CRUMBSUCKERS “Turn back time: the early years 1983-1985” 2xLP+CD and double CD, pre-orders start NOW!!

It’s no secret that we are total maniacs when it comes to seminal New York City Hardcore.  You saw it with S.O.D./Crab Society North, Ludichrist and with what we still repute one of our favourite releases in FOAD‘s endless discography: CRUMBSUCKERSTurn back time: the early years 1983-1985“, a blistering 69 song marathon collecting all the band’s existing recordings prior to their legendary debut “Life of dreams“.  The first edition sold out in the blink of an eye, and due to the high demand we thought it was about time to deliver a new pressing.

Now, here’s the sad part of the story: we have sent this to the pressing plant in February ordering a stunning “Black & Blue” ltd. splatter version that had to be ready for the band’s headlining performance at this year’s Black n’ Blue Bowl in NYC…we wanted to surprise the fans and provide something exclusive for the festival.  But thanks to the shitty Record Store Day hype that keeps all vinyl factories highly congested in the early months of the year until April, we have received this just now, 2 months after the BnB festival. Bummer, but who fucking cares. What really matters is that this Hardcore classic is back in stock, there is a marvellous new splatter edition that differs from the 1st pressing and above all this time we are also making it available on CD as a double CD version housed in a multipanel digipak with a thick booklet!

So more in detail about the contents:

if you’re looking for crucial, full on energy 80’s New York Hardcore, then look no further!! This is the most exhaustive, high quality retrospective of the pre-”Life of dreams” recordings, 69 songs including all their Demos (the legendary “Crumbsucker cave” demo 1983, “Charge of the light brigade” Demo 1985 and two unreleased tapes 1983-1984) + a bonus CD with 3 great sounding live sets 1984-85 at CBGB‘s… one opening for the Cro-Mags!  This collection shows the band’s natural evolution from basic, no frills early ’80s Hardcore to the mad thrashing assault that made “Life of dreams” and “B.O.M.B.” two unforgettable lessons of true NYHC crossovered with technical and well delivered Metal.

All the stuff included here features their former singer David Brady, and displays embryonic versions of all those anthems that were later re-recorded on their debut masterpiece + a bunch of unreleased tracks!  As usual all the stuff here has been mastered from 1st generation tapes with extreme care and passion by the Hand of Doom @ Toxic Basement Studio, a real guarantee of quality and passion!

VINYL: Three sided double LP (one side silk-screened featuring the original Taggart’s crumb sucker art) housed in a thick gatefold jacket including rare photos, flyers and liner notes + exclusive artwork by Lucas Kalina… bonus Live at CBGB CD sealed inside of the gatefold in a 5″ cardboard sleeve!

CD:  double CD in a 6-panel digipack including a 16 page booklet (same contents as the vinyl version)

For those who are still not familiar with this mandatory band (shame!) make sure to read this great writeup about their classic debut album “Life of dreams“, it’s the best way to get introduced to their awesome power… quote: “this was like the best of Bad Brains and Exodus rolled into one”!!! And IT’S SO TRUE!

Pre-orders start now, we’ll start to ship on July 9th 2015


Limited Black n’ Blue splatter (only 100 copies)

Black vinyl (300 copies)

2xCD digipack

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