DECAPITATION “Let the killing begin” LP and ANARCHUS “Final fall of the gods – extended” LP: preorders start NOW!!

Are you ready to face a new year of F.O.A.D. bombardments to your auditory system? After delivering the colossal 2Kg monolith that was the DISCHARGENoise not music” box + book (we have finally finished to send all preorders) we’re back to more obscure and extreme territories unearthing two classics of grinding brutality respectively from USA and Mexico. The first is the complete discography by DECAPITATION called “Let the killing begin“, one of those rare bands that back in the mid ’80s was already playing so fast and violent that will make you think deeply on what really means being extreme in Metal and draw a comparison to how the scene evolved in the years to follow… F.O.A.D. is specialized in bringing back to light these pioneering speed monsters that were killing ears with proto blast beats and cut-throat vocals when this shit was still a complete taboo.. so if you’ve enjoyed previous death-threats like S.LO.D., Cryptic SlaughterLife in grave“, FCDN Tormentor, Rapt, Majesty and so on, then you can’t miss DECAPITATION it was maniacs playing at speeds from another world when nobody was doing it so radically.

And to complete the massacre, we’re also re-releasing a classic of pioneering Mexican Grindcore from 1990, the debut EP “Final fall of the gods” by ANARCHUS in a special extended version adding as bonus an unreleased rough mix of that killing session, sounding even more rotten and sick. So preorders for DECAPITATIONLet the killing begin” LP and ANARCHUSFinal fall of the gods – extended” LP are up now, as always there are diehard editions on colored vinyl. Blast fast if you want to catch them!

More in detail about each release:

DECAPITATION “Let the killing begin” LP  (F.O.A.D. 146)

Before there was some so called “extreme Metal” on this Earth, there were the radical sounds of bands like POISON, GENOCIDE, DEATH, ARCHENEMY and fuckin’ DECAPITATION!!!!! These guys were around way before everybody else. MAJOR CRUSHING DEATH finally unleashed on vinyl!!!!” (Laurent Ramadier, Snakepit Mag, D.O.D.). This introduction sums up very well the contents of this incredible slab of sickness from 1985! DECAPITATION were insanely fast and brutal for the time they were around… here you get their complete discography, consisting of the cult “Killing the innocents” Demo 1985 / Rehearsal 1985 / complete live at Canoga Park, CA, 1985 ending with a CONFUSE cover!

Horror tinged US Death / Speedcore, a pioneering mix of obscure Death Metal and raw Thrashcore violence at blasting speed. If you like stuff like CRYPTIC SLAUGHTERLife in grave” demo, FCDN TORMENTORDemonic” demo, the early demos by DEATH and so on, DECAPITATION is exactly that kind of stuff! Quoting a review of that era: “The vocals are so sick and violating they can cause severe brain damage… I should know, I’m setting an appointment to see a Neurologist!“. Comes with a 12 page booklet including lyrics, ‘zine excerpts, rare artworks, an extensive interview by Laurent Ramadier and an introduction by King Fowley (DECEASED). Click HERE for the trailer!

Available in 2 different versions:

Diehard oxblood red limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl limited to 200


ANARCHUS “Final fall of the gods (extended)” LP (F.O.A.D. 156)

Final fall of the gods” was the first vinyl output by Mexico’s finest Grindcore terrorists, ANARCHUS.  It originally came out in 1990 released by Rigid Records (that was also responsible for delivering early efforts by bands like ASSÜCK, G-ANX, AGATHOCLES etc…) and it was mixed at Morrisound Studio by the legend, Scott Burns. After nearly 3 decades it was about time to bring this classic back on vinyl in a top quality edition having all the features that you’d expect from a F.O.A.D. release. Side A includes the original session specially remastered at Toxic Basement Studio for the most outraegous sonic impact, side B has as special bonus a blood-stenching rough mix of this cult session exhumed from the band’s archives and never heard before!!

It sounds very different and emphasizes the amount of hatred and ferocity these maniacos used to unleash, in an even more aggressive and brutal way. A real classic of old school Death/Grind ferocity from the Mexican masters of unholy torment!  Comes with a stunning insert including rare photos and flyers from those years. Click HERE for the trailer!

Available in 2 different versions:

Diehard splatter vinyl (black and white on light blue) limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl limited to 200

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