CYANAMID “This is hell – A NJ Hardcore anthology” LP+CD out now on FOAD Records, JANKY “Dead society 1983-1987” LP totally sold out on preorder!!

As we had predicted, summer on F.O.A.D. Records started with a bang! Of the two new releases that we put on preorder 10 days ago, JANKY is TOTALLY sold out and CYANAMID has the diehard splatter version completely gone and not many black vinyl copies left. As always huge thanks to all you psychos for supporting our effort and – quoting GISM – for being true “Hardcore collectors seeking the unusual“, which means that even if the stuff that we do is obviously very obscure and far from today’s musical trends, we love the fact that there is a good number of maniacs like us still thirsty for these lost gems and that enjoy to dig into the most remote niches of the underground scenes from every corner of the planet!! You can be sure that the saga will continue because we have a multitude of projects and ideas in the making, for example next month we promise to leave you with jaws on the ground at even more insane levels! So CYANAMIDThis is hell – A NJ Hardcore anthology” LP+CD and JANKYDead society 1983-1987” LP are both out now and JANKY is sold out, you can still be lucky to find a copy of it through our usual distributors worldwide.. As for CYANAMID – be quick to secure a copy of the black vinyl version if you haven’t already, summer festivals are coming and the remaining copies won’t last for long!

More details :

CYANAMID “This is hell – A NJ Hardcore anthology” LP+CD  (F.O.A.D. 170)

1984.. the band that played faster than anyone else in the world, with proto-grindcore blast beats running way faster than SIEGE, REPULSION or early D.R.I...  They only left a devastating 7″ called “Stop the world” and few tracks on the “NJ got it?“Compilation LP and were mentioned among the early Agathocles influences or by few maniacs in the tape-trading circles searching for the craziest and most radical sonic atrocities. We’re talking of the legendary CYANAMID !!!  Quoting Erich Keller (Fear Of God / Off The Disk): “CYANAMID were probably one of the most influential bands of the 80s – but nobody knows it. When I still was heavily into that “can’t get enuff of noise” mood, CYANAMID blew me away and definately wanted me to start my own thing. The kids sometimes forget that there were basically two paths leading to that “Grindcore” thing – one from the metal side and this was the other one. Everything about their “Stop the world” 7″ is the way it should be – the sound smokes, the songs are either outbursts of chaos and energy or then they come crawlin’ in a FLIPPERish way”.

This review nails it perfectly, because alternated to the short, manic fast tracks you get some downtuned, slower (yes.. Flipper-ish!) and completely unpredictable tunes increasing the sense of violence and insanity that this amazing band was able to create. Many PowerViolence acts of the early ’90s did this not ever knowing that one decade earlier there was someone adopting the same formula in such a brutal way.  This F.O.A.D. anthology finally makes justice to these pioneering heroes, it collects their complete discography 1983-2014 mastered from reels and the best sounding sources in existence.. 51 songs! It has it all: “Stop the world” 7″, “New Jersey’s got it?” comp. trax, extra Transaudio studios out takes 1984, “I love NJ” tape and bonus live CD 1983-2014!!

Full colored booklet with rare photos, flyers, original artworks, zine excerpts, liner notes and mysteries solved about their “I love NJ” demotape. Watch the trailer HERE

Black vinyl limited to 300 copies


JANKY “Dead society 1983-1987” LP  (F.O.A.D. 163)  SOLD OUT!!

With a long tradition of Japanese Hardcore/Punk releases behind, F.O.A.D. Records strikes back once again focusing on the Kanagawa area (Systematic Death, Mad Conflux, Battle Attacker, Toxic Noise etc) delivering another classic band from the early days… JANKY! This LP collects the complete discography (1983-1987) of this raging Yokohama City Hardcore unit that embodied the true spirit of the Japanese Metal/Punk street-warriors of the ’80s.. 16 songs including their “Low life” flexi disc (1984), split flexi with Mad Conflux (1987) and the rare “Dirty party” compilation tape. LP with OBI strip and a stunning fanzine styled booklet with rare photos, original art and gig flyers all provided by the band! JANKY were playing intense, straight-forward Hardcore with touches of ’80s Metal/Punk in a Japanese way, they shared members with the early line-up of SYSTEMATIC DEATH.. so you get the picture!  Watch the trailer HERE


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