BULLDOZER “The day of wrath & The exorcism” 2xCD deluxe digibook and BULLDOZER “The final separation” CD deluxe digibook out NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!!

..we promised to end the year with a bloody apocalypse, so here’s the first deadly shelling! After the highly successful vinyl editions of all their 80’s full lengths, we are glad to keep the legacy with our friends BULLDOZER stronger than ever, so here’s some highly collectable deluxe digibook CD editions of their first two albums, EP and demo! No preorders this time, they’re both instantly available and ready to ship: BULLDOZERThe day of wrath & The exorcism” 2xCD digibook and BULLDOZERThe final separation” CD digibook out NOW on F.O.A.D. Records!! Both releases are housed in ultra elegant hard cover DIGIBOOKS each one including rare photos and lyrics. These are hands down the best CD versions ever made for these masterpieces, making justice to what we repute the real roots of Italian Metal and some of the most important worldwide Black/Thrash Metal releases of all times!

More in detail about the contents of each release:

BULLDOZER “The day of wrath + The exorcism” 2xCD digibook (F.O.A.D. 105/cd)

CD1 – THE DAY OF WRATH: The ground-breaking debut full length of Italy’s most respected Metal band of all times finally coming back to light in a fantastic new version specially remastered from 1st generation sources provided by the band and re-packaged with unseen photos and lyrics! BULLDOZER‘s first album is a total classic of blackened evil Metal taking the rawest school of VENOM and MOTÖRHEAD to an unebelievably powerful and wicked sonic impact, bearing the malevolent flame of “Black Metal” and “Welcome to Hell” and injecting it with a renewed intensity. For anyone into old school Black Metal to not own this is a crime. This is for anyone that worships the early releases from Venom, Bathory and Sodom.. WELCOME DEATH!

CD 2 – THE EXORCISM + FALLEN ANGEL: The ultra-fucking-rare BULLDOZER Demotape 1984 with kult “Fallen angel” 7″ added as bonus. One of the most incredible findings in FOAD‘s hunting career: only 3 copies of this demo exist, one was sent to Roadrunner, one to King Diamond and one was recently exhumed in AC Wild’s basement and delivered to us for a top quality treatment. This is the recording that got Bulldozer signed to Roadrunner in 1984 and it sounds killer… different and rawer versions of classics ended on their debut slasher “The day of wrath“. Dark, demonical Black/Speed Metal from the most savage guts of Italy’s early 80s Metal inferno, for anyone that worships the early releases from Venom, Bathory and Possessed, plus the “Fallen angel” session adds that Motörhead touch that makes this an instant masterpiece of rawness. Check out how AC Wild introduced the unreleased Demo recordings: “This tape was sent to Roadrunner and Roadrunner signed us in 1984. It was also submitted to King Diamond to ask if he was interested in being the producer of our album but he refused saying that this stuff sounded “too Punk”!!


BULLDOZER “The final separation” CD digibook (F.O.A.D. 106/cd)

The 2nd full length by Italy’s Metal masters BULLDOZER! Originally released in 1986, here it finally comes in a new edition remastered directly from the studio reels provided by the band and re-packaged with unreleased photos and lyrics. “The final separation” is a devastating follow-up to their cult debut “The day of wrath” and adds a strong Speed/Thrash Metal vibe to their well-tested Black Metal meets dirty R’n’R tinged aggression!

All in all, this is another good confirm of the goodness of the Bulldozer’s sound back in the 80s and it’s good to recommend it to the old school fans of this lethal black/speed combination. For all its length, the nastiness of the speed metal and the brutal influences of bands like Venom and Motörhead collide to create another high impact effort, in pure 80s style!! RIDE HARD… DIE FAST!!

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