CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER “Life in grave + rarities 1985-1987” gatefold LP + book OUT NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!

Summer at FOAD Records breaks out with an incendiary attack of pioneering speedcore Thrash from one of the most influential Crossover bands of all times: CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER!! We are honoured to announce that the 2nd pressing of “Life in grave + rarities 1985/1987” gatefold LP w/ book is OUT NOW. This new edition comes with a green background on the front/back cover, while the 1st press was all in red. Preorders have been all shipped already and the diehard edition on splatter vinyl is completely gone! The regular black one limited to 300 is also running fast, so don’t sleep on it! And beware, next month we’ll have a triple Obscene Extreme special feature with 3 devastating grindcore releases. More infos soon!

Now more in detail about CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER “Life in grave + rarities 1985/1987”:

2nd pressing of this thrashing speedcore classic with blue background  on the cover (the previous pressing was red)! California’s pioneers CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER team up with FOAD Records for an incredible vinyl treasure finally giving the right treatment to their legendary “Life in grave” Demotape 1985 and to an accurate selection of ultra-rare/unreleased recordings ranging from their 3 piece line-up era (1985) to the “Convicted”/”Money talks” days. This release has been in the works for months until we found the top sounding masters in existence and restored them for the best possible audiophile result when pressed on vinyl. Side A includes the band’s Demotape “Life in grave” adding 2 rehearsal tracks from the same period, one is a speeded up HELLHAMMER cover and one is a super-raw version of VENOM‘s “Welcome to hell“. Side B is all focused on the “Convicted”/”Money talks” 4 piece line-up and includes various live recordings and a good sounding rehearsal 1986. All songs here are performed even faster than how they were played on their classic albums.

This is how introduced “Life in grave”: “1985 was a good year for music – bands like SLAUGHTER, NYC MAYHEM, VOOR, WEHRMACHT, HIRAX, DEATH, REPULSION and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER amazed me and they still blow me away today! Especially this one here with its youthful urgency, its unpolished power and enthusiasm. And stilistically, this was very refreshing. Could you say whether this is more metal or more HC? Does it matter to you?” Being this one of the most important FOAD releases to date, we also dedicated the right passion to the packaging: a stunning gatefold sleeve and most of all a 36 PAGE zine/booklet stuffed with rare photos, interviews, zine excerpts and gig flyers. If you’re into any kind of fast music be it Thrash, Hardcore, Grind or Power Violence, you are MAD if you miss this!!!!


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