Cripple Bastards “Misantropo a senso unico – redux edition” LP+7″ out now!!

Ok, we have premiered this monster at the incredibly insane “Night Of The Speed Demons fest. 7” that saw RATOS DE PORAO, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, YACOPSAE and EU’S ARSE destroy a completely packed “Honky Tonky” Club in Milano, now it’s time to send the many preorders and announce that CRIPPLE BASTARDSMisantropo a senso unico” (redux) gatefold LP+7″ is out now and ready to ship. Needless to say that the ultra-diehard limited edition with OBI, extra cover and extra booklet is totally gone, we still have a few of the splatter one limited to 80, so act fast! And are you thinking that this is the last FOAD release for 2014 and it’s time to take a breathe?? mmmh, maybe… maybe not!

Anyway, back to “Misantropo a senso unico” : after releasing the highly acclaimed digipack CD version that got a really positive response both by the fans and the press, it was about time to give to Italy’s most violent and controversial Grind/HC album of all times a proper vinyl treatment. If you thought that the recently unleashed TERRORIZERBefore the downfall” double gatefold LP was FOAD’s most stylish production of 2014, you still haven’t coped with this ingot-weighing madness…

Maybe this brief description will help:

* Ultra-thick gatefold sleeve with 70s giallo/horror style lyrics-book glued on the inner panel
* A2 poster with “Milano odia.. (The executioner)” alternative art
* Bonus “Separati dal contagio” 7″EP with unreleased art and side-B etched
* Promo sticker

If the original first pressing had that sick and dark visual feeling due to the maniacal use of 70s Italian artworks from crime/giallo movies of cult underground directors, this new edition emphasizes it even more thanks to the astonishing job of View From The Coffin: starting from the idea of old hectographed posters and mags with a color scale fading into another, the inner gatefold and booklet will sink you into an insane dimension of words, colors and graphics all strictly related to that 70s style that influenced C.B. so much back when this album was conceived. And now to the music: deluxe redux re-issue of Italy’s most classic Grindcore album ever. This has been in the works for years due to enormous difficulties in transfering the original reels that were on a very rare (and unplayable) format. Restored, remixed and remastered with feverish care at Toxic Basement Studio under constant supervision of the band, to keep the original rawness and rage completely intact and utterly reinforced. And there’s even more.. on those reels we found a 4 minute unreleased song, “Separati dal contagio“, which has been entrusted to Sweden’s prog/horror Rock masters ANIMA MORTE for a majestic Goblin meets Frizzi ending result, added on this LP as exclusive bonus 7″

Originally released in 2000, “Misantropo a senso unico” is an incredible outburst of hyperfast hate-fueled Grindcore rooted in the most furious and violent 80s Italian Hardcore. 16 songs of manic speed scream-out-lungs hatred at its most nihilistic form, the band’s absolute manifesto. UK’s Terrorizer Mag quoted it as nr. 6 of the most essential Grindcore albums of all times. S.O.D. / Brutal Truth / Hemlock / Anthrax / Nuclear Assault bassist Dan Lilker about this album: “Exquisitely insane hardcore grind that reminds me of why I got into all this shit back in the late Eighties“. The definitive untoppable re-edition of this album, it can’t sound and look better than this!

Available in 2 different versions:

– DIE-HARD splatter edition ltd to 80 copies including:

. Splatter LP on clear water green vinyl with blood red stains
. New ultra-thick gatefold sleeve with 70s giallo/horror style lyrics-book glued on the inner panel
. A2 poster
. Bonus “Separati dal contagio” 7″EP (also on splattered wax) with one side etched

– BLACK VINYL edition ltd to 340 copies:

. LP on solid black vinyl
. New ultra-thick gatefold sleeve with 70s giallo/horror style lyrics-book glued on the inner panel
. A2 poster
. Bonus “Separati dal contagio” 7″EP with one side etched

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