, don’t miss the highly anticipated DESECRATION‘s boxset “Dead…Yet, not forgotten“, a titanic release that will make you  breathe the inspiring air of Bay Area during the golden era of Californian Thrash!

DESECRATION “Dead… yet, not forgotten” 4xCD + 1xDVD Boxset

Over 4 years in the making, here comes another milestone of stubbornness and dedication to the true underground roots put together by your beloved F.O.A.D. psychos! Pioneering Death/Thrash Metal in the best Bay Area tradition delivered by maniacs that lived the very core of the early Californian Thrash scene and roadied for Possessed and Slayer tours! 4 x CDs, 86 songs in over four hours of neck-breaking devastation including all the existing demo recordings, loads of unreleased tunes and live cuts all taken from Bob Yost’s personal collection (mint 1st generation sources) restored and mastered with obsessive dedication to deliver you the best possible sonic mayhem! This ultra exhaustive discography shows the band through its different stages of evolution: from the early line-up that occasionally featured Mike Sus (Possessed) on drums, mostly leaning toward a primordial brand of raw blackened Death Metal – think of early Death and Possessed, to the latter 2nd line-up moving to total mind blowing Thrash oozing the strong Crossover/HC influence that invaded the Californian scene of that time thanks to bands like Attitude Adjustment, Cryptic Slaughter, D.R.I. and tons more. This monsterwork also features an extra CD compiling all Bob Yost’s other bands from 1988 to 1991, among which you get POSSESSED with their devastating Demo 1991 + 10 unreleased tracks with that special line-up, and a radio interview. And believe it or not it’s hands down some of the fastest and rawest POSSESSED material ever heard! And there’s even more: a DVD tracing the history of the band through the years, including shows with Chris Reifert (Autopsy / Death) on drums and a rehearsal with Tim Howell of Sacrilege B.C.!

To cut it short, this has all the credentials to be considered a piece of Bay Area Metal history. The packaging consists of a 12 panel digipack including 2 ultra-thick booklets (75 pages filled with photos, flyers, liner-notes and lyrics) + an extra slipcase and OBI-card.  Fully authorized by every former member, this boxset is entirely dedicated in memory of the highly missed founding member Bob Yost.


POISON “Sons of evil” LP + booklet

Pure infernal armageddon, not for the weak!! One of the most deviated, disgusting and anti-musical Death Metal aberrations ever conceived. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ON VINYL IN ITS MOST COMPLETE VERSION exactly as the cassette version that was circulating in the 80s! Originally released in 1984, “Sons of evil” is the first demo recording from the malevolent and sinister German entity known as Poison. This sounds so raw and extreme that even the band members took their time to decide whether to license a vinyl reissue or not, and the graal got unlocked only when after years of research through the most insane puritan collectors, we tracked a source whose quality was even “better” than the masters owned by the band and got it properly restored and mastered by our wizard H.O.D. at Toxic Basement Studio.

So one thing is sure: this LP is the matchless, best sounding version of “Sons of evil” you can dream about.  Now quoting what has been said already about this gem: as primitive and barbaric as a Stone Age gang-rape, this tape is possessed by total darkness and evil. Musically, this runs the gamut from morbidly mid-paced to intense and somewhat insane. It bears no real similarities to any of their German counterparts, such as Sodom, Destruction or Kreator. Possessed and maniacal, at times, the demonic voice accentuates the dark mood of the music, rather than detracting from it. As for the rest of the songwriting, this is like a war on the senses. Primitive and violent in nature, the riffs saw through you while the drums pound your skull into oblivion. It is almost difficult to believe something so bestial and grotesque existed back in 1984. The sound is on the same level as the “Death By Metal” demo, from Mantas, and makes the old Venom and Bathory records seem like they were done in high-dollar facilities.

Sons of Evil” is a monstrous offering from a band that had truly tapped into something dark and aggressive. Includes a booklet printed on old school fanzine styled light blue paper, with rare photos, flyers and excerpts from zines/mags of that era. If you’re like us a devoted follower of you will definitely agree that this demo deserves a special mention there!


side A:

1) The omen 2) Inferno breaks out 3) Black death 4) Demon 5) Reaper 6) Possessed 7) Angel of Satan / March to hades

side B:

1) Satan’s damnation 2) Legions of hell 3) Leather and metal 4) Hell of the living dead 5) Slaughter 6) Gonna make you die

Solid black vinyl (ltd to 150 copies) including booklet/zine

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