CRUMBSUCKERS “Turn back time: the early years 1983-1985” 2xLP gatefold + CD (Live at CBGB) up for pre-orders!!

WHAT?!? CRUMBSUCKERS on FOAD Records??!??  Yes, our legacy with the most intense and ass-kicking Thrashcore of the ’80s never stops, it’s in our veins!! So after WEHRMACHT, AFTERMATH, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, LETHAL AGGRESSION, D.R.I. and tons more, it was about time to get back to NYC (remember the S.O.D./CRAB SOCIETY NORTH boxset?) and dig into the archives of another classic band that pionereed the genre. The roots of one of the most respected and influential New York Hardcore founders.. the CRUMBSUCKERS!!

If you’re looking for the most exhaustive, high quality retrospective of their pre-“Life of dreams” recordings, you’ll find a true jewel in this massive anthology. 69 songs including all their Demos (the legendary “Crumbsucker cave” demo 1983, “Charge of the light brigade” Demo 1985 and two unreleased tapes 1983-1984) + a bonus CD with 3 great sounding live sets 1984-85 at CBGB‘s… one opening for the Cro-Mags!  This collection shows the band’s natural evolution from basic, no frills early ’80s Hardcore to the mad thrashing assault that made “Life of dreams” and “B.O.M.B.” two unforgettable lessons of true NYHC crossovered with technical and well delivered Metal. All the stuff included here features their former singer David Brady, and displays embryonic versions of all those anthems that were later re-recorded on their debut masterpiece + a bunch of unreleased tracks!  As usual all the stuff here has been mastered from 1st generation tapes with extreme care and passion by the Hand of Doom @ Toxic Basement Studio, a real guarantee of quality and passion. Three sided double LP (one side silk-screened) housed in a thick gatefold jacket including rare photos, flyers and liner notes + exclusive artwork by Lucas Kalina.. bonus Live at CBGB CD sealed inside of the gatefold in a 5″ cardboard sleeve.

This is Dave Brady’s introductive note about this record:

“Back then (1983-1985) there was only a handful of TV channels, an actor in the White House, 64k of RAM at home and the feeling that “The World Was Yours”. At least that’s how I remember it. This collection tries to chronicle the early years of the band, from the point where we graduated high school and started playing beyond the confines of the Crumbsucker Cave. Those early days were fun filled, and I think it shows in some of these songs, many of which might not be known beyond the hometown fans of the band. There are a few early versions of songs, most notably “Jail Bait/Hub Run” and first time performances of “Life Of Dreams” and “Face Of Death” from just before I left. The earlier tapes, when the band was just a four piece (myself, Gary Meskil, Dave Wynn and Kevin Carroll on drums) have been floating around the internet for some time, unpolished and suffering from generational loss. So when the folks at FOAD approached me and provided some examples of the craftsmanship and pride that they have put into similar releases, I figured the time is right. Since that 2006 reunion show I’ve developed a renewed sense of appreciation and pride for my time in the band. I’ve never had a chance to thank the boys in the various incarnations of the band or the Baldwin crew that supported us in those early years. To all of you still with us, and to those that have passed – This is for you!”
Pre-orders start now, we’ll start to ship on February 14th 2014


Die-hard edition of 100 copies only in splatter oxblood red vinyl with black speckles
Solid black vinyl


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