DECLINO “Terra bruciata – Discografia completa” gatefold 2xLP and THE CORPORATE WHORES  “Revenge of the whores – complete session” LP: preorders are OPEN!

With this month’s double aggression we’re finally returning to a well-tested ground in the history of FOAD‘s releases: ’80s Italian Hardcore.  If you look back at our previous works you can find the entire first decade’s discography of RAW POWER, complete anthologies by NERORGASMO, BLUE VOMIT, CRASH BOX, PEGGIO PUNX, EU’S ARSE, UPSET NOISE and many more. And we’re happy to announce a fundamental addition to these series: nothing else but DECLINO, with the ultimate and definitive double LP discography compiling all their existing recordings dating from 1983 to 1985.  This release means a lot to us, not only because we consider them as one of the best expressions of pure Hardcore from those flaming early days, but also because F.O.A.D. was founded in Torino, and DECLINO were one of the most important names shaping our area’s HC style. And as an interesting match to this anthology we picked another pioneering band delivering an even faster and more deranged brand of HC…Tucson Arizona’s THE CORPORATE WHORES with their cult demotape “The revenge of the whores” (1983) for the first time on vinyl, and totally complete. For those who aren’t familiar with this obscure outfit, they were delivering some sick, proto-blastbeat friendly Hardcore/Noise back in 1983 and if you’re thirsty for anything that was ultrafast and extreme before Napalm Death, Siege, Repulsion and Heresy, then this will make your day! So it’s time for new FOAD preorders, and our recipe for October consists of:  DECLINOTerra bruciata – discografia completa” 2xLP and THE CORPORATE WHORESRevenge of the whores – complete session” LP!!  As we always recommend, act fast if you want to get the limited colored vinyl version because in most cases they get sold out on preorder!!

More in detail about each release:

DECLINO “Terra bruciata – discografia completa” 2xLP  (F.O.A.D. 134)

The most exhaustive and complete DECLINO discography release ever made! Formed in 1982 in Torino (also hometown of Negazione, Kollettivo, Blue Vomit, Nerorgasmo and many more), DECLINO stands as one of the most important names in the legendary first wave of Italian Hardcore, or call it “the furious years” or specifically for Torino, the “wild bunch”. They were on the maps in the early MRR reports about Italy’s Punk/HC scene and also appeared in the fundamental “P.E.A.C.E.” 2xLP compilation on R Radical Records!  Their style was a highly energetic clash of speed, rage and creative song-writing. The band featured members that also played in cult acts such as Negazione, Indigesti, 5° Braccio etc… and they were definitely among the first in their area to develop a mature style that was leaning more towards the intensity of total Hardcore than on Punk’s rawness. This anthology includes all their existing studio recordings, consisting of: the debut 7″ (1983), “Mucchio selvaggio” split tape/LP with Negazione (1984), 3 unreleased tracks (1984), “Eresia” 12″ (1985) and a complete soundboard live recording (Denmark, 1985) never released before in its entirety… for a total of 39 songs!

Housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with a 11″x11″ booklet glued on the inner panel, collecting a huge selection of photos, flyers, artworks and all the lyrics. And included in this first pressing you’ll also find a poster with the discarded art for “Eresia” 12″ that has never been published to date!! Compared to the previous collective works, “Terra bruciata” is the definitive and most complete one, each session / recording included is totally complete! If you’re a maniac of rapid, straightforward Italian Hardcore and ’80s HC in general, this is an absolute must!

Available in 2 different versions

Die-hard edition of 150 copies on ultra-clear vinyl

Black vinyl limited to 550 copies


THE CORPORATE WHORES  “Revenge of the whores – complete session” LP (F.O.A.D. 133)

Going through countless discussions on blast-beat generators and pioneering early 80’s bands adopting the hyperfast formula later consolidated in Grindcore, Powerviolence and other full-on-speed sonic extremes, the “Revenge of the whores” demo 1983 was what we would call an “obscure obscurity” mentioned by few, but totally deserving to be brought under spotlight. Jan of AGATHOCLES often quoted it as an influence in his early days into radical HC/Noise and reading the “Good bad music for bad, bad times” blog made by Erich (FEAR OF GOD) there was an entire post about it, from which we’d like to highlight this introduction: “If you wanted to be the coolest of the cool, you’ve had to have the REVENGE OF THE WHORES demotape and knew, that SIEGE weren’t the first.” Back in the tape-trading years and before the internet era, this band was surrounded by complete mystery, their only tape wasn’t even circulating with a cover/sleeve, just a handwritten sheet with tracklisting, and many thought that their name was “Revenge of whores” and not THE CORPORATE WHORES as it actually is. So finally, with this FOAD release we’re making justice to these pioneering ultra-fast and noisy HC psychos hailing from Tucson, Arizona. Here you get the complete “Revenge of the whores” 1983 session (24 SONGS!) for the first time on vinyl freshly ripped from the masters provided by the band.

Side A includes that mayhemic bloodfeast of speed that put them on the proto-grindcore charts: think of SIEGE or early D.R.I. running even faster and noisier! Side B shows the versatility of their style going through more experimental and nonsense lo-fi Punk territories. Comes with a 8 page booklet including a detailed history, lyrics and flyers.  If you’re looking forward to unearth the rarest and most obscure early day blasting noise/HC outfits, THE CORPORATE WHORES need to be added to your collection right there close to names like Cyanamid, Brigada Do Odio, Chemotherapy, S.L.O.D. and so on!

Available in 2 different versions

Die-hard edition on greyish purple transparent vinyl limited to 100

Black vinyl limited to 200 copies

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