MÖRBIT “METALION: 50 years of fucking off life” LP (2nd pressing) and MACABRO GENOCIDIO / MORBOSATAN Split LP: pre-orders start NOW!!

Posted in Macabro Genocidio, Morbid, Morbosatan on August 1st, 2017 by foadmaster

After facing a suicidal rush of 6 releases in one month (Poison, Wehrmacht, Slander, Atoxxxico, Juntess and Systematic Death) things are coming back to our usual standards… we are getting ready for Party San Open Air, the last festival of the summer where you can find us with our records & merch booth and we’re here to announce our deadly epidemic for this month, a double aggression of merciless Black Metal gloominess from Sweden and South America. Due to the high demand, we decided to unleash a 2nd (and final) pressing of MÖRBIT (Morbid) “METALION: 50 years of fucking off life” LP, this time limited to 300 copies all on transparent blue vinyl. And as a lethal match with this plunge into the bowels of evil, we chose two malicious South American entities for a Split LP in the name of obscenity and antichristian violence: the Ecuadorian maniacs MACABRO GENOCIDIO vs MORBOSATAN from Peru. Pre-orders start now, we’ll start to ship them from August 21st 2017. Watch out, there is a very ltd. color-in-color black/white mailorder version of MACABRO GENOCIDIO / MORBOSATAN Split LP that is expected to sell out quickly. So more in detail about these two releases…:

– MÖRBIT (Morbid) “METALION: 50 years of fucking off life” LP (F.O.A.D. 124)

In 2011 the Swedish Black Metal cult MORBID released the gigantic sampler “YEAR OF THE GOAT“. To celebrate that a very special band was put together in order to perform some MORBID classics live for a selected audience. The band went under the name MÖRBIT and consisted of legendary musicians of the Swedish Extreme Metal scene. Erik of WATAIN on vocals, Tyrant of NIFELHEIM on bass, David of DISMEMBER on guitar, Erik of MERCILESS on guitar and Stjärnvind on drums (ENTOMBED, MERCILESS etc.). The night before the actual concert the band had a final rehearsal at the WATAIN’s “wolf lair” which also was the funeral for Metalion’s SLAYER MAGAZINE. Now a few years later METALION turns 50 and in order to celebrate this unholy event it was decided between all members and of course MORBID & METALION to release a really rare recording of the final rehearsal before the gig the day after. With the help of Erik WATAIN and FOAD Records this was made possible!

Get ready to freeze to death in the Swedish Black Metal inferno with these raw and morbidly evil classics:

1) My dark subconscious
2) Disgusting Semla
3) Wings of funeral
4) From the dark



MACABRO GENOCIDIO: welcome this new chaotic and raw Black Metal abomination formed by ex members of Masturbacion Cristiana, a desecrating Ecuadorian horde based in Milano, Italy. Blasting from start to finish on a blasphemous sonic onslaught topped by some lunatic Satan invoking yells oozing malevolence and cruelty. Old school pestilent Black/Death Metal mixing the extremism of bands like Morbosidad and Sadistik Exekution with a solid old school South American Death Metal imprint.

MOBOSATAN hail from the infernal slums of Peru, and have been active with two demos and three EPs since their disgusting birth in 2013. The members have a deep investment in the Peruvian underground, including drummer Toñyn Destructor, who’s played with the legendary likes of Hadez and Anal Vomit. Not surprisingly, MORBOSATAN vomit forth a chaotic, careening form of ancient black/death that could only authentically come from South America. It’s a bestially savage, sickening sound familiar in the immortal strains of Vulcano, the aforementioned Hadez and Anal Vomit, and early Sarcofago and Holocausto! 4 new studio profanations.

Available in two different versions:

Die-hard color-in-color black/white splatter ltd. to 100 copies

Black vinyl ltd. to 400