SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA “Thrash culture as bora” LP+CD and NOISE / BIXERA Split 7″: preorders start NOW!!

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Last month after introducing the pulverizing sonic earthquake raised by FEAR OF GOD and RAPT we left with a deadly promise that was: “If you enjoyed this batch of ear-damaging noise-not-music devastation stay tuned because next month things will remain at the same level of insanity and nihilism“. So here we are with 2 more ultra-noisy outputs of the bloodiest type. After delivering complete retrospectives by Noisecore heavyweights like Sore Throat, Fear Of God, Tumor, VNA etc. it was more and more evident that a key-name in the genre was still missing in our list… yes we’re talking of Australia’s anti-music pioneers SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA. After years of planning and organizing this madness, it’s finally time for us to launch the first installment of a plan that will see FOAD Records gradually re-issuing all their early day recordings adding a lot of unreleased and lost & found abominations.

This first LP is called “Thrash culture as bora” and includes their first 2 Eps with a lot of extra songs from each session. More 7MON releases will follow after this, and for those who will collect them all we are preparing a special surprise to hold them all together… wait and see. In conjunction with this seminal Noise milestone we decided to add another slab of total extremity that was in FOAD‘s pipeline for a long time: the NOISE / BIXERA Split 7″, a brutal dose of Brazilian Noise/Grind ferocity as it’s no secret that we are total maniacs of the most aberrant old school blasting cacophony spawned in the bloodiest hounds of South America. So we’re honored to announce that
SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEAThrash culture as bora” LP+CD and NOISE / BIXERA Split 7″ are both up for preorders. The official release date is scheduled for March 24th 2018.

More in detail:

SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA “Thrash culture as bora” LP+CD (F.O.A.D. 141)

First chapter in FOAD‘s annihilating mission to re-issue all the early 7MON material enriched with an incredible amount of rare and unreleased recordings. This LP includes the band’s first 2 EPs “Our culture is boring” and “Thrashbora” – the complete sessions with a lot of never heard before outtakes, freshly ripped from Mick’s master tapes. Straight from the LP liner-notes: “The story behind this LP begun when Matthias Weigand delivered us a huge box of 7MON reels to transfer in the studio, to check exactly what was included in each one of them. We found out that most of them were the masters of the early Eps released by TNT &Records and then Ecocentric Records. When we started to discuss about a possible series of 7MON releases on LP to re-build the band’s discography from the early times, Mick came out with the fact that he had recently unearthed the complete sessions of each EP, that were much longer than how they were originally released on 7″. So we opted to start with a LP including these extended “Our culture is boring” and “Thrashbora” sessions ripped from Mick’s tapes. Anyway, since the sound on the reels from which the Eps were produced is somehow more “in the face” and sharper on the high frequencies we decided to add a bonus CD showing you both versions: the complete (longer) session ripped from Mick’s cassettes and the EP edit transferred from the reels.

Started in 1985 in Australia by Scut and Mick Hollows and mutated through different incarnations revolving around Mick’s figure, 7MON still smashes eardrums nowadays. Their first EP “Our culture is boring” was released in 1988 and immediately tore down all the walls of music conception. 351 songs, melted into a blurr-fest of drums, bass and shouts. An endless stream of blasts, grunts, feedbacks and to the point political lyrics, pushing forward the boundaries of the then newborn loud cousin of Grindcore, Noisecore. In 1989 Mick and Scut delivered their second effort (recorded in fall 1988), this time on flexi disc. “Thrashbora” follows the steps of its predecessor, sounding even noisier and fiercer. These two legendary EP’s shaped a whole genre and countless bands spawned from the “musical” extremism concepted by two Australian guys in the 80’s. If there’s a heaven of Noise, Seven Minutes Of Nausea is surely deserving a place at the top of it. LP with a special PVC sticker on the front cover, bonus CD and 20 page lyrics booklet!

Limited to 300 copies all on color-in-color vinyl (black into coke bottle green)


NOISE / BIXERA Split 7″ (F.O.A.D. 142)

Complete Noise/Grind terrorism from Brazil. Long time aural butchers NOISE deliver 16 ultra brutal stabs in the face, originally written in 1996 and re-recorded in 2015 sounding even sicker and harsher. You perfectly know what to expect from them: an inhuman dose of monster growls, screams, cacophonic distortion and lightning fast drums. Recommended if you like FEAR OF GOD, TUMOR, V.N.A., SORE THROAT and other eardrum molesters of that kind. BIXERA complete the onslaught with a morbid and gory dose of old school Grindcore that will catapult you back to 1988-1991. It reminds of early REGURGITATE, STENCH OF CORPSE, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY, IMPETIGO and other putrid aberrations combining primitive deathly Grindcore with Gore and Splatter imagery and pitchshifted puking vocals.

Available in 2 different versions:

Yellow cover version limited to 200

Light blue cover version limited to 100