CRIPPLE BASTARDS “Your lies in check” gatefold LP and ARTURO “Giorni lontani 1992-1998” LP+CD: preorders start NOW!!

Are you ready for a new year completely flooded with F.O.A.D. releases? We have tons of interesting works in the pipeline, and as a start for January 2020 we’ll take you back to the ’90s with two classic Italian bands that have meant a lot for both their local scene and for what they developed (and still represent today) on an international scale. It’s the case of CRIPPLE BASTARDS, of which we’re honored to present a top notch re-issue of their debut full length “Your lies in check“, a true masterpiece of DIY Grindcore/Punk made of short and hateful tracks exploding at the speed of light, and the Torino Hardcore heroes ARTURO, with a total anthology of their early works (1992-1998) with Alfo on vocals, which means an irrepressible waterfall of energetic stop&go HC made of memorable riffs and a ballistic rhythm section.

Two bands that have crossed their paths for some time, in fact from 1996 to early 1997 Arturo’s drummer Paolo played in CB (in their post-“Your lies in check” phase) and even Arturo’s bass player Stefano joined CB for some gigs, the most memorable being those with Doom and Dropdead. So, to get back to the point, CRIPPLE BASTARDSYour lies in check” gatefold LP and ARTUROGiorni lontani 1992-1998” LP+CD are up for preorders. As usual there are some limited colored/splatter vinyl versions and we recommend you to act fast if you want to catch them, they won’t last for long.

The official release date for both is January 21st 2020

More in detail..:

CRIPPLE BASTARDS “Your lies in check” gatefold LP (F.O.A.D. 186)

The debut full length by Italy’s hate-filled Grindcore masters available again in a top quality edition! Originally recorded in 1995 and released in 1996, “Your lies in check” is a 69 song tornado of ultra-violent Grindcore/Punk blasting at the speed of light! Quoting an older review of the album: “With no shadow of doubt a milestone in Italian Grind/Hardcore and an important release also if seen on an international view. Over 7.000 copies sold if you sum the different LP+CD+MC versions around. Sixty-nine songs of pure hate in fourty-nine minutes. Grindcore of vile screams, guttural bellows and a lot of yelling. Music that is short, fast and to the point. Slow parts that are heavy and dirgey, showing no signs of fun. Superfast Hatecore/Grind with a rocking Punk edge unique in its kind. Includes over the top anthems (Italia di merda, Stimmung, Prospettive limitate, 1974, Padroni, Images of war / Images of pain..) covered by plenty of bands worldwide.” Watch the trailer HERE

Audio re-transferred from the original reels and mastered at Toxic Basement Studio

Original 1996 artwork restored and restyled

Gatefold sleeve with lyrics, photos and a repro of the original poster

Available in two different versions:

Die-hard half red/half black vinyl with white splattering all over limited to 150 copies

Solid black vinyl version limited to 350 copies


ARTURO “Giorni lontani 1992-1998” LP+CD  (F.O.A.D. 173)

Torino, Northern Italy, is with no trace of doubt one of the areas that gave birth to some of the most important Italian Hardcore bands of all eras… NEGAZIONE, DECLINO, CONTR-AZIONE, 5# BRACCIO, ROUGH just to mention a few. And the great thing about this city is that all this did not only last in the ’80s but had a solid continuation in the decades to follow.  Bands like ARTURO, CRUNCH, FRAMMENTI, BELLI-COSI, C.O.V. took the legacy of the giants that came before and ruled the ’90s reinventing Hardcore with creativity, passion and a flash of genius in song-writing. ARTURO were certainly the fastest and those that have been more pristine in sticking to the total Hardcore formula, especially in their early years with Alfo on vocals. So this anthology is all focused on that time, the early years of one of the most furious Italian Hardcore bands of the Nineties… fast, top adrenalinic Hardcore that gives no time to breathe from start to finish!

It includes their debut CD “Ar-cor” (1995), the two Ep’s “Isterico” (1997) and “Topo volante” (1998) plus a bonus CD with the impossible to find first demo and an unreleased soundboard live at El Paso (Torino), 1996 opening for CRIPPLE BASTARDS (actually at that time ARTURO shared their drummer and bass-player with CB!).  63 songs of manic fast TORINO HC!!! Double insert with lyrics, original artworks and photos. Watch the trailer HERE

Available in two different versions:

Die-hard swirl transparent blue vinyl limited to 100 copies

Solid black vinyl version limited to 300 copies

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