ATROX “Hardcore against repression 1985-1988” LP + CD and D.P.C.D. “Confidencial + Demo” LP: preorders start NOW!!

Ready for some new outrages on vinyl on F.O.A.D. Records?  You know that we like to keep a big variety of underground genres in our schedule, so if the last month was an all out assault of Blurr / Noisecore terror (Crawl Noise) and pioneering Black/Death morbidity (Poison), now we’re heading back to total Hardcore / Punk territories. Those who have been following our releases since some years know that F.O.A.D. is highly specialized in bringing back to light the true gems of the first wave of Italian Hardcore, you’ve seen it with Raw Power, Upset Noise, Underage, Crash Box, Declino, Peggio Punx, Nerorgasmo and many more. The band that we’re introducing this time was formed in Milano (the city of Wretched, Kobra and more) in the ’80s and their early recordings were a highly energetic concentrate of speed, rage and catchy riffs. We’re talking of ATROX!  We decided to put together all their 1985-1988 recordings, that since now were only released on tape back in the day, the most being very limited and hard to find. This “Hardcore against repression 1985-1988” LP+CD collection includes them all for a total of 46 songs, the LP compiling the two studio demos and the CD all their live stuff + some unreleased rehearsals. Plus an extensive fanzine styled booklet with all the original artworks, lyrics, photos and more. In few words, the definitive ATROX ’80s anthology collecting all their recordings before their debut LP “Fiori neri“.

The second announcement is something completely different… and somehow a great revelations coming out of our constant work of listening to hundreds of demos from every corner of the globe, hunting obscurities, giving a chance to even the most remote cassette. From the day that we discovered the almighty Chilean label Tobi Records, we became obsessed in collecting their fantastic releases. Out of their roster of a multitude of good bands (that we strongly recommend you to check out and support), one of our favorite finds was hands down D.P.C.D. (Deceso Por Causa Desconocida). Their demo has all the elements that we wish to hear from a good Latino/American Hardcore band: rage, distortion and at the top of it a very sinister Dark Rock mood enriched by an excellent vocal line in Spanish. D.P.C.D. is a great new revelation and deserves to be heard. Follow the advice of a team of maniacs listening piles of demos every day, this one really drove us crazy, it never lets you down from start to finish, it kills!   So… ATROXHardcore against repression 1985-1988” LP+CD and D.P.C.D. “Confidencial + Demo” LP are up for preorders, release date set for April 22nd 2019. Both are limited to 300 with some swirl vinyl diehard editions ltd. to 100 that as with all F.O.A.D. releases won’t last for long.. be fast!

More in detail about each release:

ATROX “Hardcore against repression 1985-1988” LP+CD (F.O.A.D. 154)

ATROX started in Milano, Italy in the early ’80s and were part of the legendary “furious years“, the first wave of bands delivering that fast and raging style that became a distinctive trademark for Italian Hardcore / Punk and that saw bands like Wretched, Indigesti, Peggio Punx, Impact, Negazione, Declino, Raw Power, CCM, Bloody Riot as the main exponents of that era. ATROX were playing a full on speed yet catchy Hardcore… listening to their early sounds you can discern influences from US bands like Dead Kennedys, M.D.C., early D.R.I. however with a very strong Italian Punk imprint, not far from what bands like Crash Box and Peggio Punx were doing at the same time. This collection includes all their existing recordings spanning from 1985 to 1989, prior to their debut full length “Fiori neri“. This means all their hard to find cassettes: “Senza tregua” (1985), “Orme perdute” (1986), “Aldo moro lived HC” (1988), the ultra-rare “Live at Concobeach” tape 1986 ltd. to less than 30 copies (!) and some totally unreleased rehearsals.

46 songs drawing a complete overview of their roots. LP including their two studio demos and bonus CD compiling both live tapes and the unreleased rehearsals. All mastered from 1/4″ reels and 1st generation tapes provided by the band. Comes with a fanzine styled A4 booklet all the original artworks and inserts from the tapes included, photos, lyrics and more. Highly recommended for those into the best days of Italian Hardcore and ’80s HC maniacs in general. Click HERE for a little preview!

Available in 2 different versions:

Swirl pus-yellow vinyl limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl limited to 200 copies


D.P.C.D. “Confidencial + Demo” LP (F.O.A.D. 166)

D.P.C.D. stands for DECESO POR CAUSA DESCONOCIDA. This incredible band hails from Chile, a country whose Hardcore / Punk scene isn’t much under the international spotlights but is currently very active and vital and hides a lot of interesting revelations and DIY labels like Tobi Records releasing gems to be discovered.  D.P.C.D. play a perfect blend of South American Punk / Hardcore and dark-soaked DeathRock.

The energy and distortion of the most genuine 80’s inspired Hardcore channeled through sinister Dark Punk atmospheres, we dare to say  like a Chilean answer to NERORGASMO!  This LP includes a brand new session called “Confidencial” and a remastered version of their amazing Demo 2016 that made the F.O.A.D. Records team fall in love with their sound and offer them this debut on LP. An absolute must if you like LatinoAmerican Punk of all eras played with intensity, sincerity and full-throttle anger! Come with lyrics/photos insert. Click HERE for a little preview!

Available in 2 different versions:

Swirl violet vinyl limited to 100 copies

Black vinyl limited to 200 copies

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